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Best Anonymous Poker Sites – Play Poker in Incognito Mode

ACR Poker

Due to the legal gray area in which poker games reside, it is always better to play incognito. However, the number of anonymous poker sites available is not many. Furthermore, those that are don’t often come with a truly anonymous perk.

Therefore, to help you find the best anonymous poker sites on the market, we have curated a list of 8 poker platforms. These sites offer unique perks and poker options that enhance their appeal.

List of the Best Anonymous Poker Sites

Here are the top anonymous poker sites currently on the market. They offer a good combination of gameplay, welcome bonuses, and tournaments while keeping your identities hidden.

  • CoinPoker – Enter into Leading Poker Tournaments Anonymously
  • Americas Cardroom – Security-Focused Poker Site to Play Incognito
  • BetOnline – Popular Poker Site Featuring No KYC Gambling
  • Black Chip Poker – Best for Participating in Tournaments
  • GG Poker – Poker Site Offering Anonymity Through Smart HUD
  • Ignition – Anonymous Poker Site Featuring Anonymous Tables
  • WPT Global – Online Poker Platform with Several Perks

Reviewing the Best Anonymous Poker Sites on the Market

In this section, we provide a mini review for each anonymous poker site we have recommended. We focus on key factors like available games, bonuses, and UI.

Lucky Block casino

CoinPoker – Enter into Leading Poker Tournaments Anonymously

Launched in 2018, CoinPoker is the leading anonymous poker site available today. Licensed by the Curacao eGaming commission, this particular platform has several perks that make it suitable for those who are not willing to provide personal details.

CoinPoker Best Anonymous Poker Sites

First, getting started with this website is simple, as only a wallet connection is required. Secondly, it is a crypto-exclusive casino with no fiat conversion options available. While many may see it as a drawback, the games available on the platform make it worth it.

Taking a different route from conventional casinos, CoinPoker’s primary focus is on three particular games: Texas Hold’em Poker, Pot Limit Omaha, and 5-Card Omaha. There are also community games available that feature 7-card Omaha and other options.

There are two key factors that stand out with this poker platform. One is the tutorial section that teaches players about the different iterations of poker. Secondly, all the poker games available have a multiplayer mode, allowing you to go against other players via video poker titles.

The platform is also home to the biggest online poker pot, $7.75 million, and it organizes regular tournaments. The biggest one is the CSOP – Crypto Spring Online Poker – which offers guaranteed wins worth $1 million. Players often tune in to watch these events, which has also helped the platform garner more traction within the space.

New players will find CoinPoker appealing due to its 150% matched deposit bonus of up to 2000 USDT and 33% rakeback.

More insight into the bonus perks and the features of this platform can be found in our CoinPoker review.


  • Has its own native crypto (CHP)
  • Offers 33% rakeback
  • Offers multiple video poker games
  • Licensed crypto poker platform


  • Only accepts crypto payments
  • Only focuses on poker titles
  • Download is required in order to play games

Play at CoinPoker

Free download securely from official CoinPoker server

Americas Cardroom – Security-Focused Poker Site to Play Incognito

Americas Cardroom rebranded to ACR Poker in 2023 with its new software features and a newfound appreciation for data security. Not only does it have protection against bots in place, but the platform also has bank-level encryptions.

Americas Cardroom Incognito Poker Platform

That being said, due to this platform’s focus on security, playing incognito is limited to a certain degree. However, players will have access to many games once they engage with it anonymously.

There are many video poker options available on this website, but the focus of this particular platform is particularly on offering access to tournaments.

These include the recent game with a prize pool of $12.5 million and similar other perks involving high-octane competitions coupled with good bonuses.

When it comes to bonus perks, newcomers to this platform receive a 150% welcome bonus of up to 2000 USDT.

This highly professional poker platform is known for providing players with the real, authentic experience of trying their wits against other players.

Also, read out Americas Cardroom review that gives an insight into this platform’s updated offerings.


  • Leading online poker platform in America
  • Focuses a lot on competitions
  • Offers video poker opportunities to play against other players
  • Features multiple video poker titles
  • Highly-secure poker platform


  • There are no mobile apps available

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BetOnline – Popular Poker Site Featuring No KYC Gambling

If you are looking for more of an all-in-one anonymous gambling platform that supports poker games, BetOnline is also a good option. Packed with 25 video poker titles as well as more than a few live dealer poker games, BetOnline is in many ways a haven for tournaments.

Betonline incognito poker

This anonymous poker platform not only gives you access to high-stakes poker tournaments but also lets you check out regular tourneys, such as Open Face Jack Windfalls, Mystery Bounty Tournaments, and more, each with its own unique benefits.

Getting into these is also easy, as their buy-in requirement is as low as $1.

The platform also excels in terms of the bonus perks it provides. New users get a $1000 matched deposit bonus.

The video poker titles offer both single-hand and multi-hand gameplay options, which is perfect for players looking for a more exciting version of their gameplay.

The platform supports both fiat and crypto, but currently, only crypto-specific players enjoy most of the anonymous betting options.

In addition to poker titles, the platform offers one of the best crypto sports betting sites and traditional casino games like slots, crash, and others. This particular crypto casino promises a diverse gambling experience, and that’s what you’ll get on this platform.


  • Multiple tournaments available
  • Single-hand and multi-hand video poker options are available
  • 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $1000 for poker players
  • Daily tournaments for exciting gameplay every single day


  • There are no no-deposit bonuses available

Visit Poker Site

Free download securely from official BetOnline server

Black Chip Poker – Best for Participating in Tournaments

Another high-profile poker platform on our list is Black Chip Poker. Optimal in terms of gameplay provided and amazing in terms of bonus perks, much of its features are akin to Americas Cardroom, which is one of the reasons it is on the list in the first place.

BlackChip Poker Tether

This tournament-heavy poker platform also offers games where players can go against other players. In terms of bonus perks, there is a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $2000.

The platform also focuses heavily on loyalty rewards, regular tourneys, and special games with inclusive entry.

The platform is simple aesthetic-wise, which shows that this game has been designed for serious poker players. However, those who want to diversify their experience can check out the games from the other three major casinos—live dealer, video titles, and sports betting.

The only major drawback of this platform is that there is no true anonymity when people play on this platform. Although there are security features that will keep your identity hidden from nefarious resources, you are still required to perform conventional authentication tasks in order to start playing here.


  • Welcome bonus of up to $2000
  • Features three casinos
  • Offers entry into multiple competitions


  • Not a truly anonymous casino
  • Focus on fiat more than crypto

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GG Poker – Poker Site Offering Anonymity Through Smart HUD

GG Poker is a premier choice for playing poker anonymously, thanks largely to its innovative Smart HUD. This AI-driven system provides players with a snapshot of their opponents’ potential next moves, offering a strategic edge during gameplay.

GG Poker Anonymous Poker

Moreover, the Smart HUD allows players to mask their own identities. By using avatar names instead of real ones, players maintain anonymity, which facilitates strategic and discreet gameplay. This feature is invaluable in navigating the diverse poker rooms on GG Poker, from special games with hidden bounties to standard tables known for their high payouts.

The platform also caters to elite players with VIP tables, enhancing anonymity and exclusivity by restricting access to high-level players only, thus keeping lower-stakes players at bay.

GG Poker is not just about strategic gameplay; it also offers attractive bonuses. The standout is the 28% welcome bonus, unique in that it has no upper limit, allowing players to deposit any amount and still receive the bonus.

Tournaments are a staple here, represented by some of the most prominent figures in the online poker world. For further details about these features and more, see our GG Poker review.


  • Features Smart HUD to protect player’s identity
  • Multiple promotions available
  • AI-driven features
  • Multiple versions of poker


  • No simplified way to play anonymously – using ID is still necessary

Ignition – Anonymous Poker Site Featuring Anonymous Tables

Ignition Casino revolutionizes anonymous play with its special feature, “anonymous tables.” These tables are uniquely designed to conceal each player’s identity from their opponents, preventing any real-time sharing of heads-up display data.

Ignition Anonymous Poker

This innovative feature, often referred to as “incognito-poker,” supports a variety of GTO (Game Theory Optimal) strategies and exclusive tournaments, providing a secure and private environment for players.

Beyond anonymous play, Ignition Casino is a hub for major online poker tournaments. It includes a dedicated section for cryptocurrency users, offering them extra perks like a special welcome bonus.

In addition to its vibrant poker scene, Ignition offers a range of other gaming options, including live dealer games and traditional casino games, each with a unique set of bonuses.

While Ignition is celebrated for its anonymity in poker, it’s important to note that this feature is limited to specific tables, each with tailored tournaments and bonuses, ensuring a distinct and secure gaming experience.


  • Offers anonymous tables for anonymous play
  • Features multiple tournaments
  • Offers a wide range of poker games


  • Not every game can be played anonymously

WPT Global – Online Poker Platform with Several Perks

WPT Global sets itself apart from other online poker platforms with its explicit stance against anonymous play. According to its terms and conditions, the platform is proactive in blocking anonymous accounts, emphasizing transparency and security over anonymity.

Anonymous Play Poker WPT Global

Despite the absence of anonymous gameplay, WPT Global has been included in our list due to its exceptional accessibility and robust security measures. These features, powered by advanced artificial intelligence, take a firm stand against bots and malicious activities, ensuring a safe gaming environment. This commitment to security might compensate for the lack of anonymity, as the platform maintains high-quality safety protocols that do not compromise user experience.

Among these protocols is a 24/7 game play monitoring system designed to detect and prevent any fraudulent activities. The platform also balances its player ecosystem by attracting both professional and recreational players, fostering a competitive yet fair playing field.

Fair play is not only encouraged but rewarded on WPT Global, with various incentives for adherence to the rules.

Moreover, WPT Global is renowned for hosting some of the industry’s most prestigious tournaments, featuring prominent players like Phil Ivey. This high-profile representation further enhances the platform’s appeal, making it a top choice for serious poker enthusiasts.


  • Offers a wide range of games
  • Has AI-driven security features
  • Constant game monitoring is available


  •  Secures player’s data but doesn’t offer anonymous play

How Do Anonymous Poker Sites Work?

Anonymous poker platforms work in the same way as traditional gambling sites. The only difference is that it allows users to conceal their identities while they are enjoying the gameplay. This is especially beneficial during poker events when players are engaged against other players.

Best Anonymous Poker Sites

Getting started on such platforms is simple. Some have a traditional sign-up option that requires users to enter their email and password. A simple online verification link is provided, and that’s it. There are no conditions regarding payouts and no KYC requirements regarding anything else.

Some, like CoinPoker, take an even better approach. Available as a downloadable app, it allows users to connect their crypto wallets to start playing, offering a higher degree of anonymity during gameplay.

Are Anonymous Poker Sites Safe?

Most anonymous poker sites are safe for those who sign up. They require only minimum details and don’t impose KYC restrictions on users. In simple terms, they allow players to engage with the casino offerings on their own terms.

Since no information is provided, third parties have nothing to steal. Furthermore, most of these are offshore poker sites, regulated by a gambling-friendly region but still adhering to data protection laws. This means that it is their standard to ensure that customer data remains safe at all times.

Some platforms, like Americas Cardroom, have gone far beyond the norms of traditional casinos to protect users. Standard SSL encryption aside, they have implemented bank-level safeguards to provide security to users when they engage with the platform, which is a big positive by all accounts.

How to Stay Anonymous When Playing Poker

You might have seen that some of the top recommendations that we have put don’t exactly have the ability to let you play incognito. However, their offerings are amazing, and their security features are high. Furthermore, there are things that you can do to ensure that you are anonymous when playing poker.

Do Not Request Bank Transfers

When you request bank transfers, you’re basically giving your bank details to the casino, the very details that you should want to keep hidden from the website. Furthermore, the bank keeps tabs on your transactions, which is a big issue when you’re trying to stay anonymous.

Also, keep in mind that many banks around the globe are dogmatic about their beliefs. They frown upon casino-related transactions. And sometimes, using such platforms is not legal in a particular country.

Use Cryptocurrency for Buy-ins and Withdrawals

The third tip is to use crypto whenever you enter the game or withdraw your winnings. These transactions don’t have a mediator, and they often don’t carry any transaction fees either (other than the blockchain network fees). The lack of a middleman ensures that only the wallet address is available, nothing more.

Choose Poker Sites that are Trustworthy

Without a shadow of a doubt, only choose poker platforms that have proven that they are trustworthy. Anonymity doesn’t mean you compromise with the gameplay and fairness. Make sure to check out the reviews of the best casinos to learn whether all the poker offerings are probably fair. Also keep in mind that all the anonymous that you pick are licensed.

Why Should You Play on Anonymous Poker Sites?

Here are more than a few reasons you should always consider checking out the offerings of an incognito poker platform:


If you want to ensure that no one gets a peek at your name or how you are spending your money, you need an anonymous platform. With poker platforms that let you check out the poker offerings while remaining incognito, you won’t have to worry about your gaming habits being public.

Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent activities are ripe in the online gambling arena. There have been many incidents in the past in which fraudulent bank accounts have been connected to players betting accounts.

It happens because the bad actors have a lot of information. With an anonymous poke site, you can remove access to your personal details, allowing your account to be safe and secure.

Fair Play

Poker is not only a game of luck but also a game of skill, which means enemies often develop between players. That enmity often leads to player profiling and targeting, which can create a hostile environment.

With an anonymous poker site, however, such incidences are removed by ensuring that player identity is hidden and players are judged solely on their skills and game strategy and not on their identity.


Anonymous poker sites have far fewer restrictions than standard poker platforms. Most offshore poker sites offer this opportunity, allowing players in most countries to play without facing any legal repercussions.

Psychological Comfort

You feel more comfortable when you don’t have to worry about your identity being revealed when you play. As your mind is not tensed up, you can focus precisely on the game, allowing you to employ strategies that you want to employ while enjoying the gameplay.

Instant Payouts

Letting users play the games through cryptocurrencies is how most poker sites implement anonymity. Crypto-based gameplay not only hides the identity but also lets players cash out their wins instantly. Furthermore, crypto payments also ensure that the deposits and withdrawal limits are higher, which lets players easily check out high-stakes games when they are around.

How Did We Rank the Best Anonymous Poker Sites?

During our research, our reviews assessed the poker platforms using a simple methodology. The ways implemented are as follows.

Assessing the Variety of Poker Games

The first aspect we looked at was the variety of poker games. Multiple poker games are a must on a single platform. However, quality matters more than quantity, and that’s the rationale we have behind putting CoinPoker on our list.

This platform offers three versions of poker, four if you count the community contributions. The fact that it lets players go against other players is the reason we have chosen to add it to our list.

Licensed Casinos

The second crucial factor that we looked at was licensing. Is the casino licensed? If not, it is not fit to host any games and not fit to provide the optimal security players need while enjoying poker titles.

CoinPoker is licensed by the Curacao eGaming Commission, and others we have listed are licensed in various regions worldwide. Due to this factor alone, we prefer it over other platforms.

Bonuses and Promotions Available

The third crucial factor that we looked at was the games. What kind of promotions are available? Are there any poker-specific promotions? If they are, what are their wagering requirements? Are there any wagering requirements? If they are not, how can players claim their welcome bonuses?

Answering these questions led us closer to our list.

Banking Methods Implemented

Another key attribute that we looked at was the banking options available. While having credit and debit card support in some casinos was a fine addition, we prefer when a poker platform allows users to play games using cryptocurrencies.

At best, our goal when examining the versatility of crypto payment and payout methods was to determine how many cryptocurrencies a platform supports.

Security Methods Implemented

Another key factor to consider when looking at these casinos is the security methods that these platforms implement. SSL encryption is common and appreciated. However, higher-level encryptions, as well as some standardized safeguards, also put the mind at ease when interacting with such crypto-gambling platforms.

How to Start Playing on an Anonymous Poker Site

Here are the steps to follow in order to start playing incognito on an anonymous poker platform:

Step 1 – Choose a Suitable Anonymous Poker Platform0

An anonymous poker platform should be easy to access, support crypto payments, have security perks, and offer a wide variety of games. CoinPoker, which is the first point on our list, encapsulates these qualities.


Step 2 – Download the Application

The next step is to download the application on desktop or on mobile phones depending on your preference.

Step 3 – Sign Up and Start Playing

Once the download is complete, sign up. You can either enter your email or use your Metamask wallet to sign up. This versatility will allow you to remain anonymous when you play the games.

Once you have signed up, start playing the games available on the platform.

CoinPoker is suitable for all, but most of its offerings shine through for those who are in the pursuit of big wealth. Here is a look at the biggest online poker pots on CoinPoker.

The Verdict

In this guide, we have explored the best anonymous poker sites. Playing incognito is the way to go on these platforms. They give you the freedom to engage with multiple poker titles without worrying about having your identity compromised.

However, the quality of games and bonus perks matter. Therefore, CoinPoker is the best anonymous poker site in our books.

Its normal look, which accentuates black and red, and its unique style of presenting not just poker games but also multiple tournaments and bonus perks have led us to this conclusion.

This platform is slowly moving towards becoming the leading online gambling site. Furthermore, it has slashed its withdrawal fee, which is another reason why we think it is the best option for playing poker while remaining incognito.

Play at CoinPoker

Free download securely from official CoinPoker server


Is it possible to play online poker for real money on an anonymous gambling site?

Yes, it is possible to play online poker on an anonymous gambling platform. This is especially true for platforms that support crypto payments.

Which is the best anonymous poker site right now?

Currently, CoinPoker is the best platform for playing poker while staying incognito. The platform is easy to access, and it offers multiple poker options to choose from. Furthermore, CoinPoker is home to the biggest poker pot and hosts multiple tournaments. These factors alone make it a suitable place to play poker incognito.


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Many players earn a living wage from rakeback alone. Use the calculator below to estimate the size of payments you’ll get over a given period of time. The calculator will compute your expected daily, weekly, and monthly cash back depending on the stakes and tables you input.

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Black Chip Poker

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  • $2000 Sign-up Bonus
  • Bonus Code: RBCOM



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