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We’re in the Golden Age of iGaming: Here’s Why


If you’ve been paying any attention to the news, then you might think everything is doom and gloom. But that’s not the case. While there are certainly bad elements, there are also a lot of good things happening, too. It’s possible that the sporting world is the best it’s ever been. You have access to virtually all music and movies, with just a few clicks of a button. And when it comes to iGaming, we’re in another stratosphere of quality compared to what it was like ten, even five years ago. Indeed, you may well say that we’re living in the golden age of iGaming. Here’s why.

You Can Play Anywhere

The modern iGaming climate puts the player in control. They can decide where and when they want to play. If you prefer to play snuggled up on the couch in the evening, then you can. If you prefer to play on a sunny beach early in the morning, then that’s also possible. This marks a huge shift from the climate of the olden days when someone would have to actively visit a casino if they were going to play. Those places still exist, but it would be a choice to go, not a necessity.

And On All Devices

You’ve been able to engage in iGaming activities since the 90s. But back then, they were only available on computers, since other technology such as smartphones and tablets hadn’t yet been invented. Today, users can play on the majority of internet-connected devices. That adds another level of freedom that would have been unthinkable in the early days. And it’s not just flexibility of play that has increased over time, either. The quality of the experience has, too. Indeed, though the early games had some similarities with modern iGaming, there has been so much progress that they’re effectively totally different experiences.

There Are Deals

The internet has been nearly totally positive from a consumer perspective, and this is certainly true for people interested in iGaming, who are able to take advantage of a wide array of introductory offers and deals. At sites like OddsChecker, gamers can find an extensive list of offers that will make their money go further or, in some cases, even give them wagers without having to spend a penny. This relatively new addition to the iGaming world allows gamers to try a number of sites in a risk-free way.

It’s Easy to Improve Your Game

It’s always been possible to improve your gaming skills. But has it ever been as easy as it is today? Not a chance. The rising popularity of gaming has led to large volumes of quality content, which guides users through the ins and outs of each game, from beginner’s level through to expert. This can be especially useful for newcomers, who can read up on strategies and tactics before they sit down at the virtual tables, all without having to get up off the couch. The quality of content caters for all needs, from people who want to know the rules of a game to people who need advice on a more specific aspect of their game.

High-Quality Functionality

It wasn’t too long ago that the iGaming industry was blighted by poor-functioning software. To be fair to the industry, the software was in line with the quality of other technology-dependent sectors, such as mobile and online gaming. Take a look back at the earliest smartphone games, and what you’ll find is a series of decent, but not overly engaging games. The iGaming industry was the same. But a lot can happen with a few years of development. Today, the games you’ll find on iGaming websites look and function brilliantly. They’re quick, responsive, and well-designed, offering an exemplary experience.

Diverse Offerings 

People will always go to real-world casinos, but they’re increasingly opting to play at their online counterparts. They do so for the reasons we’ve already outlined on this page, but also because online versions typically have a wider range of games than what you’d normally find in a run-of-the-mill casino. Whatever game you’re looking to play, you’ll likely find it online. Indeed, so extensive is the offering of games that there’s sometimes even more on offer than what you’d find at the swankiest Las Vegas casinos.

iGaming home

There’s a Culture 

The iGaming industry has also benefited from the broader advantages of the internet: the sense of community. Today, there are plenty of forums where like-minded fans can discuss their interests in a new and engaging way, many more than what has previously been available. In addition, the boom of streaming has allowed players to interact with their chosen games in a new manner. Take the increasing number of live-streamed poker games, for instance, or the huge rise in viewing figures for eSport tournaments. This culture around online gaming is helping to provide a framework for its ongoing success.

High Innovation 

Of course, we didn’t just get to this point by fluke. The high-quality iGaming world is a result of innovation, hard work, and investment. It’s now that we’re beginning to see the fruits of the seeds that were planted with that investment. The online gaming world is somewhat unique in that it continually reinvests profits into making its offerings better, which in turn helps to create an exceptional user experience. Some of the most forward-thinking tech innovations, not to mention engineers, are found in the industry.

There’s Trust 

Finally, we’re in the sweet spot for iGaming because of the level of trust that exists between the industry and the user. The system wouldn’t work if there were doubts surrounding the authenticity and security of the companies offering these services. Thankfully, there is. The industry has invested significant funds to enhance the credentials of their websites, and external regulatory bodies ensure that companies are abiding by a code of conduct. This helps to create an environment whereby the gamer can have confidence that they’re interacting with trustworthy companies, even when they’re online.

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