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Get Acquainted: 7 Things you Shouldn’t Forget When Hosting a Poker Game Night in your Condo

Hosting a poker game night in your condo can be fun and relaxing. Unlike playing in casinos where there’s always the pressure. But the experience can be still close to the games you have in casinos. You’ll just have to prepare and plan well. Be sure that you also set up the rules in the game so it’ll go smoothly. 

Are you planning to host a poker game at your condo? You may also check out Riverside Residences where you can host the perfect poker game night. Here are  7 things you shouldn’t forget.

1. Set up a Poker Table

The first thing that you do is to set up a poker table. Unlike in casinos, there’s no freestanding poker table in your condo as it will take almost all of your space. Worry not, as there are still options for you. You can choose between a poker table topper or a fold-away poker table. 

If you already have a table that can accommodate you and your friends, then a table topper is probably best for you. But if you really want the close casino-like experience, then go for the fold-away table. Overall, there can be as many as 10 players with these.

2. Pick the Game Variation

It’s great that you cannot only host a poker game in your condo but you can also choose the game variation. There 3 variations you can choose from:

  • Texas Hold’em

This is a well-known variation in poker. Even non-poker players can recognize this term.

It is played by each player who dealt 2 hole cards. There are also 5 community cards present on the table which are facing up. The winner of the game is the one who has the strongest 5-card hand. It can consist of 1 to 2 hold cards and 3 to 4 community cards.

  • Omaha

All of the players hold 4 hole cards. Then, the players have to play the best game with 2 hole cards and 3 community cards. The betting is done in rounds.

  • Seven-Card Stud

In this variation, players are dealt with 3 hole cards where 2 of the cards are facing down. The player who gets the lowest value card on the 1 card facing up kicks off the betting.

3. Get Ready with Poker Chips

Of course, you’ll need poker chips. It’s best to get numbered poker chips rather than blank ones. It’s beginner-friendly and it will not cause any confusion along the way.

There are 3 options for the material of a poker chip:

  • Plastic poker chips

These are the cheapest kind among the three. It can be customized with your preferred logo. Needless to say, they can be used by players who don’t play very often.

  • Ceramic poker chips

These are the professional’s choices. Some casinos use ceramic ones so it can really give you the vibe.

  • Clay poker chips

Unless you’re playing a tournament with the world’s best, this should be your last choice. This kind is expensive as it can cost you $20 per chip.

Remember when choosing the chips is that you’ll need at least 300 chips.

4. Choose a Dealer

A poker game cannot push through without a dealer. The dealer’s job is to shuffle and deal the cards. It’s better to choose the dealer ahead of time so the game can start away. 

You can vote among your friends who will be the dealer or someone can volunteer. However, if everyone really wants to play then you just have to take turns. The last option you can go with is to hire a professional dealer who can be expensive. Nevertheless, a dealer is a must!

5. Establish House Rules

There are rules in every game and poker is not an exception with that. Before starting your poker game night, you should lay out the house rules. These house rules should be agreed to by all the players. As it wouldn’t work unless everybody agrees to it. There are a standard and comprehensive set of rules for a tournament that you can find on the internet. However, playing in your condo would require some more rules such as if players are allowed to talk during the game and if string betting and announced bets are allowed.

The house rules should be depending on the intensity of your game and the ability of your players. Otherwise, it’ll be unlikely to be obeyed and understood by your co-players.

6. Prepare Snacks and Beverages

Of course, a poker game night isn’t gonna be about playing all night. Snacks and beverages should also be prepared. You don’t expect your friends slash co-players to remain full throughout the night. Drinking and eating will bring more fun and relaxation during your poker game night.

However, it’s best to set up another table for the snacks and beverages. You don’t want some spilling or chewing to happen during the game itself. Finger food such as chips, chicken wings, and the likes would be the best to be served. While beer would be an excellent choice for a drink as you don’t want to play with a bunch of drunk players.

7. Make sure to have Breaks

A timer is required during the game to know when the round ends. This is important because you don’t want your co-players to get agitated. Make sure to take breaks in between games so you can take a breather, eat, and tell stories. But make sure that everyone knows when the break is taking place.

It can be decided by the group when the break is taking place. It can be at regular intervals and it can also be whenever you feel like to.

You are now ready to host a poker game night in your condo! However, if you’re still having doubts or simply want to learn more, see more here. We’re sure that your friend would like to have the next time. You might want to consider an online poker game on your next poker game night.

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