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Party Poker Pro: Palladium VIP Level Rewards

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

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This article contains expired information – at the end of March 2013 Party sadly removed the Palladium Elite tier, capping rewards at 30% before promotions, which also lowered in value.

Effective rakeback on Party Poker comes in the form of bonuses and promotions, the loyalty program being more of a marathon effort than a sprint. Professional, high-volume players mostly aim to make and maintain at least Palladium VIP level status to ensure decent rakeback.

Similarly to PokerStars, rewards for part-time recreational play are low, the benefits of the VIP program being much more geared towards regular players. Microstakes players may be better off seeking rooms with flat monthly rakeback, regardless of volume, to make their winrates higher. Those wanting to work towards extremely high-tier rewards approaching 70% rakeback will prefer sites like Party and Stars, especially with the high traffic and availability of different game types.

Party Poker Palladium VIP

Palladium VIP players fall somewhere in the middle. At this level PartyPoints can be traded in for at least 30% effective rakeback bonuses from the points store, and then you’ll be looking at about another 10% on top of that from promotions and other types of bonuses. In this article, we’ll answer some common basic questions about Party’s rewards program while also going into extreme detail.

What is Palladium VIP status?

All it means is you’ve earned at least 9,000 PartyPoints in a calendar quarter, i.e. between Jan 1st 00:00 ET and March 31st 23:59 ET, and so on for April through June (no overlaps, you can’t go from e.g. February to April, having not played in January) and the last two quarters of the year.

Party Poker Palladium VIP Levels

Once you hit Palladium you keep it for the remainder of the quarter, and the entirety of the next one too, e.g. reaching it on December 5th would make you Palladium until March 31st. Also, all points you’ve earned prior to reaching it can then be used to buy Palladium VIP level bonuses; it doesn’t matter if you were at bronze level for years and then hit Palladium in one month, you can immediately start cashing in all your lifetime points at higher value-for-money rates. They are never reset.

What do I get?

The most important difference is that you can now buy $3,000 bonuses for 20,000 points from the points store. At minimum Palladium maintenance pace you’ll be buying one of those about every 200 days, and having all 5 instalments cleared and in your account by about 50 days later. That’s $5,400 a year in rewards from points store bonuses alone – but there’s more.

Party Poker loves to encourage volume, and as a VIP you’ll receive more free bonus offers on average. You’ll also receive extra sub-promos alongside the regular monthly offers, and earn some nice prizes in all those thanks to your high-volume.

  • 24/7 support
  • Service personalized to YOUR demands
  • Promotions only for Palladium VIP’s
  • Added rewards
  • Cashouts at zero cost to you
  • Increased deposit limits

Other small perks include free cashouts (saving you $2.50 each time on VISA cashouts, or $10 on bank wires), the ability to change your screenname more often (every 30 days as opposed to the default 180), a concierge service, higher deposit and transfer limits, and the right to legitimately email [email protected] as your go-to for support (you can still email them at any VIP level, but as a Palladium, support will usually get to your emails first).

Party Poker Palladium VIP Event Ticket Awards

How much rake?

Players earn 2 PartyPoints per $1 rake paid, whether in cash games or tournament fees. So 9,000 points per quarter = $4,500 rake. That means you need to rake $4,500/(365/4) = $49 per day. Coincidentally, that’s about the same pace for basic Supernova (100k VPPs) on PokerStars.

Party Poker Palladium VIP Requirements

How much rakeback?

Saving up for the $3k bonuses will give you 30% effective rakeback from your PartyPoints alone. Each PartyPoint earned will be worth 15 cents. Then you’ll also get a hard-to-quantify extra amount from monthly promotions, random free bonuses, scheduled reload bonuses (and of course for new players, your initial sign-up bonus). You can safely assume you’ll be getting about 40% rakeback on average, but we’ll try to break down the numbers in more detail later.

What about Palladium Elite?

Similar story, except now you’ll be looking at bonuses offering up to 50% rakeback, and expect to earn larger rewards from monthly promotions. Overall, Palladium Elite players can be approaching 65-70% rewards, a similar level to Supernova Elite if not higher.

Party Poker Palladium Cash Bonuses

The rake is can be >10% higher on Party, lowering the value of that comparison significantly, but the effort to reach Palladium Elite is also less than half that required for Supernova Elite, at a pace of 40,000 PartyPoints per quarter, or $219 in daily rake paid (compared to about $500 rake/day to make 1 million VPPs on Stars, 5.5 VPPs per $1 rake at 6max), so it’s a lot easier to achieve.

If you wanted to, you are entitled to slowly earn 260,000 PartyPoints over your lifetime at any leisurely low VIP level pace, then suddenly earn 40,000 points within a quarter to qualify for Elite, and immediately purchase the largest bonus on offer, $75,000. Bear in mind however that you’d then have 180 days to clear it (as with all bonuses in fact) and since the clearing requirements are always 25% of the the points cost to buy, it’d take $35,000 rake to clear it all in time. That’s about $195 rake each day for 6 months, essentially Elite place.

Party Poker Card Rush Payouts

Many of Party Poker‘s monthly promotions include leaderboard points races for Palladium and Palladium Elite VIPs. If you can earn Elite status, you’ll already be in a very select group of just a handful of players, perhaps a few hundred (estimated numbers, given there are a few hundred SNEs on Stars each year, Palladium Elite is easier, however there are less players on Party).

If you can out-grind even the other Elite level players during leaderboard promotions (say >$30k in rake over one month), you can earn huge prizes by dominating the leaderboards, and have a massive effective rakeback percentage, of 70-75%.

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