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Party Poker Pro: Software Tips & Tricks

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

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It would be possible to write a novel on all the ways Party Poker regs tweak, customize, and complement the software client with third party programs. Here are just a few of our top tips for getting the most out of the game lobby and making multi-tabling easier.

Player Search, Buddy List & Filters

Since they aren’t heavily advertised on the PartyPoker.com website, many players don’t find out about the buddy list and player search features until they read about them on poker forums. Another issue is some players experiencing a software bug that causes the already small buttons in the bottom of the client to not appear.

Party Poker Buddy List Tips

If the corner of your lobby doesn’t appear as above, you can fix this and some other issues by uninstalling the software via your control panel (backup notes.txt and watchlist.txt from the Party Poker directory first), rebooting, reinstalling from a newly downloaded PartyPokerSetup.exe, then running Party from the new desktop shortcut.

Players added to the buddy list have an ‘online’ icon when they’re logged in to the client, and can be invited to your table. The player search displays all the tables your opponents are active at.

Party Poker Buddy List Search

If you’re using the free game selection tool TableScan Turbo, as mentioned in our state of the games article, you can also right-click player names within that program as a shortcut to open Party’s player search, or check the number of active tables column in its player list section.

The small ‘filters’ button also opens up a drop-down window allowing you to choose set criteria for which tables are displayed in the lobby. You can use this for example to find the loosest tables with the largest pots and no one on the waitlist.

Party Poker TableScan Turbo Filters

Free Party Hand Grabber (FreePHG)

This freely downloadable tool grabs observed hand histories of open Party Poker tables and saves them to your computer. It’s easy to set up, just download and run the app while playing and HHs will be written to .txt or .hhf files and saved in the FreePHG directory.

Party Poker Hand Grabber

If you then add this directory to the auto-import folder in your tracking software, you can display HUD stats of players before sitting down, gather stats on your opponents ahead of time, and seat-select better. Datamining with this software is not prohibited on Party.

BetPot AHK Script

FreePHG is also the base tool that once installed allows you to use AHK scripts such as BetPot that make multi-tabling No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha easier.

BetPot is also free to download and easy to set up, using these steps. Once installed, it allows you to smoothly control your bet size in big bet games – the middle mouse button (most grinders recommend the Logitech product line) will program a full pot size bet, and the right button will make a preset preflop sizing of 2.5x + 1bb for each limper, or ¾ pot when postflop.

Your mouse scroll wheel can also be used to make small adjustments to your bet size without needing to click the on-screen bet slider. BetPot works in cash games, tournaments and Sit & Gos. As well as FreePHG, you’ll also need to install and run AutoHotkey, the open-source program supporting keyboard and mouse shortcut scripts.

Party Poker Betpot AHK Script

Reducing Lag, High CPU Usage & Slowness

For some years players have been reporting that even though they can 24-table on PokerStars and could 16-table on the old Full Tilt software at lightning speed, multi-tabling on Party Poker noticeably slows down their computer, even on a PC or laptop with over 2 GB RAM, Windows 7, etc. Other networks are equally guilty of producing second-rate software.

Party reps on the forums have acknowledged the issues reported and are investigating a fix as a top priority, but in the meantime here are our tips for lowering CPU usage of Party and other poker software such as Holdem Manager or PokerTracker:

  • Right-click the ‘Name’ toolbar in the lobby above the table list and deselect the information you don’t need to be displayed.

Party Poker Computer Speed Options

  • Also disable sounds, animation, and the ‘embed player information in the lobby’ option under Preferences > General > General Options.
  • If you’re running tracking software like HEM or PT3, set up regular archiving of hand histories from auto-import folders to lower file sizes and reduce the load on your PostgreSQL database.
  • If you’re running TableScan Turbo, turn off its unique HUD.
  • Keep everything other than your poker tables minimized, and CPU usage should drop. This includes the client lobby, HEM, TST, any instant messaging programs, anything you don’t need. To help, untick the option to keep the lobby in front when tables are opened also found under preferences.

Party Poker Computer Usage Sample

  • Google how to ‘set higher priority to processes’ in Windows so that your poker applications receive more processor time, i.e. PartyGaming.exe, HoldemManager.exe, HMImport.exe, etc.
  • Read the Holdem Manager Forums’ Top 10 Performance Tips.
  • As a last resort, if you sit out on every table while on a break, hard quit PartyGaming.exe by hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL and killing that process from within the task manager, then re-open Party, your tables will still be up and lag gone. You’ll lose any in-client player notes you made that session, so make these in HEM instead.

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