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Rush Poker Tournaments at Full Tilt Poker

Tournament Type: Multi-Table Tournament Full Tilt Rush Poker Tournament
When: Regularly
Blind Levels: Varies
Starting Chips: Varies
Buy-in: Varies
Interesting Fact: You are moved to a new table and a new hand immediately after completing a hand.

Rush Poker is a patent pending poker tournament format developed by and exclusive to Full Tilt Poker. It minimizes the downtime between action by sending you to a new table with a new hand immediately after you fold. Instead of waiting for several minutes while tediously folding bad cards, you can speed through the preflop action and slow down when you find a hand that’s to your liking.

Rush Poker Tournaments at Full Tilt

Rush Poker is a variation that can be applied to almost any game type. Like the tournament pool overall, most Rush Poker events hosted by Full Tilt Poker are No Limit Hold’em, but they also regularly run Pot Limit Omaha, HORSE, and Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Rush Poker tournaments. Likewise, Full Tilt Poker offers Rush Poker tournaments in both full ring and short-handed table formats.

To access Rush Poker tournaments, go to the main Full Tilt Poker lobby and click on Tournament–>Rush.

Full Tilt Poker Rush Poker Tournament Lobby

All Rush tournaments will be labeled with a black R symbol in Full Tilt Poker tournament lobby.

Full Tilt Rush Poker tournament icon.

How Rush Poker Tournaments Work

Rush Poker introduces a Quick Fold button which allows players to leave their hand behind and almost instantly get seated with several new players from the player pool at which point another hand begins. The players at the table you just left will see you in your seat as usual and won’t know that you’ve already left until it’s your turn to act. At that point, the software will fold your hand for you automatically. This is important because it means that players early to act in the hand won’t have any information about the action of the players behind them.

Rush Poker quick fold button.

The Full Tilt Poker software is constantly collecting players from the pool who aren’t currently involved in a hand and re-seating them at new tables. In the short term, this means that you won’t be able to get reads on the players around you as they are constantly being replaced. But because the new tables are populated with players from one large overall pool, in the long term you will start to recognize the ones you are being seated with. As the tournament reaches its later stages, you should have reads on most of the players around you.

Blinds are assigned randomly to start the tournament, and from then on given to the players at the table who have gone the longest without posting. This ensures that everyone will be forced to pay their blinds an equal number of times even while the player pool is being constantly shuffled and shifted. It also prevents anyone from stalling to gain an unfair advantage. Positions other than the blinds are assigned randomly.

Like a standard tournament, the Rush Poker tables will become short-handed as the final table approaches. When 30 players remain, the tables will play short-handed, and by the time 12 are left, tables will play out 4-handed. When the bubble breaks and only nine players remain, the tournament will switch to a standard final table format wherein all players are seated together.

Rush Poker Strategy

Preflop strategy becomes quite a bit different when you know that opponents left to act behind you might have all folded their hands already. When coming in for a raise, consider that your opponents have probably already decided whether or not they are going to stick around for the hand. Raising the minimum is a cheap way to attempt a blind steal. You risk only as much as you have to, and if everyone behind you has already clicked Quick Fold, you can add a good amount to your stack. This is especially useful late in the tournament after the antes have kicked in.

Strong players should now consider the value of their time when considering whether or not to pursue a hand. In regular poker, the alternative to playing a hand is doing nothing. In Rush poker, the alternative to getting involved in any particular hand is being dealt another hand right away. So, for example, a blind defense with marginally profitability may no longer be worth it if your expected winnings from any random hand would be higher.

As is always the case with poker, strategy can be taken to a higher level. If you think your opponents are assuming that you’ll Quick Fold most of your marginal hands, you can catch them off guard by reraising against their late position raises. They may give you credit for a strong hand and be too scared to play back.

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