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6 Best Bitcoin Poker Sites of 2024 With Rakeback

ACR Poker

Bitcoin Poker has become a favorite pastime for crypto traders and gamblers who want to try out riskier ve

ntures to further compound their gains. While the rules of these games are standard, the Bitcoin poker sites that offer them are exclusive. They come packed with exclusive bonuses and perks and pay a lot of attention to privacy.

But not all crypto poker sites are created the same – some are better than the rest. This guide reviews the best Bitcoin poker sites that players must try this year.

Our experts tried poker games on each site and tested them based on bonuses, fairness, and experience so that our readers can have an authentic gambling experience.

Lucky Block casino

Best Bitcoin Poker Sites – Quick Links

Listed below are the Bitcoin poker sites that meet all the benchmarks of a great crypto-gambling platform.

  1. CoinPoker – Popular Bitcoin Poker Site with Amazing Features
  2. Americas Cardroom – A Security-Focused Bitcoin Poker Site
  3. BetOnline – Leading Poker Casino with Multiple Offerings
  4. Ignition – Best Tourney-Focused Platform to Play Poker with Bitcoin
  5. WPT Global – Bitcoin Poker Site with Multiple AI-Driven Features
  6. GG Poker – Bitcoin Poker Site with Specialized Poker Tables

These platforms have diverse offerings but follow a common trend – all of them provide an authentic gambling experience to all who play.

Read on as we take a deeper look into these platforms’ poker offerings and analyze why the crypto crowd loves them so much.

Best Bitcoin Poker Sites – Complete Review

Poker is the oldest and one of the best games in the gambling genre due to its focus on both skill and luck. As such, the Bitcoin poker space has gotten very competitive – which means that most platforms listed below offer almost all poker options that players need.

That is why our reviewers have considered the bonus perks and additional features along with the poker game offerings when analyzing these platforms.

CoinPoker – Popular Bitcoin Poker Site with Amazing Features

CoinPoker is a poker-specific crypto-gambling platform that offers a truly decentralized approach to poker games. With its crypto support and integrated blockchain technology, CoinPoker has its own RNG (Random Number Generator) to enhance the fairness of poker games.

Coinpoker Best Bitcoin Poker site

Games available on CoinPoker include Texas Hold’em, 5-Card Omaha, and Omaha Poker.

The platform is great for poker games, and it has multiple bonuses for first-time users. In addition to a 150% matched deposit bonus of up to $2000, and players also get 33% rakeback.  Additionally, CoinPoker is the biggest online poker platform with the biggest online poker pot, which is worth $7.75 million.

The main currency used on CoinPoker is Tether (USDT). Bitcoin, Ethereum, and CHP—CoinPoker’s native crypto—are also supported for deposits and withdrawals. CHP also adds to the decentralized aspect of this platform, giving users access to exclusive perks.

CoinPoker has also been ranked by several popular YouTubers and poker review sites as a leading option, which seems to have been embraced by the player base as well. Getting started with CoinPoker, however, involves downloading the app. Thankfully, the app is supported on most devices, including iPhones, PCs, and Android devices. Furthermore, the platform also offers anonymous play to a degree since users can choose to sign in only with a metamask wallet instead.


  1. Poker-specific platform
  2. Decentralized app
  3. Keeps the games fair
  4. Anonymity assured
  5. Great promotional offer


  1. Download is required to start playing
  2. Games could have had more variety

Play at CoinPoker

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Americas Cardroom – A Security-Focused Bitcoin Poker Site

Poker games are much better and competitive when played against real people – that’s where Americas Cardroom shines as much as BetOnline. Here, players are provided with an authentic poker experience while being protected from bots and other nefarious entities.

Americas Cardroom

America’s Cardroom presents its offering in a much more unique fashion than any other platform on this list. When clicking on the Games tab, players will get to test their luck in three different casinos – Slot Casino, Classic Casino, and Live Dealer Casino.

Players will be able to select among two poker games – Blitz Poker and Jackpots. Both these games are great since they put players against players. Gamblers who want to up the ante and play a better game also get the option to download the Hand history by logging in.

Apart from Poker games, slots and all kinds of table games are also available. Punters will also find sports betting here. Read our complete Americas Cardroom review here.


  1. Player vs. Player poker games
  2. Fair games
  3. Blitz and Jackpots available
  4. Slots and sportsbooks are also available


  1. Low variety of poker games
  2. Navigating the platform is not that intuitive
  3. Platform suitable for seasoned poker players

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BetOnline – Overall the Best Bitcoin Poker Sites of 2024

Our first pick as the best Bitcoin poker site of 2024 is BetOnline – a sportsbook-first crypto gambling platform that diversified into other casino games and now stands as one of the best Bitcoin poker games providers in the market.

Betonline best Poker casino

The site’s home page proudly reads that it is “not just another online platform” while showcasing some of the best poker games we have come across.

There are two categories of poker games here – table games and live casinos. Table Games host a variety of poker games like Pai Gow Poker, Ride Poker, and 3 Card Poker. Texas Hold’em is also an available option for those who are more into old-school poker games. And those who are looking for out-of-the-box poker experience can check out the site’s Video Poker offerings. These include Jacks or Better, Bonus Boker, Bonus Deluxe, Double Bonus, All American Video Poker, and more.  What makes these games better is that players are pitted against other players instead of live dealers. That makes playing on the platform more competitive.

Despite the quality of these games, BetOnline understands that the experience can grow stale after a while, which is why it keeps things fresh with competitions, perks, and bonuses. For instance, players can participate in major poker tournaments like Sunday Majors, Week Days, Progressive Bounties, Tourney Money Builders, and Windfall Sit N Gos.

But tournaments are not the only things that make BetOnline better than most. BetOnline is one of the few crypto-gambling platforms with poker-specific bonuses. First-time signees get a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $1000. BetOnline releases that bonus in increments that players can gain after generating $50 in rake.

The poker games on BetOnline are of a higher tier, as players also get to calculate the odds while they play.

And if the players get bored perusing through the fun poker games (which may not be the case), they can engage with sports betting – BetOnline’s original offering.

Sportsbetting also comes with its own set of welcome bonuses, with players getting up to 50% welcome bonus, 100% crypto bonus, 10% Bitcoin booster, and 25% reload bonus.

Playing these games on BetOnline is made easy with crypto payments, as there is support for 20 different crypto assets here. Those who want to play can do so by depositing a minimum of $20.


  1. Poker-specific promotions available
  2. Multiple types of poker games to choose from
  3. Regular tournaments with high rewards
  4. US players are allowed on the platform
  5. Video Poker and Table version of poker games are available.


  1. High Fiat fees

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Ignition – Best Tourney-Focused Platform to Play Poker with Bitcoin

Ignition Casino stands out as the premier tournament-focused Bitcoin poker site, celebrated for its fast-paced gameplay, lucrative tournaments, and intuitive user interface.

Ignition Casino Solana Poker

Accessible in most parts of the world, Ignition offers a variety of poker formats to cater to diverse player preferences. The platform features a “Quick Seat” option for those seeking immediate action, “Sit & Go” tournaments for high-stakes opportunities, and “Zone Poker” for affluent players desiring extended sessions across multiple tables.

For those interested in anonymous play, Ignition provides special anonymous tables. Tailored for seasoned players, these tables feature complex strategies and offer a layer of privacy.

In terms of bonuses, Ignition is generous, offering an array of incentives including weekend freerolls and weekday tournaments. Additionally, there is a substantial $3000 welcome bonus for Bitcoin users, with $1500 specifically allocated for Bitcoin poker.

Overall, Ignition Casino is a robust platform for serious poker players. However, it’s important to note that the site has certain restrictions, often necessitating the use of a VPN for most players.


  1. Features multiple versions of poker games
  2. Has a special welcome bonus for those who pay using crypto
  3. Accepts multiple cryptocurrencies
  4. Features anonymous tables for playing incognito


  1. It is a very restrictive poker site.

WPT Global – Bitcoin Poker Site with Multiple AI-Driven Features

WPT Global proudly stands as the world’s largest recreational cash game player pool, and it’s easy to see why. The platform not only boasts a user-friendly interface but is also endorsed by some of the biggest names in poker, such as Phil Ivey and Brad Owen, who have proven their prowess in the global poker community.

WPT Poker

What sets this platform apart is its innovative use of AI-driven technologies. The first layer of artificial intelligence is deployed to prevent bot interference, ensuring a bot-free gaming environment. The second layer focuses on matchmaking, using AI to pair players appropriately, which enhances the gaming experience.

Additionally, AI is utilized to enforce fair play, making the platform equally advantageous for all players.

WPT Global also hosts some of the world’s major tournaments, including the “Kings of Cash,” a $25,000 freeroll event.

The platform is generous with traditional bonuses as well; newcomers are welcomed with a $1200 matched deposit bonus and free tournament tickets. While rakeback bonuses are available, they are offered seasonally.

One current limitation of WPT Global is its non-acceptance of cryptocurrencies, a surprising detail given the site’s forward-thinking approach. However, the platform has expressed openness to exploring crypto payment options in the future, suggesting potential integration pending stringent security evaluations.


  1. Offers many tournaments and promotions
  2. Possesses many AI-driven capabilities
  3. Represented by the biggest industry players
  4. Gives out tournament tickets as a welcome bonus for playing poker


  1. High wagering requirement to acquire the bonus

GG Poker – Bitcoin Poker Site with Specialized Poker Tables

GG Poker redefines the poker experience with its innovative approach and robust offerings. As a distinguished Bitcoin poker site, it features a diverse array of poker iterations and entices players with a unique no-cap 28% bonus.

GG Poker Bitcoin Poker Site

In the Special Games section, players can discover engaging formats like Spin and Gold, All-in or Fold, Rush & Cash, Flip & Go, and the intriguing Mystery Battle Royale. The latter is a dynamic addition that involves progressive knockouts, beginning with nine players and culminating in a single winner.

For traditionalists, the platform offers classic poker styles such as Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Hold’em, and Short Deck, alongside exclusive VIP Games that include versions of Hold’em and Omaha tailored for high-stakes play.

Promotions are abundant on GG Poker, featuring monthly and daily leaderboards, various jackpots, and weekend challenges. The site also hosts hourly freerolls, allowing players to engage without any financial commitment.

With its comprehensive suite of high-paying and diverse games, coupled with AI-driven enhancements, GG Poker stands as a premier “all-in-one” destination for crypto poker players.


  1. Features multiple poker titles
  2. Hosts many special games
  3. Gives a 28% matched deposit bonus  (no cap)
  4. Offers many promotions


  1. Most games are meant for veterans

How We Chose the Best Bitcoin Poker Sites?

Our method of selecting the best Bitcoin poker sites included measuring each site based on the following criteria.

Payment Options Available

Despite how the world sees it, crypto gambling still remains one of the most controversial topics in the industry, which makes anonymous payment options the right choice. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Solana allow people to remain private while they play poker on the websites. We looked at the payment options – and sites with more cryptos scored the highest points.

Poker Games Available

Poker is a versatile game, and the best website must appreciate this versatility by offering a range of poker games. We looked into the type of poker games that a website offers and then rated them accordingly.

Deposit and Withdrawals Speed

The third factor we looked into was the deposit and withdrawal fees – which is important since winning the game makes people want to withdraw their winnings as soon as possible. Most of the platforms we listed above offer crypto payments and deposits, which means fast withdrawals are available. CoinPoker, for instance, completes a transaction within 10 minutes – 60 if the network is congested.

Crypto Bonuses and Promos

Crypto bonuses and promos are other important points we consider when assessing the best Bitcoin poker sites. The better the rewards, the higher the points. Also, poker-specific promotions are an important factor to consider, and we found that BitOnline delivered that – which put it at the top of our list.

Low Transaction Fees

Higher transaction fees can offset the winnings. That is why considering the transaction fee was important for our assessment. We considered the debit/credit card transaction fee and the Bitcoin transaction fee. We also considered whether the platform took its own commissions.

Difference Between Bitcoin Video Poker and Live Poker

Bitcoin video poker and live poker sound similar because there are some platforms that put video poker under the live casino section.

However, they are different. Video poker games at Bitcoin casinos are software-based in which players play against the house and not other participants.

In live dealer poker rooms – whether brick and mortar cardrooms or online poker sites – human players compete against each other. It is highly competitive, which makes the gambling experience more of a skill game worth the time and investment.

Here is a look at CoinPoker’s live gaming session.

Which are the Best Bitcoin Poker Games?

Poker is a versatile casino game with wide varieties. Not all of them are equal. Some are suited for seasoned players, and some are meant for those who step up to the table for the first time. Here are the most popular casino games available on the crypto gambling platform.

Jacks or Better

For those who like simple poker games, Jacks or Better is a great variant. It is a 5-card draw game in which players can decide which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. The winnings depend on the poker hand that players have by the end of the game.

Those who end up with a royal flush win the highest, and the opposite goes for those who have a pair of jacks by the end.

Deuces Wild

Twos are considered wild cards in this version of video poker. When twos appear, players can substitute them for another card to get a better hand.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em poker is one that most coming Bitcoin poker sites seek. It is an OG poker game that has been popularized in nearly all forms of media. It has simple rules that are simple to understand but difficult to master. And winning depends on how patient a player can be.

A popular crypto friendly poker room for cash games and tournaments against real human players for real money at high stakes, that we reviewed above, is Americas Cardroom.

Known casually as ACR, it accepts Bitcoin for instant withdrawals and deposits and also has it’s own sportsbook and casino attached.

What are the Advantages of Bitcoin Poker Sites?

Here are why people are finding Bitcoin poker sites the perfect spot to play poker games.

Focus on Privacy

Despite the wide acceptance of casino games in most forms of media, the societal pressure against them is still high. Those who dabble in gambling don’t like to tell others they do the same. Therefore, it is important for a platform to exist that keeps the transactions private and promotes anonymity.

Most traditional casino sites ask for KYC requirements, which deters people from joining up. Platforms like CoinPoker, on the other hand, don’t ask for KYC requirements. All one needs to do is open an account, deposit, and play.

Faster Payments Available

Crypto payments are much faster than traditional baking methods. They promote instant payouts, which is great for those who want to play a quick game, win and go about their business with their winnings.

Decentralized Payments

Crypto payments are powered by the blockchain network – which means that players can rest assured that there won’t be any issues with payments.

Decentralized payments ensure security, too – which is another big plus in favor of Bitcoin poker sites.

Crypto Poker Sites Bonuses and Rewards

Bonus incentivize players to keep on playing, and there is no lack of them on a Bitcoin poker site. Here are some of the best Bitcoin poker bonuses available.

Matched deposit Bonuses

Bitcoin matched deposit bonuses work in a simple way. Users deposit the amount, and the platform offers a matched deposit bonus of up to a certain limit. But most matched deposit bonuses have a high wagering requirement. For instance, if a person deposits $200 and the matched deposit is 100%, there would be a wagering requirement. That means if the wagering requirement is 35x, the player must wager 35 times the deposit amount – $7000 – in order to receive the bonus.

Poker Chips

Free poker digital chips allow players to start playing without having to buy their own chips. It is a free bonus with no caveat, but only a few platforms offer it.

Free spins

Some platforms don’t offer matched deposit bonuses. They offer free spins that can only be used on slots. Free spin bonuses also come with a wagering requirement.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are rare. They involve a platform just giving players money to bet on the games without any requirement. It is a good bonus, but only a few platforms deliver it – and the ones among them that are trusted are few.

Best Bitcoin Wallet for Poker

Those who gamble using crypto need the right platform to store their assets. Hardware wallets are great, but they aren’t flexible. And since people need money in an instant to bet on casino games, software wallets are a better option.

In that regard, eToro is the best option to choose. eToro is a leading crypto trading platform that hosts its own wallet that supports all major cryptocurrencies currently trading. Players can download the eToro Money app and start transacting within minutes.

Is Bitcoin Poker Legal in the US?

Different states have different rules regarding the legality of poker games.

There are six states in which poker is available – Nevada, Michigan, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

The legality of Bitcoin poker games, however, is a different issue altogether. Crypto regulations aren’t that strict yet, meaning players must check out their local laws before playing.

Crypto Poker Apps

Online Bitcoin casinos make it easy. However, poker apps are better as they give easy access to tournaments and games.

CoinPoker and Americas Cardroom are the only mobile poker apps on our list. However, that doesn’t mean that crypto poker websites are lagging behind. They have opted for a responsive design so that mobile gamers can engage with their favorite poker games.

That said, one perk of Crypto poker apps is that they provide additional security and privacy.


There is a large array of Bitcoin poker platforms available in the market, but the best ones are those that offer great bonuses, great game selection, and great facilities.

We have covered them all and shed light on the best features of the listed Bitcoin poker sites.

The leading Bitcoin poker platform in terms of accessibility is CoinPoker given it’s open to players in any country with no restrictions or ID requirements. First-time users also get a 150% matched deposit bonus of up to $2000.

Play at CoinPoker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play poker with Bitcoin?

Yes, there are websites available that offer options to play poker with bitcoin. The best one at the moment is BetOnline. It offers up to a 100% matched deposit bonus and has a dedicated poker app.

Where can I play poker with Bitcoin?

There are a lot of Bitcoin poker sites available right now that offer a great variety of games. They include CoinPoker, Americas Cardroom and BetOnline. These are the best options available in the market.

What are the best Bitcoin poker sites?

The best Bitcoin poker site right now is CoinPoker. It accepts players from all around the world with no KYC and wagers are made in USDT, although BTC is accepted for deposits.

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How Much Cash Back Will I Earn?

Rakeback increases your winnings from online poker as you continually earn money back from every raked hand or tournament you play.

Many players earn a living wage from rakeback alone. Use the calculator below to estimate the size of payments you’ll get over a given period of time. The calculator will compute your expected daily, weekly, and monthly cash back depending on the stakes and tables you input.

Calculate Your Rakeback

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