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The Best of Australian Poker: NPL, Online Websites, Legibility News

Australia Poker

Poker is not a new offering in the Australian gambling scene. All love this game because of its variants and different gameplay. As a result, over 90% of Aussies are regulars in casinos and other poker betting sites. Aside from the fun, poker offers players the chance to make huge wins. Learning more about these games is essential to be part of the lucky strings of high-earning poker players. 

Can You Play Online Poker In Australia at Online Sites?

Online poker Australia remains popular among players. Though the game started as a land-based offering, it’s now available online betting sites. Punters can access these games via their personal computers or gamble with their mobile devices. Here, we explore some of Australia’s best online poker sites and what they have in store for gamblers. In addition, among the players, Australia online free poker machine games are especially popular.

  • Ignition poker. Operating on the Bodog poker network, Ignition poker Australia is famous for its soft tables. Punters remain anonymous while playing as each has a number that changes once the player moves to a new table. Ignition casino Australia hosts poker tournaments that pay over $2 million in rewards every week. With just an $11 deposit, you can get into these tournaments and compete with other players.
  • Juicy Stakes Poker might not be as popular as its counterparts, but it distinguishes itself from the competition with its offerings. The site,  launched in 2013, operates with a Curacao license and offers an impressive catalog of games and tournaments. Players only need to sign up to access these games, and they receive a 200% matched deposit of up to $1000. You can also get these offers on a mobile platform compatible with several devices.
  • PokerStars, founded in 2001, is one of the largest platforms for pokies. The platform offers various games, including No-Limit Texas Hold ’em, Badugi, Stud, and Omaha. Aussies can play tournaments where the platform gives up to $1 million. Before engaging in matches, players can start by signing up and claiming a 100% matching bonus.
  • 888 Poker opened its doors in 2002 and began operating with a Nevada Gaming Commission license. Australians might not get an an-inclusive game selection, but there are popular 888 poker Australia titles for play. Omaha, 7 card stud, and Texas Hold ’em are a few options with fixed pot limits. Their tournaments might not be comparable to PokerStars Australia, but they give several thousand dollars weekly rewards.
  • GGPoker platform launched in 2014 for the Asian markets but soon expanded to accept players globally. GGPoker focuses on the major poker variants: Omaha and Texas hold’em. These games are limited, but there are several variants for each. For instance, some tables allow players to show their hands while playing. The online poker Australia site also features daily tournaments worth $100,000.
  • Bet 365 Poker is a well-known iPoker network poker site with a healthy cash game, tournaments, and frequent promotions. Here, players find several best online poker Australia  varieties, ensuring that both new and expert players will find a game to their liking. The platform periodically offers new players an “open account” bonus, but frequent tournaments are available. 

Party Poker Australia. Since the site’s usability improvement, there’s been a spike in the number of punters using this platform. Aside from the regular games’ variants, you’ll find others like pot-limit Hi-Lo and Pot-limit Omaha. Upon sign up, Aussies get a no deposit bonus of $25. The reward is split into $10 for playing poker cash tables, $10 for casino games, and $5 for high rollers poker variants. After funding your account, you get a 100% matched deposit bonus.


How to play poker online Australia for a beginner, basic rules you should know

Popular Australia Poker Variants

Online poker Australia real money came into the gambling scene in the 19s and has become one of the most popular games for punters. Several variants came on board with the advent of technology, each with unique gameplay. Plus, punters can cash out big time by mastering the rules of each poker type. We explore these game variants and how to play them below.

  • 3 Card Poker. It became a widespread poker type because of its fun and easy-to-play features. Players’ wins depend on their hands and playing against the dealer. Before playing, punters must place an ante or a pair wager. This bet indicates that they’ll have a better hand than the dealers. The dealer and each player are dealt three cards face down. The goal is playing against the dealer, not against the other players at the table. Each player examines his hand and decides whether to place a wager that’ll pit his hand against the dealer. It’s advisable for punters to “play” hands above the Queen, Six, and Four and fold all hands lower than those. 
  • H.O.R.S.E. The game is a poker variant that alternates between five different poker games. Each game comprises a single ’round’ before progressing to the next. After the Stud Hi/Lo round, the rotation returns to Hold’em. Each game is played at a Fixed Limit, which means that HORSE doesn’t offer Pot or No Limit games. 
  • Follow The Queen. It is a Seven Card Stud Australia online poker variant. Both games follow the same pattern, but queens and the cards immediately act as wildcards in this variation. Before the cards are dealt, players must make an ante. Once all antes are in, the dealer distributes three cards to each player. A betting round then occurs during which players can look at their cards. Once all players have six cards, the dealer asks if their seventh card should be face up or down. After this, players make the final bets and reveal their cards. The best hand takes the pot. 
  • Stud Poker. The first two cards are dealt face-down, while the third card is dealt face-up. A betting round is initiated by the player holding the highest face-up card. The second round of betting takes place. During betting rounds, players can examine their face-down cards. Once they do, they place bets on their confidence in finishing the game with the best five-card hand. 
  • Omaha. To play Omaha poker, you’ll need a 52-card French card deck. First, the game requires between two and ten participants. An Omaha poker hand consists of numerous betting rounds, as with other poker games. Also, expect a mix of private (‘hole’) and community cards (‘the board’). 
  • 7-Card Stud. Each player is dealt two cards face down and a third card face up. The player decides whether or not to continue with the hand based on these three cards. Every player gets seven cards in total, three of which are dealt face down and four dealt face up. Player must select his finest five-card combination from these seven cards. Best possible hand is a royal flush, while the worst possible hand is a high card hand.
  • Texas Hold ’em. In the game, players are dealt two down cards as their hands (hole cards). A betting round follows this. Players simultaneously turn over three board cards followed by another round of betting. The next two panel cards are turned one at a time, with each card tracked by a band of betting. 

Betting Rounds in Real Money Poker Australia

Betting in real money in Australian pokies is more critical than other game segments. Never rush into making a bet when it’s not your turn. Such action reveals more information to your opponents, which could give them a higher hand. While watching for your turn, it’s compulsory to announce your steps which you must play out on the table. Below are betting options to use in free online poker Australia:

  • Fold. When you fold your cards, you stop participating in the hand. You also lose all of the money you’ve put into the pot up to that point. You can’t win the needle anymore, but you can’t lose any more chips or cash until the next hand. Players use this option when they’re confident they can’t match the dealer.
  • Call. You bet a wager equivalent to your opponents when you call. When all active players have placed an equal amount, the betting round ends. If no opponents raise or wager in response to a player’s call, the player wins the pot. 
  • Bet/Raise. Raising means increasing the size of an existing wager. For instance, if an opponent bets $10, the player must bet $10.
  • Check. You do this if you want to pass the action to the next player while keeping your cards. It happens when you’re not sure that the card won’t affect your hand.

Australian Online Poker Laws: Is It Legal To Play Online Poker in Australia

There are no regulations prohibiting participants from placing wagers on the internet. The penal code does not cover the mere act of gambling, playing poker, or betting on sports. However, operators operate in a more complicated legal landscape. This results from the Interactive gambling act passed in 2001. The act featured a comprehensive list of regulations for operators in the country. It can be highly perplexing because there are numerous rules and exceptions in different circumstances. Most forms of gaming are prohibited from being offered to Australians by local and offshore online operators. Sports and racing betting were the exception as long as operators closed all bets before the match commenced. Punters in other parts of the world may play on poker sites Australia. Even so, some countries forbid their players from gambling. These nations have the same gambling poker laws Australia. Whichever way, it’s the operator’s responsibility to ban Australian punters. If Aussies can easily access the site, they’ll face no penalty. It is after these words that one can conclude whether Australia poker legal or not.

National and Regional Poker Leagues

The National Poker League is a points-based league awarded to NPL winners. This includes both online and live poker tournaments. The points are awarded based on the Buy-in, Entries, and Finishing Position. The 1st place £35,000 Sponsorship Package includes £20,000 added from Grosvenor Poker. Other packages come from punters who participate in the game. Below are different teams that make up the National and 

  • Australian Poker League (APL). One of the leading providers of free-to-play and paid poker events in Australasia is the Australian Poker League. The team owned by Full House Group continues to lead the industry in in-venue entertainment. These include hotels, restaurants, and clubs all around Australia with their innovative approach. The main and long-awaited APL event will take place in Sydney on March 6 at Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL, the Australian Poker League wrote on its Twitter page.
  • Kings Poker (Kings). This site has provided some of the best poker competitions. They specialize in offering online poker machines Australia variants online or in physical locations.
  • National Poker League (NPL). A points-based league that wins any tournament in its schedule. It includes online and live poker tournaments. 
  • Australian Pro Poker (APP). APP is the best place for Australian punters to enjoy poker types. Here, you find different tournaments involving players from other jurisdictions.
  • Deep Stack Poker (D.S.P.). This provides different poker skill levels for players. Punters can enjoy poker variants by playing their tournaments in other venues.
  • Ultimate Poker Tour (U.P.T.). The Ultimate Poker Challenge (U.P.C.) was a weekly poker tournament series that served as super-satellites for the series semi-finals. Players can compete in as many super-satellite tournaments as they choose. U.P.T. offered these players a position in the event’s points board.
  • World Poker Tour League (WPT). The World Poker Tour’s official poker league is the WPT. Gamers have beaten hundreds of Las Vegas packages and several WPT Main Event seats.

888 Poker League (888PL). The 888Poker League is the country’s first and only online and live poker competition of its kind. They put on more than 250 activities every week, including free poker tournaments, hotels, and bars.

$2,151,072 at Legends of Poker Final Table

WPT World Poker Tour: Upcoming Events, Latest News

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is a colossal collection of worldwide poker tournaments. These tournaments culminate in the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions. It was founded in 2002 and is currently owned and operated by WPT Enterprises, Inc. Winners get the WPT Champions with their names engraved in the trophy. The series has expanded significantly over the years and now includes several notable events. These events are explained in detail below.

WPT Spring Festival by Poker King

The online poker app Poker King has over 1.2 million registered users from around Asia. Both Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey serve as brand ambassadors for the company’s poker site. With its growth, it’s no surprise that they’ll be hosting the WPT spring festival. The Spring Festival will begin on February 11 on poker online real money Australia king and run for roughly two weeks. It is exclusively conducted through the smartphone app, with buy-ins and guarantees denominated in Chinese Yuan and dollars. There’ll be over $1.8 million in contracts over its 13 events. Players expect the buy-ins to be between $31 to $1,550.

WPTDeepStacks AU

Star Sydney announced that the World Poker Tour would feature at its venue. The tournament is held for two weeks, between March 30 to April 11, 2022. Buy-ins for the games begin at $175. However, the main event will have a buy-in of $1,500. Its players will also be responsible for withdrawing their wins in person at the host online real money poker Australia site.

WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown

The 2022 Seminole Hard Rock Poker occurs from January 13 to January 26. It was another resounding success featuring 33 main trophy events. The highlight was the WPT LHPO Championship, where Alex Yen defeated a challenging Championship final table. The final table was an excellent way to conclude, and it included an incredible display of poker talent from punters. 

WPT Choctaw

WPT returns to Choctaw for this year’s tour. The venue remains the Choctaw casino & resort in Durant, Oklahoma. The event is planned from April 28 to May 16, 2022. In case of any eventuality, these dates could be changed. The buy-ins are fixed for $3,800. However, players must note the casinos are responsible for all event details. Choctaw will handle every complaint during the program.

World Poker Tour XX 2022 Has Started

The World Poker Tour is happy to unveil the first half of its upcoming 20th season. The live tour kicks off with the Lucky Hearts Poker at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida. After a unique tournament, the Poker King-sponsored WPT Spring Festival, all actions movie online afterward. The festival runs from January 27 through February 7 and has a $1.9 million guarantee. In between is a $345 buy-in Main Event running from February 1-7 and featuring a guaranteed prize fund of $1.25 million. The second stop returns to Hollywood, Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown (April 8 to 12). Durant’s Choctaw Casino Resort will host the third leg of the WPT Main Tour. Final tables for Seminole and Choctaw will be taped at HyperX Esports Arena Luxor Hotel & Casino in Vegas. The event is scheduled to be held on May 25 and 26, respectively.

WPT player of the year

National Poker League – NPL: Major Events 2022

NPL is Australia’s event management organization, managing approximately 500 poker events per week throughout the country. It is currently operating in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria. However, the organization has big plans to expand into further states. Several highly successful marketing efforts have fueled its success. These include business tools and the support of several individuals.

NPL Sydney Super Series

After the NPL Invitational and NPL Quarterfinals, the NPL Sydney Super Series will take their place. The NPL Sydney Super Series is held every three months. It features a minimum guaranteed prize pool of $100,000, with a staggering $25,000 in cash for the winner! The NPL Sydney Super Series and the NPL Southern Super Series will host four tournaments each year. This results in a total prize pool of $550,000+ each year. 

NPL Southern Super Series 

The NPL Southern Super Series takes place every four months. It features a guaranteed minimum of $50,000 in prize money. The NPL Southern Super Series will host three events yearly, while the NPL Sydney Super Series will host four events yearly. It’s expected to gain a massive $550,000+ in prize money annually. 

Biggest Jackpots in NPL Super Series History

The NPL series has seen some big wins. First is the champion William Roberts who walked out of the finals with a $12,500 cash prize. The battle was no easy one, having to deal with Jesse Ferguson. His opponent had gone in with his pocket’s 8’s while William called his card combo crippling Jesse. Then there’s Malcolm Macfarlane, who won the $25,000 cash prize and entry to the next series.

#Star Sydney Announces Date For Its First World Poker Tour

The World Poker tour has finally found its way to Sydney. Star Sydney will host this memorable event set to take place from March 30 to April 11, 2022. WPT announced the news on Wednesday morning, listing Sydney as one of its three stops for 2022. Other territories with this privilege aside from Sidney are California and the Netherlands. The details of the tour are still sketchy. However, it’s confirmed that Sydney’s main WPTDeepStacks Event will run for four days between 7 to April 11. This decision is in honor of Will Davies, who won the Gold coast the previous May. Given this, Star Sydney will commence her Monday and Wednesday tournaments from February 14, 2022.

#A.P.L. Poker Australia Announces Exact Date for return of A.P.L. Million

The Australian Poker League has officially announced the long-awaited return of the A.P.L. Million. The event is set to occur at Southport Sharks on the Gold Coast from August 5 to 15, 2022. The A.P.L.’s upcoming season promises to be its most significant yet, with 40 events and buy-ins ranging from $80 to $2,500. The $1,500 Main Event will have an estimated prize pool of $1 million, including a guaranteed $250,000 for the winner. These features make it the largest non-casino poker series in Australia. According to the A.P.L, over 400 satellite qualifiers from throughout the country are expected to compete in this event.

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