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Popular Luck Totems In Poker Games And Beyond

Poker luck totem

Good luck charms and gambling games have gone hand in hand for centuries. While it is probably most popular in Asia countries, where many players are using these tokens even when betting online on leading sites like UFABET, these symbols made their way worldwide.

When it comes to poker players, almost no one is entirely immune to superstitions.

Some lucky poker totems are normal and can even be cute and charming, while others can border irrational beliefs and silly superstitions. Let’s look at the most popular luck totems you may run into at the poker table.

Lucky Chips

Some poker players like to hold on to one of their winning chips, thinking it will draw in more chips if they do so. Even poker pros tend to believe in lucky chips, especially if they win them from other lucky players.

Many poker venues don’t allow players to bring in actual chips, so handle it subtle if you decide to take it as your luck totem to the casino poker room.

Lucky Card Protectors

Likely one of the most popular luck totems in poker, card protectors are a very practical tool for playing the game. Most players use them to protect their hands from ending up in the muck while still in the game. At the same time, a good number of players see their card protectors as luck totems.

It’s good if your lucky card protector keeps you confident in success, but you shouldn’t shy away from playing without it if you forget to bring it with you to some games.

Four-leaf Clover

Four-leaf clovers are an old-school good luck totem that’s not as popular nowadays as it was a few decades ago. Since four-leaf clovers are generally very tough to find in nature, those who find them believe it will bring them more luck, even while playing poker. Most poker players in the western part of the globe associate the four-leaf clover with bringing not only luck but also hope, faith, and love, as each leaf has its meaning.

Rabbit’s Foot

Like the four-leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot is another old-fashioned luck totem that was very popular in the past. Poker players of the last century used to carry a rabbit’s foot everywhere they played. And, even though it’s more of a relic of the past, you can still find players, even from the younger generation, carrying a rabbit’s foot on their belt clip.

Poker Trophies

Some players like to take their talisman game to a new level and keep trophies of their previous conquest at the poker table. This isn’t so common, but don’t be surprised if you face a player who brought a handful of trophies they’ve won at some previous poker tournament. If you’re one of these players, remember not to go overboard with the trophies, as you’ll undoubtedly rub some players the wrong way.

That said, many pros have their trophies set next to their tables where they play online poker to inspire them, and you guessed it, bring some luck.

Laughing Buddha

Speaking of luck totems, the Laughing Buddha is one of the most iconic talismans in the gambling world, and there are many interpretations regarding the Laughing Buddha’s “magical powers.” Some believe it brings them happiness and a good mood before a big poker game. Others think it will directly help bring them luck at the poker table. This statue is often associated with Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, but it’s actually a Chinese monk, also known as Hotai or Pu-Tai.

Maneki Neko

For poker players from Japan and other Asian countries, the Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat) is a figurine often believed to bring good luck to those carrying it. The exact time of origin of this talisman is still unknown, and most people mistakenly think that Maneki Neko is a symbol of Chinese tradition.

This talisman comes in many shapes and sizes and has become a prevalent luck totem among western poker players. Moreover, even the paw variations, colors, material, and the cat’s clothing all come with their luck interpretations. This good luck totem is a perfect choice if you’re a cat who also loves playing poker.

Nazar Boncuğu Amulet

If you’ve ever been to Turkey, you’ve most likely seen this blue-eyed amulet everywhere around, especially in the local bazaars. This luck totem has found its way into many poker rooms worldwide. Unlike most other good luck totems we’ve listed, this amulet’s purpose isn’t to attract good luck.

Instead, it’s to protect the wearer from anyone who wants them bad luck. Poker players who believe in the effectiveness of this amulet use it to counter-reflect the bad energy others might be sending them across the table. It may sound weird for some, but why not try it?

Lucky Clothing

For some poker players, a luck totem isn’t just an item they carry in their pocket but an actual piece of clothing they always wear when they play the game. This could range from accessories like headphones, a hat, a shirt, lucky pants, and even a lucky pair of underwear.

Wearing lucky clothing is a reasonably mild way of keeping a superstition through a totem, as it’s not noticeable to everyone at first glance. That said, some players tend to go overboard and not wash their lucky shirts or hoodies for years in fear of damaging their luck totem. This is excessive and can make it uncomfortable for other players around the table.


Like clothing, jewelry can also be a fairly inconspicuous luck totem you can easily carry to every poker room you play. Because of this, it’s one of the most popular talismans among poker pros and amateurs alike.

Some players even bring a separate piece of jewelry that they keep on top of or close to their cards during every hand they play. Others like to run an item through their fingers as they play. If you’re one of those players, be careful, as you could be subconsciously giving away poker tells by fiddling with your trinkets too often.

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