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5 Ways to Spot a Scam Casino or Poker Site

Online gaming has boomed in the last few years and there has never been a better time to play online. With a myriad of choices available, you have more options than ever. But while there are hundreds of legitimate casinos to pick from, there are also lots of scams. How do you spot a fake online casino?

You can probably recognise a scam bricks-and-mortar casino a mile off. The building looks a little shady, the sign is rusted, there are nasty-looking characters lurking round the door. It might be easy to spot a fake casino in real life, but could you do it online?

It’s vital you only play at the genuine, regulated casinos online. Fall for a fake and you risk losing money and time.

We guide you through the process of spotting a scam casino. Here are some of the signs of a real gaming site, and some red flags to show you where to avoid.

Online Gambling Scams Revealed

Fake and illegal casinos set up websites with a professional design, contact details, and plenty of welcome bonus offers to tempt you in. All looks good at the outset and you register your details. During this process you have to send copies of your ID, your personal details, and proof of address (depending on where in the world you live.)

With these valuable pieces of information, scam casinos then steal your identity or send your personal info to a thief. You are then vulnerable to financial fraud and theft.

Identity theft is only one of the many scams and frauds in the gambling world . Scam casinos often put spyware into their downloads. This spies on your information and steals data from your computer. Ransomware is scary, too. Criminals install this to lock your device and the only thing you can do to get your information back is to pay.

Fake sites can steal money you deposit into your account. Bonuses are impossible to claim when customer service never answers your emails. And if that wasn’t enough, fake casinos also spoil your gaming fun. These sites are packed with rigged games and pirated software. You have absolutely no chance of winning anything at these illegal sites.

These fake gaming sites are the lowest of the low and they spoil the fun for everyone. Make sure you can spot a bogus site with these tips.

Signs of a Scam Online Casino

  1. Long and Complicated Account Registration

Casino sites where you play with real money need players to verify their details and financial data before starting. You can expect to register and then provide your details, followed by a deposit into your online wallet so you can begin to play. Beware a site that asks you to send multiple copies of your ID to different places or asks for different forms of ID to what you would expect. Don’t respond to messages or emails asking you to verify your information. Only use a site with full encryption for your data and money.

  1. Poor Reviews and Ratings

The world of online gaming is pretty close-knit, and the trustworthy sites have been extensively reviewed online by experts. You’ll find plenty of information about the real deal. But bogus casinos will have no reviews, or a string of bad comments directed against them. Look for industry expert lists of trusted pokies sites and genuine casinos, top tens of the best online casinos, and reviews from current users.

  1. Unreasonable Payout Speeds

A legitimate casino site offers winners easy ways to withdraw their cash. These might be bank transfer, credit card, and PayPal options. Time frames for withdrawals range from immediate to a few days or one week at the most. Beware a casino that doesn’t tell you what the payout speed is like. No one should wait months for money (if it ever comes at all.)

  1. Useless Customer Support

Genuine casinos employ real customer support agents to answer queries and resolve problems. This is because they value their customers and want to provide the best service. Fake casinos claim to have a customer service response but never deliver. Emails go unanswered. Telephone numbers are unrecognised. Test out the customer service before you deposit money if you’re unsure of the legitimacy of a site.

  1. No Certification

An online casino is regulated by the relevant authority where it is based. For example, the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. Certification considers the site’s software, its game legitimacy, the functionality of the site, banking transparency and security, plus payout percent. Certification can be faked, however. Check with the databases online or contact the relevant authority if you are concerned.

Before you invest your hard-earned cash into a casino, compare the different options available. As gambling in Australia increases, there are so many casinos out there. You can afford to spend a little time looking for the right one. Just a few minutes checking how legitimate the site is will save you money and frustration.

What to Do To Spot a Fake

Finally, here’s a rundown of what you need to check to safeguard your data and your money.

  1. Check for a valid license from the operating authority. This should be clearly stated in the site and it should be easy to verify if this is a real certification.
  2. Always read the terms and conditions attached to registration and play. Some fake sites actually tell you, in their T&Cs, that they have the right to sell your data. This is obviously a red flag, but you won’t notice it if you don’t read it.
  3. Read lots of reviews on casinos and gaming by the gambling and gaming experts. These people have your interests at heart. You don’t need to read far to spot a scam casino being reviewed. It also helps if you leave reviews if you were unlucky enough to fall victim to a scam.
  4. Never reply to any unsolicited text from a gaming site asking for more details or promising bonuses if you click on a link. Always safeguard your details so that you only pass on financial and personal data through encrypted methods.

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