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Best PokerStars Alternatives – Player Traffic Falls at PokerStars


According to a June 2022 Pokerfuse Pro report, PokerStars traffic is on a downswing – what are some top PokerStars alternatives?

Leading poker news portal Pokerfuse.com – whose tagline is ‘a decade of online poker news’ – produced an in-depth report blaming ‘increased competition’ from other poker sites, and ‘market headwinds’ which have caused cash game traffic to drop to a ‘historic low’ of under 5,000 active cash game players seated at the virtual tables at the same time.

Top PokerStars Alternatives

For Canadians, if you’re interested in casino style poker – which PokerStars began to offer in recent years, alongside a sportsbook – see this guide for a list of the best no deposit bonuses in Canada on sign up.

For Americans, you may be interested in Americas Cardroom (ACR) or CoinPoker – both of which accept cryptocurrency deposits (such as Bitcoin).

For European poker fans, a popular option is Black Chip Poker – also on the Winning Poker Network (WPN) alongside Americas Cardroom. You’ll find reviews of all those three sites here at Rakeback.com, with details on how earn 27 – 30% cashback.

Will PokerStars Traffic Return?

One way PokerStars could bring in more interested players is to offer a fixed daily rakeback deal – something it has never done since its inception. PokerStars has alway instead made players grind long hours for earn points which can eventually be traded in for bonuses, if a high enough VIP level is reached – Supernova Elite being the highest.

That’s in stark contrast to rooms like ACR where players can play themselves 27% of their rake fees on demand each day if they wish.

PokerStars could afford to take that approach by reducing their marketing budget. In January 2022 it was announced that PokerStars had signed a global partnership deal with Red Bull Racing – check eglobaltravelmedia page for coverage of that news at the time.

That ‘multi-year partnership’ involving PokerStars branding on the drivers’ race suits, must have been expensive. PokerStars many now be feeling the pinch as player traffic has dropped off, with the racing deal failing to bring in a new player base or even maintain their existing one.

Online poker traffic did well during the pandemic as people were locked down at home looking for alternative sources of income and ways to make money online – many tried their hand at poker. Since the world and particularly the United States has begun to open up and restrictions lift, the market leader in online poker has suffered. It is reportedly the first time in recorded history that the playerpool has been at such low levels.

How To Play Online Poker In South Africa


In case you’re a big fan of poker but simply can’t travel to a land-based establishment every time you want to play a game or two, you might be looking into your online options. When it comes to South Africa, you’re probably aware of the fact that the government has been quite restrictive toward the activity. Still, there are ways how you can play online casino games such as poker in the country. Here is a bit more information and some useful tips on how you can find reliable sites to play on.

The popularity of casino games

Gambling is a very popular activity in South Africa, despite all the restrictions that are in place. Even though gambling is generally legal in the country, there are still some specifics that you should be aware of. For instance, online gambling is prohibited. However, that excludes the national lottery’s online platform, horse betting sites, and licensed sports betting operators. This means that there are plenty of options for residents, most of which like to gamble in one form or another.

Historically, South Africa has been strict in terms of gambling laws, barely allowing any form of this activity. At one point, there were more than two thousand illegal casinos operating in the country. However, the government realized that residents are still managing to play these games, despite the ban, so they slowly started introducing laws that would make the practice legal in some shapes. Gambling in land-based casinos is legal and licensed while online gambling is a completely different story. Although sports betting and the lottery are allowed, online casino games are still not legal.

While online poker is technically still prohibited, players are not prosecuted for playing this game. As a matter of fact, South Africa is probably Africa’s capital when it comes to poker. This game hasn’t been as popular on the continent as in some other places, but players are slowly but surely catching up, thanks to a higher mobile penetration rate and better internet access.

Playing poker online

Even though there are no local providers of poker, residents can still find a variety of options online on foreign websites that accept players from South Africa. What is more, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a wider array of games available online than in any land-based venue, simply because there is not enough room in most establishments to house everything. Moreover, by playing online, players don’t have to worry about not finding a seat or the casino being closed. Online games are available 24/7 no matter where one is, so they can be played from the comfort of one’s home or when on the go. Plus, players are able to create a calming or invigorating environment that would appeal to their playing style.

Moreover, although the government doesn’t allow the practice, there are still many trustworthy websites where people can play online poker from South Africa. Some of the best operators that accept players from the country include Springbok Casino, Punt Casino, and Yebo Casino. These casinos are based outside of South Africa and therefore are not under South African jurisdiction, meaning that players can freely enjoy a few real money poker games.

There are several variations that interested players can opt for. For example, the most popular poker game, Texas Hold ‘Em, is available in most places while you can also find Omaha Hi, 7-Card Stud, Three Card Poker, and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Depositing and withdrawing money

If you do proper research and ensure you’re signing up for a reputable casino, there is no need to worry about your deposits and withdrawals. Most casinos will offer bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and e-wallets as payment methods. You might even be able to find some that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

However, you want to keep in mind that local banks might be a bit conservative when it comes to poker sites, which is why opting for an e-wallet might be a better option. Consider using PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller to get your money quickly and avoid dealing with South African banks.

Tips for winning

In case you’re also looking for some tips for winning, read on.

For one, you want to understand the rules so look them up online before you put money on the line. Then, you should also learn hand selection and watch your position on the table. Keeping notes on your opponents can also help you make the right moves, as people rarely change the way how they play.

A good strategy is to start by playing at low-stakes tables where you can get the hang of things without risking too much money. Never play a game that has limits that you simply cannot afford nor against players who are way better than you.

The future of online poker in South Africa

South Africa has a chance to boost its economy by legalizing online casinos and issuing licenses to local operators, but whether the government will change its stance on this remains to be seen. Fortunately, players still have options.

The Legalization of Online Poker in the US: Why Is It Necessary?



The US government has long had reservations about legalizing online poker in the United States. To be completely objective, many lawmakers who were initially opposed to the legalization of online gambling came to realize the folly of their ways when confronted with the dilemma of coming up with the $1.5 trillion needed to cover the US debt. But how exactly they turned from opposing online poker to it now being legalized in 6 states and why is it all important? Let’s first look at the timeline of the events.

Legalization of Online Poker in Various States

It all began with the Unregulated Era, which started way back in 1997, the first online poker service was called Planet Poker. It took 9 years for an act to get introduced. It was called UIGEA, and that pesky act started a dark period in the online gambling timeline.

Several operators left the market in 2006 after UIGEA was passed. A massive scandal around Absolute Pocker rocked the market and online gambling was perceived as a fraudulent activity. It took 3 more years for a push for federal regulation.

Then came the Black Friday Era. This was a rocky period of time, lots of operators left the market, domain names were seized, and operations were ceased. And then, in June of 2011, Nevada decided to regulate online poker, and this started the Regulated Era.

The first licenses are issued, other states plan their own regulations, and New Jersey joins the party. By the way, the latest NJ gaming news you can find here. Operators open their doors, or sites, if you will. More states than ever before have considered some type of online gambling legislation during the Regulated Era. While the number of states that have approved legislation regulating poker remains tiny, the idea of national-regulated poker (or something similar) is slowly becoming a reality.

But all of that history brought upon us an era of steady expansion with some hurdles along the way, let’s look at three states and their stories of legalization.

New Jersey

Under UIGEA businesses weren’t able to receive money, thus began a long and steady push for legalization. In 2013, after previous hesitations, Chris Christie signed a bill that authorized licenses to online poker sites. New operators applied for licenses, a lot of huge casinos come in flying, and the state’s market has been on the rise ever since, setting and breaking records along the way.


Delaware opened its doors to online gambling in 2012, but it struggled at first, with low traffic due to its small population, then the state lines were lifted and now player pools are shared.

New York

New York is likely to follow the lead of other states that have enacted legislation to legalize online poker. However, the procedure will be slower in this case.

The Necessity of the Legalization of Online Poker


Looking to New Jersey for guidance on what to expect in New York, we can see that in 2019, NJ online casino games generated over $49 million in tax revenue. The states that regulated online poker were rewarded with flourishing industries bringing a lot of revenue.

Security and privacy

People who utilize poker websites are kept secure by regulated online gambling. Many locals now have access to internet poker, but these sites may not be legitimate, jeopardizing player security and generating major issues.

Responsible gambling

There is no motivation in Pennsylvania to play online poker with unauthorized or dangerous poker operators. Regulated websites fill a market void and suit citizens’ demands while also providing the much needed guidance and information on responsible online gaming.

How to Play 5 Card Draw Poker?

Following the buzz of casinos worldwide, many people flock around the gambling world to bag huge wins while enjoying awesome casino titles. Without any doubt, one of the most played casino games is poker. While there are different poker variants, some are not as popular as others.

As of today, one of the most played poker variants is the five-card poker. Owing to its simplicity, playing five card draw is extremely easy, and even beginners can understand the concepts quickly. Though there are other major variants, such as Omaha and the Texas Hold’em, the 5 card poker game has also become a household name.

This article will look at how to play 5 card draw poker online and all the features this poker variant comes with.

Card deck

Benefits of 5 Card Draw Poker Game

Playing five-card comes with many advantages. There are numerous reasons why the 5 card variant is gaining so much popularity. Without taking any more time, here are some major benefits that players enjoy while playing the 5 card draw.

Simple Gameplay Rules

The 5 card draw offers a simple gameplay experience. This is the major reason why more players prefer this game. The five card draw poker rules are suitable for all gamblers. Hence, you understand the concepts even if it is your first day in a casino.

Numerous Winning Options

There are numerous winning hand combinations in the 5-card draw, so it is significantly easier for players to win. Also, the game’s simple nature makes it attractive to the players.

How To Play The 5 Card Draw?

As we have already mentioned, the 5 card draw is quite simple. Before actually playing one must take a minute to choose the best online casino from the list available. It is essential to know that you select a secure site with a good reputation. After the online casino is chosen, go ahead with the first phase.

To begin the starting hand phase, all players have to pay the ante, and then each player is dealt a set of five cards face down. Once this takes place, the round begins with three options to fold, raise or call.

After the draw, the player with the best combination wins. On the contrary, a second round follows if more than one player is left after the first draw. As explained, the 5 card draw rules are the same as those of the series’ major titles.

Each player has to make clear the number of cards they intend to switch, and then they replace these cards with the fresh ones from the deck. As expected, players cannot return to their discarded cards, as such rooms are unavailable.

After the first draw, another round of betting ensues. If there is more than one player left at this point, the showdown system will come into play. With this strategy, the player with the best five-card hand becomes the winner, and everything resets back to the home table.

From the above, you can confirm that it is simple to understand the overall concepts of this casino series. Though it takes a lot of time to master, it is easy to learn, so most gamblers choose this casino title as their favorite.

Structure of Betting

The five-card draw features a straight and simple strategy, and it is similar to the gameplay of the Texas Hold ’em.

Each hand begins with a small and big blind placing their bets on cards from the deck. Players can also use the fixed limit structure or the no-limit system. As the name implies, the no-limit option allows you to place unlimited high bets as long as you have the required chips.

Hand Rankings

The 5 card draw features the same hand rankings as the other regular and online poker games.

Here is an outline of the ranking system:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Full House Flush
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • Pair
  • Two Pairs
  • High Card
  • Four Of A Kind.

Five Card Draw Rules

To start as a gambler, you first have to understand some of the basics of the five card draw poker game, how the betting round begins and how the overall betting structure of the game works. As stated above, five cards draw features the same guidelines as other games in the community.

However, there are slight differences regarding the poker combination rankings. Let us look at the methods you need to understand as a player while betting on the five-card.

Poker table


The ‘small blind’ is a first bet by the first player to the direct left of the dealer. Often, the amount for this blind is always half compared to the big edition.


The big-blind is almost in direct opposition to the small-blind. Generally, this edition amounts to the minimum bet. It is in a superior position on the table to the small edition. The only exception where we discard the blinds is when only two players are at a table, also known as a heads-up table. Many poker sites offer HU tables, 6-Max and Full Ring.


Though they all feature close gameplay features, poker games have slight differences. Five cards poker is the foundation of video poker, so there is a large fan base for the game. Having gone through this article, you can confirm that the 5 card draw is a simple variant. It also features a set of rules that are easy to understand.

A player’s collection of moves is vast, from the hand ranking system to the winning combinations and available moves. As a game partially based on luck, the 5 cards draw depend on how lucky you get. However, you can bag huge rewards in no time with the right mindset and practice.

Video Poker Strategy: How to Win?

Video poker is the most exciting one among online casino games. Like most of them, it’s a game that requires not only luck but also skills to make a profit. Experienced gamblers who decide to give it a try, have to deal only with technical aspects. In case you are a newbie, you will have to play some card combinations and learn a few things before getting started. First, let’s find the best video poker strategy to maximize your winnings.

Poker chips

The Importance and Winning Types of Strategies

Newbies often wonder if the same strategy can be used for each type of poker game. Our answer is – absolutely not! Each game requires a particular plan. It takes a lot of practice before the real game in the casino. For example, the poker strategies for Jacks or Better differ from the ones for progressive jackpot video poker.

Certain types of machines offer higher odds than others. Combined with optimal strategy and intelligent play, the most popular types of poker have stood out from others precisely because of the expected return (ER), which is sometimes as high as 99.54%. Remember that your actions rely on the payout size for a particular hand. Strategies combine the chances of reaching that same hand. So, by no means use the same ideas for every video poker game.

The strategy only makes sense when you choose the cards to keep and the ones you want to replace. After replacing the unfixed cards, the result will be final. This combination cannot be changed. Each device requires an individual approach. So, the choice depends on the type of game and the characteristics of a particular machine. For example, ABC is quite valid for micro-limits.

On the other hand, the Jacks or Better strategy is one of the first introduced to poker players who gamble for real money online. Accordingly, you can start your career with this one and profit in the long run using the video poker tips provided below:

Hand Action
Ready combination Stay, even if it’s weak.
Cards of the same color or order Change the rest, even if everything is at face value. Try to get a flush or straight.
Jacks and aces of different colors We leave only high cards if there are no matches mentioned above.
Nothing to match Change all cards.

Every tactic has such tables. It is not as challenging to frame them as it seems. The main thing is to act consistently and deal with every combination. The main task is to build a gap that consists only of solid hands. There are several main lines – the main roller coasters. Choosing an adequate plan allows the player to achieve the highest possible mathematical expectations of the results. Learning to differentiate between different tactics is vital to solving the problem because relying only on luck is unreasonable.

Finding the Game with the Best Payout

Video poker online is a casino game that allows you to give yourself the best chance by playing cards properly. So not only do you secure your best options by playing video poker games, but you also enjoy the low advantage of a home that brings you closer to big wins. How to achieve that significant gain?

In this case, we advise you to choose Deuces Wild or Double Bonus Poker as games with the highest payout ratio. Then, you will find all the important figures displayed on the paytable. For example, you’ll see how much you can earn by hitting a Straight Flush, Royal Flush, or Full House.

In addition to all the great features, you need to know that the most important thing is to gain the skill of playing. Then look for the optimal video poker strategy. Finally, choose a machine by finding and selecting the variant that gives the best payout.

The best option is to choose a reputable high payout casino from the list on the site, pick a strategy to use, enjoy the gameplay and bonuses, and wait for your big win.

Learn All About the Odds

The common misconception is that video poker is a money-eating machine because it reminds of slots. This attitude is wrong. You are already aware that some versions of the game offer a return that goes around 100%. However, although this gambling game offers the possibility of big payouts, some variants provide better odds than others. Of course, to increase your long-term profits, it would be best to play video poker with an optimal plan.

Poker cards

Check the ER or expected return when considering Jacks or Better version 9/6 and version 8/5. Of course, the bigger the ER, the better are the player’s chances. But, at the same time, the house edge is lower. So, as you have concluded, choose video poker with the Jacks or Better 9/6 version, which has an expected ER of 99.54%, instead of the 8/5 version, which expected ER is 97.34%.

Examine Paytables

To find the best video poker games, it is essential to know the paytables. This is the most critical factor that can lead you to victory. Look for them on the device. Select the “pay” button that will show you the payout table. However, this option will not tell you what the ER (expected return) is.

Do the following. If you decide to play Jacks or Better 9/6, the ER is 99.54% when compared to the payout table. And Jacks or Better 8/5 will give you 97.34%. Repeat this process for each other type of game. The bottom line is this – before you choose a device, check the payout table and always choose the one with the highest ER.


When it comes to video poker, we recommend you choose games where the refund is more than 99%. Before that, you will achieve your goal only if you get acquainted with the payment tables. Remember to raise the standards because video poker games with lower returns are not your goal. Also, keep in mind that the rates of the return are long-term theoretical results based on the assumption that every hand will be played with the perfect plan. However, provided you know how to play and already have an idea of the winning combinations, we believe you will choose a good poker table that will meet your expectations with our poker strategy guide.

Video poker skills also translate well to six-max and full-ring No Limit Hold’em at online poker sites – helping you to work out odds faster in a range of different game situations.

Which Online Casinos in Canada have a No Deposit Bonus?


No deposit bonuses are a zero risk way to try out an online casino, have some fun playing Slots and table games, and learn the ropes. 

In this guide we’ll list a few of the options for Canadians and explore how these bonus deals work.

CA Facing Online Casino Sites

Online casino ranking site Casinovator has a handy list of almost thirty Canadian online casinos with no deposit bonus promotions currently running. 

These are their top three casino sites with this type of bonus deal:

  • Video Slots Casino
  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Slots Magic Casino

These casino sites accept Canadian punters and have a no deposit bonus offer available.

Their full list is updated each month – casino promo deals frequently change, they may expire or be replaced with something better. 

As well as being time limited they might depend on your country of residence, if you’re reading this while in a different country to Canada. Across the border in the United States casino promotions also often vary by US state.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

As it says on the tin, you don’t need to deposit to get this type of bonus – usually it’s just a case of signing up, verifying your account, and entering a code – or often it’s automatic.

Usually online casino sites still have a deposit bonus you can opt for, that’s larger, even if they do have a deposit bonus alongside it – which one you get may depend on entering a bonus code, or you may be eligible for both. They usually have regular reload bonuses too.

No deposit bonuses will tend to be smaller in size – averaging around $10 – $25, sometimes taking the form of one free bet, sometimes free cash, and sometimes free spins to use in Slots games.

The catch will usually be that in order to withdraw them, or any profits derived from playing with the bonus money, you need to wager a certain amount – the ‘rollover’. 

You may also need to deposit to withdraw the no deposit bonus. Even still, that’s understandable as sites have to cover their operating costs. 

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but in a sense no deposit bonuses are still free money – even if in practice it ends up going towards the rake and fees to play.

Rather than the house edge eating into your own funds, they will eat into the no deposit bonus – allowing you to make more positive expectation bets while the bonus period is active. 

In that way they function similar to rakeback with an online poker site, or being ‘comped’ in a live casino with free food and a hotel room. It’s a win-win situation – your activity generates rake either way, but as a welcome package you get a kickback.

No Deposit Bonus Example

For example, a good casino no deposit bonus deal would be, say, $25, which the casino stipulates must be wagered at Slots or Keno – as these have the highest house edge.

There may also be some restrictions against playing jackpot slots or being able to withdraw winnings above a certain cap – unfortunately it’s not usually possible to get lucky and hit a six or seven figure jackpot, using a no deposit bonus, and then cash it out. For that you’ll need to make a real money deposit.

A good rollover wagering requirement would be 10x – i.e. requiring $250 to be wagered to withdraw the no deposit bonus. Typically online casino sites require a 30-40x rollover however, and sometimes even up to 50x.

Top 5 Online Casino Bonuses In 2022

Casino Bonuses

Image Credit

Running a casino business can be expensive; that’s why many owners put everything into getting as many gamers as possible through their doors. The only way to make money is to get people to play their games – the more patrons, the higher the revenue.

It doesn’t matter whether they play blackjack at physical casinos or online slots at the various internet gaming houses – a constant factor will always be that punters love freebies. Any casino that offers enough promos and bonuses will always have a special place in their hearts. Most casinos also understand this concept, which is why they continually come up with various bonus offers now and then.

It’s no secret that online casino bonuses are everywhere, and it’s easy to tap into them if you are smart. Many internet casinos offer players these bonuses to reward their loyalties, and in some cases, they believe it can help attract more players. Regardless of the types of bonuses a casino offers, the end goal is to reap some rewards from this act. But these rewards are not just limited to the gaming houses – smart bettors can also take advantage of the offers and use them to their advantage.

Popular Casino Bonuses In 2022

These are the top 5 bonuses most internet casino establishments offer their patrons in 2022.

  1. Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the first deposit reward you can claim. It usually consists of a percentage of your deposit, and it’s given to you as soon as you make your first deposit on the website with no strings attached. A standard welcome bonus will give up to 100% on your first deposit, but some casinos offer even more.

You must register an account with the online casino offering the exciting promotion to enjoy the offer. Afterward, deposit an amount of money and enter the code they provide into the “promo code field” during checkout.

  1. Monthly Bonuses

A monthly bonus is an amount of free cash a casino gives you for being a loyal player. You can get it just for playing in the casino. You may also get it after doing something special like referring your friends to the app or platform or playing on a specific day of the week.

Monthly bonuses usually come with strings attached (like having to make certain deposits or play certain games). They’re generally not as significant as your typical deposit bonus, but they’re still pretty good.

The best thing about this type of promotion is that it’s recurring. Once you get that first month’s reward, you’ll be eligible for another one next month, too (and so on). It means with time, all those little bits will add up to a bit of extra cash.

  1. Loyalty Bonus

A loyalty bonus rewards players who regularly play at an online casino. Some casinos offer these bonuses to players who deposit a certain amount of money into their account and then play with it. In contrast, others give these rewards to all of their customers.

A loyalty bonus can be in the form of cash or free spins (or sometimes both), and they’re typically given as a percentage on top of your initial deposit or first bet. If you make an initial deposit of $100 and get a 100% loyalty bonus worth $100, you’ll have $200 in your account to bet.

  1. Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are for players who deposit into their casino accounts. The amount of money you deposit will determine how big your bonus is. The higher deposits will get you more bonus funds and vice-versa.

Deposit bonuses are paid out in different ways depending on the casino. Sometimes they’re given as free spins on a particular slot machine or video poker game. Other times they’re simply credited to your account as free cash that can be used whenever you like. Some casinos sometimes make these bonuses in the form of tournament entries while playing roulette, for example.

  1. Daily Free Spins Bonus

Daily free spin bonuses are a great way gaming houses keep players engaged. The reward is straightforward, with one or two daily games offering up to 100 spins. You don’t have to wager each day’s quota either. It can be saved until you find an offer that suits you.

This type of promotion is ideal for new players who want to try slots without risking real money. If you’re one, you can use your daily free spins offers with another type of welcome bonus (like a match deposit). This way, you can maximize your spending power while also taking advantage of any special deals.

Final Thoughts

These top 5 bonuses are all worth checking out. They’re available at top online casinos. There are other bonuses that deserve just as much attention, such as casino crypto bonuses, VIP bonuses, and the like.

This article is a starting point for finding the best bonuses possible. But don’t forget, these bonuses aren’t the only thing that matters when choosing which casino games to play, and they also come with several terms and conditions, so you should look out for that.

The 3 most Important Factors to Win at Poker

Poker Cards

Poker is not a purely random game. Through targeted strategic thinking and clever deceptive maneuvers, you often reach your goal even if the cards on your hand do not look quite so good. Three factors play a major role in poker success.

The inner attitude

The first supporting pillar is your inner attitude. You should determine what role the card game plays for you. Is it purely a hobby that takes a back seat to work, family and friends? Or do you want to play semi-professionally, as a complement to your job? Perhaps a life as a true poker professional is heading your way, in which case poker takes top priority with you.

Be clear about your attitude and practice it. As a poker pro, you need tremendous discipline and determination. Don’t get upset with weaker players at the table, but use their weaknesses to your advantage. Whenever and wherever you can, practice not only the game itself, but also the so-called soft skills. Train your stamina, for example, with long jogging laps or other sports.

As a hobby player, the focus should be on having fun. While the pro always tries to play with the highest stakes, you can relax at a lower limit table if that suits you better. You don’t necessarily need to educate yourself like the pro who reads poker books and watches tons of videos in his spare time. But you can do it if you enjoy it.

Knowledge and theory

Your background knowledge is crucial to your success. First, you need to understand and internalize the basic rules of as many variations of the game of poker as possible. This can be done, for example, by visiting various online casinos and learning more about the game. First of all, check out the casinos reviews on the casinoreviews.net.nz website to find out which gaming site has the right offer in high quality.

The portal is an excellent base station for testing different providers in a targeted manner. One click takes you to the selected platform, where you can refine your knowledge of rules and strategy. Learning by doing has proven to be a particularly efficient way to learn things. But this does not mean that you should neglect your theoretical education!

Laptop Note Taking

Study all relevant concepts not only in practice, but also in theory. Analyze your completed games in retrospect, find out what you could have done better. Compare your moves with the great poker pros you observe in their game. Improve yourself step by step, exploit the weaknesses you’ve identified. Learning poker really well means a lot of work, which you should be ready for in order to achieve lasting success.

Ultimately, you ensure that your knowledge and skills are superior to those of your opponents – and preferably always. However, there are certainly people who have the same goal, and cracking them will be difficult. This is one of the reasons why there is never a guarantee of winning in poker. Deal with it.

Enough time and fitness

Achieving success in poker at the highest level always means investing a lot of time: I’m sure you realize that at this point. It is said that about 10.000 hours of hard work are needed to get to premium level. That means you have to plow for eight hours on 1.250 days! So, if you quit your job and focus on playing cards instead, it will still take you more than 6 years to become the cream of the crop (assuming you have the talent).

But success doesn’t always mean being one of the very best. If it is enough for you to make a profit at an intermediate level, then train towards that goal. You should not destroy yourself, just keep in mind that great success rarely comes by itself. In fact, almost never. You should be accordingly fit if you decide to take the hard way. In this case, train your conditions extensively, also with other concentration games and, as suggested above, with endurance sports.

General fitness is a great advantage at the poker table. You won’t meet anyone at a big tournament who neglects this point. And if you do, that person is usually “out” very soon.

How to choose the best poker sites and get the most from them

Poker sites

Poker fans have a huge bevy of options available to them these days, especially when they take the game online. As the iGaming industry booms, hundreds of companies are rushing to provide the best online poker experience.

Across America, states are legalizing online gaming to varying degrees. This is causing a huge shift in the industry as different companies merge together and combine their offerings to maximize profits and player engagement.

This all might leave the average player wondering how they can get the most out of their games. Which sites offer the best experience? What’s the most profitable way to spend your time? Obviously, it’s not all about the money using poker strategies. You want to have some fun with the game, too. And that’s hard to do if the site’s user experience is basic and unreliable.

We’ve compiled a few quick and easy tips to help you find the best online poker sites. Whether you’re a poker pro or a complete newbie, we’ve got some useful tips that’ll help you get the absolute most out of your game.

Look for the best welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are basically free money offered out to new players for doing nothing more than playing poker – which was probably on the agenda already! These won’t necessarily make you rich, but they can at least give you a little room to get started and lined up with your site of choice.

It may also be worth looking for newly opened online casinos. These will be offering exceptionally generous welcome packages to encourage new players. This is especially common in the United States right now as more and more states legalize online gambling and casinos. Make sure you take advantage of the new online casinos’ bonuses.

When it comes to picking a welcome bonus though, it’s not all about size. Make sure you pick something achievable for your particular needs as a player. Luckily plenty of reputable sources have already done a lot of this legwork for you and selected some of the best welcome bonuses, so it won’t take much googling to uncover the best.

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Do some research – check out reviews before playing!

Research should form the basis of your decision. We’re not saying you have to make a spreadsheet (although it probably isn’t the worst idea). But you should definitely invest some time in checking out written and video reviews before committing any actual money to a site. You want to make sure that A: your site of choice is legit and B: you’re going to have the experience you want. It’s especially important in this day and age, as online scams and fraud continue to rise. Don’t get caught out.

It wouldn’t hurt to find some videos of poker being played on a site you’re thinking about playing on. This way you can get a feel for the user experience and go in ready to make some money!

Make sure customer service is easily accessible

This is one of the things that you may never, ever use – but you’ll be so grateful for paying attention to this if you ever have to. It might not be the most glamorous part of playing poker, but if something should go wrong you want to make sure you have a supportive customer service team that can be easily reached.

The last thing you want is to lose out on winnings thanks to technological mishaps. It might be rare but it absolutely does happen. Especially on sites with high volumes of users, and the volatility of internet connections!

This ties into checking reviews first – keep a keen eye out for mentions of customer service. Take it seriously, especially when there’s money on the table.

Find sites with high user numbers

Obviously, you’re not going to get very far in online poker if you don’t have anyone to play against. So make sure you pick a site that has full lobbies with filters you can use to easily find the kind of game you’re looking for at the time you’re looking to play the game. You don’t want to be sitting around waiting when you could be playing – and you certainly don’t want to be wasting time navigating through clumsily designed sites.

So it’s not entirely about high traffic, but high traffic at the time you need it. It’s no good putting money into a site that isn’t ready to play when you are. It’s usually easy to dip your toes into these sites without spending anything – so you can have a little look around before committing funds.

This all ties in to doing your research and reading reviews beforehand. It’s important to go in prepared if you want to make the most out of online poker.

It’s also important to go with these sites if you’re interested in playing tournaments. Without a decent amount of users, tournaments will struggle to raise a decent pot for the winner.

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Make sure you pick a site that’s beginner-friendly (if you need it)

Several poker sites implement systems to make the game more approachable for new players. Even if you’re an experienced player you may want to head to these beginner’s tables to get started online.

Typically these tables will only be open for a brief window of time after opening up an account. So once you’ve gained a bit of experience you can move on to other tables. It’s worth pointing out that technically there wouldn’t be anything stopping a master poker player from setting up a new account and rinsing these tables. But they usually have much, much lower stakes to discourage that.

Many sites want to make you better at playing poker – obviously, if you’re better at the game, you’ll put more money into it! Look for sites that provide you with the tools to get better – it’s beneficial for everybody. If a site provides things like this, it’s a good indicator that it wants to provide a level playing field for people of all abilities and wagers.

Win a Cut of 8,250 USDT Every Week – Galactic Grinders

Galactic Grinders CoinPoker

The Galactic Grinders Leaderboard promotion on CoinPoker rewards 150 players a week with prizes from a total prizepool of 8,250 USDT (Tether cryptocurrency).

The weekly prize pool is split between three leaderboards, one for MTTs, one for NLHE and one for PLO cash table fans.

CoinPoker Tournament Leaderboard

The MTT Leaderboard rewards winners with 1,810 USDT in weekly prizes.

MTT leaderboard points are calculated based on buy-ins, the number of participants, and the place taken.

CoinPoker Cash Game Leaderboard

The CoinPoker Cash Leaderboard rewards top players with part of a weekly prize pool of 6,440 USDT.

Cash leaderboard points are scored according to the number of big blinds gone towards Community Contributions, meaning they are based on activity rather than stakes. The more you play, the more points you earn.

Players that hold CHP (also unlocking 30% rakeback) are granted 50% more leaderboard points.

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