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GGPoker Rakeback Review & Bonuses 2024

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Online poker players are always looking to maximize their return on investment. Rakeback is key to achieving this goal. But not all poker sites offer striking rakeback payouts – some offer only loyalty programs or cashbacks, others offer rakebacks only to affiliate-linked players, and yet others are not as competitive. Where does the GGPoker rakeback program fit into all this?

Rakeback refers to a portion of the rake or fee collected by online poker platforms that is refunded to players. Usually made on a weekly or monthly basis, rakeback payments are handled by affiliates. Given the fierce price wars that have emerged between poker rooms and affiliates, the rakeback industry has become highly competitive.

This review delves into GGPoker, a popular online poker platform, with a particular focus on its rakeback offerings, bonuses, and platform features. It also explores the core aspects of the platform, including game variety, tournaments, social features, deposit and withdrawal options, and customer support.

What is GGPoker?

GGPoker was launched in 2014 to offer online gambling experience within the Asian markets. It was then expanded in 2017 in Europe, where it acquired a gaming license from the United Kingdom. At present, Canadian Poker legend Daniel Negreanu acts as the platform’s brand ambassador and spokesperson. 

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GG Poker Rakeback Review

GGPoker takes pride in offering unique game formats and software features with the assurance of cutting-edge platform security, multiple payment methods, real-money poker games, and enticing tournaments. The poker website also upholds the spirit of responsible gaming.

The site enlists the team behind GGPoker while also acknowledging its star players, and these are brownie points for up-and-coming poker players looking to hit the tables. Claiming to offer the “world’s biggest poker room”, GGPoker also has an attractive affiliate program with prompt commission payments, monthly player promotions, incremental revenue, and broad market reach.

Why Play GGPoker?

GGPoker offers a compelling suite of features that cater to the diverse needs of online poker players. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits that make GGPoker an attractive platform:

Generous Rakeback Deals

We have already established that rakeback plays a crucial role in maximizing poker player returns. GGPoker’s rakeback program offers significant rewards, incentivizing players to choose this platform over competitors.

Soft Player Pool

For experienced players looking to enhance their win rate, GGPoker’s player pool presents a favorable opportunity. The presence of a softer player pool, with a higher number of less experienced players, can translate to greater potential for success at the tables.

Lucrative Bonuses for New Players

GGPoker welcomes new players with attractive bonus offers. These bonuses provide a valuable starting bankroll boost, allowing players to explore the platform and potentially increase their initial winnings.

Wide Variety of Cash Games

GGPoker caters to diverse preferences by offering a vast selection of cash games. From the ever-popular Texas Hold’em to variants like Omaha, players can choose their preferred game type. Additionally, the platform offers various stakes and formats, including heads-up play, sit-and-go tournaments, and multi-table tournaments, catering to different bankroll sizes and playing styles.

Extensive Tournament Schedule

GGPoker hosts a bustling tournament scene with a schedule that caters to all tastes. Players can find tournaments with various buy-in options, ranging from low-stakes entries to high-roller events. Guaranteed prize pools add an extra layer of excitement and potential reward to the tournament experience.

Social Features

GGPoker understands the social aspect of online poker, and how. The platform incorporates features like chat functionality and avatars, facilitating interaction and fostering a sense of community among players.

Customer Support

GGPoker prioritizes player satisfaction by offering robust customer support options. Players can access assistance through live chat, email support, or a comprehensive FAQ section, ensuring prompt resolution of any queries or issues they may encounter.

User-friendly Mobile App

With online poker players increasingly seeking safe, reliable, and seamless gaming experiences, GGPoker stands out with its convenient and user-friendly mobile app. The GGPoker app offers seamless gameplay, allowing players to access all the features available on the desktop platform, including cash games, tournaments, and account management options.

GGPoker Rake Structure and Fee

In its capacity as game host, GGPoker adds a commission fee—or “rake”—to every pot at cash game tables. The rake depends on the game variant being considered.

Rather than charging rake in tournaments, GGPoker usually takes up a tournament fee. In the tournament lobby for each event, the amount is usually specified as a fixed percentage of the buy-in.

GGPoker Rakeback Review

Rakeback is essentially a rebate system offered by some online poker platforms. It’s a portion of the rake or commission they collect from each pot that gets paid back to players.  Think of it as a loyalty reward for your playing activity.

Rakeback is typically expressed as a percentage. For instance, if GGPoker offers 30% rakeback, you’d receive 30% of the rake you contributed back to your account.

Rakeback on GGPoker: The Fish Buffet Cashback

GGPoker offers rakeback through their Fish Buffet loyalty program. This program allows players to earn up to 60% rakeback, making it a very attractive option for frequent players.

You earn Fish Points (FP) every time you contribute rake in cash games or tournament fees.  The exact rate depends on a complex system called PVI. The more rake you generate, the more Fish Points you’ll accumulate.

The Fish Buffet is divided into tiers – 25 in total, split into eight levels. Everyone starts at Plankton. Climb the ladder by accumulating points and enjoy increasing cashback rewards. As you accumulate Fish Points, you progress through the tiers.  Higher tiers offer better rakeback percentages.  Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Lower Tiers: Lower tiers offer a smaller percentage of rakeback, typically around 15%.
  • Higher Tiers: As you climb the ladder, the rakeback percentage increases, potentially reaching up to 60% for the most dedicated players.

Each tier has a time limit to collect the required points. Meeting the deadline lets you spin a wheel for a cash reward.  Missing the deadline grants a consolation reward of 10% cashback on your points and demotes you to the previous tier.

For those who prefer a steady income, switch to the Platinum Rank. This rank offers a fixed weekly cashback amount instead of the tiered system. Along with rakeback, Fish Buffet rewards can also include:

  • Tournament Tickets: Free entries to various GGPoker tournaments.
  • Cash Prizes: Additional cash rewards on top of your rakeback percentage.

There’s no need for a specific action to claim your rakeback.  It’s automatically calculated and credited to your account weekly as part of the Fish Buffet program.  You can usually track your progress and earn rewards within the “My Promo” section of your GGPoker account.

Insight into Other GGPoker Bonuses

GGPoker Welcome Bonus

GGPoker offers new players a choice between two welcome bonuses: a rewards package or a matched deposit bonus.

The rewards package grants up to $100 in free tickets and Cash Game Dollars (C$) over six days, with additional C$ rewards earned by meeting daily hand targets. Alternatively, players can opt for a 100% matched deposit bonus, up to a maximum of $600. This bonus is unlocked in $1 increments, released per $5 paid in net rake and/or tournament fees.

Overlays, payment fees, and a variety of other factors impact net rake and net tournament fees. Both options have specific requirements and deadlines, so it is recommended that you carefully review the terms and conditions before selecting a bonus.

GGPoker awards up to $52.50 in tickets automatically with no play requirements. It also awards up to $47.50 in additional rewards (made up of C$ – Cash Game Dollars) if the player meets set daily hands targets given to them during the first six (6) days following the eligible deposit.

A few things to keep in mind for the welcome bonus: Only new players are eligible to participate in this promotion. GGPoker gives away just one bonus per person, per IP address and/or per device is permitted.

The minimum deposit to be eligible for a matched bonus is $10, or if a Player chooses the $100 in rewards the minimum deposit necessary is $20. Another important condition is that the welcome bonus is available only on the GGPoker app, after completing registration and playing for real money.

GGPoker gives away free tickets daily at 07:00 (UTC+0), but players must be able to retain them. If there is a gap two days after activating your bonus, your tickets will most likely be forfeited. You will get them once your bonus is completed. Free tickets expire after 24 hours.

Honeymoon for Newcomers

GGPoker’s “Honeymoon for Newcomers” welcomes new players with a 30-day engagement program. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Activate within 30 days: New players have 30 days from their first login to activate the Honeymoon program. If not activated, the chance to win prizes expires.
  • 30 Daily Missions: Each day, you’ll receive a simple poker-related mission, like playing a certain number of hands. Completing missions unlocks rewards.
  • Instant Rewards: Rewards are credited to your account immediately upon completing a mission.
  • Mission Details and Rules: Missions have specific requirements and timeframes.

Some missions require a tournament to finish before they are ticked complete. For instance, in the Bounty Hunters tournament, the mission will only complete when the tournament finishes fully. Missions can only be completed with the main pot and by running the board once, unless specified otherwise.

Missions cannot be completed by playing in private tournaments or satellite events unless explicitly mentioned. Rewards tickets are valid for a week only.

GGPoker Daily Promos

GGPoker entices players with a variety of daily promotions throughout the month. The site is offering a $10,000,000 Cash Giveaway this month along with Daily Freebies and the Mystery Envelope promo, which is offering random cash drops of up to $100,000.

Players must simply log in to their GGPoker account each day to claim their free reward through the “Daily Freebie” tab. These rewards can be used to play various exciting games, but eligibility requirements and region restrictions apply.

GGPoker Platform Core Features

Impressive Game Variety

GGPoker has an impressive game selection, ensuring every poker player finds their perfect match. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, the platform caters to diverse skill levels and preferences.

Texas Hold’em

This classic poker variant remains a mainstay at GGPoker.  For those unfamiliar, Texas Hold’em involves using two hole cards dealt face down to you and five community cards dealt face up in stages to create the best five-card poker hand.  Rake is typically calculated as a percentage of the pot contributed by players. Texas Hold’em doesn’t offer specific rakeback within the game itself.


For a twist on traditional poker, GGPoker offers the popular variant Omaha, where players receive four-hole cards instead of two. They must use exactly two of their hole cards along with three of the community cards to form their best five-card hand.

Much like Texas Hold’em, the rake structure on Omaha games typically involves a percentage of the pot.

6+ Short Deck

GGPoker also offers the exciting variant of 6+ Short Deck on its cash games list. Unlike Texas Hold’em and Omaha, which use a full 52-card deck, 6+ Short Deck removes all cards ranked 2 through 5. This creates a tighter and more action-packed game with a higher frequency of flushes, straights, and full houses.

Other exclusive games on the platform include AoF Sit & Go, All-In or Fold, Mystery Battle Royale, Spin & Gold, Rush & Cash, and Flip & Go Renewal. The rake structure can vary slightly depending on the specific cash game format. However, GGPoker remains transparent about its rake, allowing players to make informed decisions about their gameplay.

Attractive Tournaments

Taking the online poker experience a notch higher, GGPoker boasts an extensive tournament schedule updated regularly to reflect upcoming events. From daily challenges to prestigious series, the platform offers something for everyone.

Players can easily browse the schedule to find tournaments that align with their preferred time zones, buy-in options, and game types. There are both low-stakes tournaments for beginners to high-roller events with significant prize pools to choose from. Most of these tournaments offer guaranteed prize pools, representing a minimum amount of prize money allocated to the tournament, regardless of the number of entries.

NFT Avatars

GGPoker elevates self-expression at the tables with its NFT avatar integration. Players can showcase their digital collectibles by connecting a supported crypto wallet containing the desired NFT. Once verified, the NFT avatar appears in a unique hexagonal frame, grabbing attention and sparking conversation among players.  However, compatibility is limited to Ethereum-based NFTs registered on OpenSea, the popular NFT marketplace.

Unique Social Features

GGPoker incorporates features that go beyond the traditional gameplay, focused at community building and user experience. Here are the unique social features offered by the platform:

  • SnapCam: GGPoker’s SnapCam feature lets players express yourself beyond the cards by recording short video clips (up to 15 seconds) directly at the table. Once captured, players can broadcast their SnapCam video to everyone at the table. With the ability for up to four players to share SnapCam videos simultaneously, the poker table can come alive with reactions and friendly banter.
  • Social Media Sharing: Through PokerCraft, players can access and export any hand as a “Hand Moment,” a single image that captures the excitement of the game. You can either directly upload them to your social media page or use a custom URL to link to the detailed hand history.
  • Emoji Integration: The social sharing feature comes with the interactive element of Emoji integration. Poker players can use emojis to express emotions and reactions at the table. Special Brand Ambassador emojis on GGPoker feature poker legends Daniel Negreanu (DNegs) and ElkY.
  • Audio Space: This feature allows for voice discussions at specific tables, including Featured Final Tables and VIP tables. Players can engage in real-time voice chat with fellow players during a high-stakes final table or a prestigious VIP game.
  • Voice Messages: GGPoker’s Voice Message feature lets players record and send short audio messages directly within the chat window. Simply press the microphone button to access the recording screen, tap again to start recording, and hold for up to 120 seconds to capture your message.

Staking Platform

GGPoker’s Tournament Staking feature allows players to invest in others’ tournament entries by backing or sharing the cost of their participation via selling action.

Backers can purchase a percentage of a player’s action, essentially a portion of the buy-in fee with an added markup set by the seller. This process is facilitated directly within the GGPoker app, allowing players to browse seller profiles and purchase stakes in increments as low as 0.1%.

Sellers can set their desired markup and the amount of action they wish to sell, with the flexibility to cancel the sale before the tournament begins. This innovative feature opens doors for both aspiring players seeking financial backing and experienced players looking to share the risk and reward of tournament participation.

Safety, Security, and Responsible Gaming

GGPoker operates under a license issued by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, ensuring adherence to strict regulations and responsible gambling practices. The software platform has earned an ISO 27001 certification for information security – a green flag for wary poker players.

Each player’s money is maintained in a separate bank account, and GGPoker keeps enough cash on hand to cover every withdrawal request from players. The poker website also prioritizes player safety and responsible gambling through a combination of age verification measures and self-control tools. The platform uses sophisticated systems to identify underage players attempting to access the platform.

GGPoker Deposits and Withdrawals

Funding your GGPoker account is simple. After registering and logging in to the app, simply navigate to the “Cashier” section. Here, you can choose your preferred deposit method from a variety of options and enter the desired amount.

Withdrawing your winnings is equally convenient. Once your account is fully verified, log in to the app and access the “Cashier” section again. Select “Withdrawal,” choose your preferred method, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.  A confirmation message will appear if your request is accepted.  Keep in mind that withdrawals may require approval before processing, and you can track the status within the “Withdrawal” tab of the Cashier section.

Cash Table Posting Fee

GGPoker cash tables require a mandatory initial fee equal to the table’s minimum stake, similar to the small blind, to ensure fairness. This prevents players from strategically joining the game late to avoid placing blind bets.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

GGPoker typically supports Interac, Credit/Debit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, PayPal, etc., though the supported methods may vary from region to region. The platform follows a closed-loop policy, meaning payment methods that have been used for a successful deposit record are eligible for withdrawal.

Deposit transactions are almost always instantaneous and credited within 15 minutes or less of being created. Withdrawals are usually followed by an internal review and processed in 24-72 hours. The minimum deposit required to activate the Welcome Bonus is $10 (CAD). While there is no maximum limit set for deposits, it also depends on the payment method used.

Does GGPoker Pay Real Money?

Yes, GGPoker is a real money online poker platform. Players compete on the poker site for big cash prizes and winnings from deposits and bonuses. The platform offers secure deposit and withdrawal processes, supporting popular methods like Visa and Mastercard.

Is GGPoker Legal?

GGPoker is a legitimate online poker website. Its legal status depends on your location, however, because online poker regulations vary greatly from region to region.

GGPoker doesn’t provide a definitive list of all authorized regions on their site.  They likely focus on complying with regulations in the jurisdictions they do operate in and may avoid advertising in areas where it’s prohibited.

Are There Better Alternatives to GGPoker?

It is important to remember that rakeback percentages on poker websites like GGPoker can be quite complex. They often depend on multiple factors, including PVI and your play style.

While GGPoker advertises up to 60% rakeback, achieving that level requires significant play volume. This is where the more attractive rakeback programs of CoinPoker and ACR Poker emerge as better alternatives.

Exploring CoinPoker Rakeback Offer

CoinPoker positions itself as a better alternative to GGPoker both in terms of a generous rakeback offering and more flexibility for crypto poker players.

This new-age poker website offers a flat 33% rakeback on all play – tournaments and cash games included – every week, automatically paid in CHP, their platform currency. GGPoker’s rakeback is tiered and depends on your play volume, potentially reaching 60% with more effort.

Another benefit is that CoinPoker uses cryptocurrency (USDT stablecoin) for gameplay. This ensures faster transactions and avoids KYC checks that some players dislike. The emphasis on its growing community of crypto poker enthusiasts and value for player feedback adds to its allure.

Besides, CoinPoker allows players worldwide to deposit and withdraw using various cryptocurrencies, potentially bypassing regional restrictions on traditional online poker platforms. It uses a provably fair random number generator, allowing players to verify the randomness of card shuffling for added transparency.

Play at CoinPoker

Free download securely from official CoinPoker server

Exploring ACR Poker Rakeback Offer

ACR Poker is another recommended alternative to GGPoker, thanks to a higher base rakeback, rakeback combo with welcome bonus, and flexible rakeback payouts.

ACR Poker offers 27% flat rakeback for everyone who joins through an affiliate, compared to GGPoker’s tiered system that requires significant play volume to reach its highest rakeback percentages. The site uses the Weighted Contributed Rake Methodology to determine how much rake it takes and how many points players accrue as a member of the Elite Benefits Program.

Besides, ACR Poker allows you to choose how you receive your rakeback (tournaments, SNGs, or cash game entries) after each session, daily or weekly. GGPoker’s rakeback is automatically awarded as cash.

ACR Poker also prioritizes major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for deposits and withdrawals, potentially offering faster processing times compared to GGPoker. Another advantage is ACR Poker’s long history, which adds to its trust and credibility among poker players.

Get ACR Rakeback

Free download securely from official ACR Poker server


GGPoker offers a feature-rich online poker platform with a variety of tournaments, cash games, and a loyalty program called Fish Buffet that rewards players with rakeback. However, achieving the highest rakeback percentages might require substantial play volume.

If you prioritize high base rakeback and welcome bonus opportunities, consider ACR Poker. It offers 27% rakeback with flexible payout options and is host to multiple tournaments.

For a platform built entirely on cryptocurrency and offering a provably fair random number generator, CoinPoker is another intriguing alternative to GGPoker. It boasts 33% rakeback in their platform currency and global accessibility through various cryptocurrencies.

Ultimately, the best platform depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors like rakeback structure, bonuses, game availability, payment methods, and desired level of crypto dependence before making an informed choice.


Q1. Does GGPoker have rakeback?

GGPoker offers rakeback through their Fish Buffet loyalty program. This program allows players to earn up to 60% rakeback, making it a very attractive option for frequent players.

Q2. Is GGPoker available in the US?

No, GGPoker is not available in the US.

Q3. What are the best GGPoker alternatives?

After examining a number of platforms, our experts have determined that the best alternatives to GGPoker are ACR Poker and CoinPoker. Both offer numerous tournaments with sizable prize pools and an attractive rakeback.


How Much Cash Back Will I Earn?

Rakeback increases your winnings from online poker as you continually earn money back from every raked hand or tournament you play.

Many players earn a living wage from rakeback alone. Use the calculator below to estimate the size of payments you’ll get over a given period of time. The calculator will compute your expected daily, weekly, and monthly cash back depending on the stakes and tables you input.

Calculate Your Rakeback

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