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Party Poker Pro: How To Position Your Table Layout

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

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It’s no secret that Party Poker’s software has some drawbacks, but there are a number of ways to tweak things to make your playing experience a little smoother.

Here’s a couple of neat tricks to control your tables – whether you tile twelve tables across an external monitor, stack them, or a combination of both, here’s how to make Party Poker always open tables where you want them on start-up, even if you then move them around mid-session.

Batch File Solution

Party Poker Batch File Solution

1.  Under Preferences → General → General Options, make sure ‘remember table layout’ is selected.
2.  Open as many tables as you usually like to play, up to the maximum of 18.
3.  Resize and position your tables wherever you want them to open while you play – free windows application AllSnap is a handy tool for making a perfectly aligned grid of tables.
4.  Now close the tables in the reverse order that you want them to open when you start a session. So the first table you want to open when you start playing is the last one you close.
5.  Close the Party Poker client.

The above steps are nothing new, but if you ever move your tables around while playing, or forget to close them in the right order, Party Poker will overwrite your set-up, and you’ll have to redo it. This is how to stop that happening:

6.  Open your Party Poker directory (e.g. C:Program FilesPartyGamingPartyPoker) and find the document TablePositions.txt.
7.  Copy and paste TablePositions.txt somewhere safe, e.g. C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy Documents. Rename it something like TP1.txt (you can set up as many different custom layouts as you like later on).
8.  Open a blank text file in notepad, and copy and paste the following exact text into it. Only change the bold parts to match the directory and file names on your PC, and leave in all the quotation marks, spaces and backslashes.

COPY “C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy Documents”TP1.txt “C:Program FilesPartyGamingPartyPoker”TablePositions.txt
cd “C:Program FilesPartyGaming
START “” PartyGaming.exe -P=PartyPoker

9.  Go to File → Save As, and under the ‘Save as type’ option, choose ‘All Files’. Now save the text file as Party Poker.bat, to your desktop.

You’ve now created a simple batch file, which you can use as your new desktop shortcut to open Party Poker. As well as opening the client, it will instantly copy across your table layout each time, so that even if you move tables around during a session, your custom layout will be restored each time.


Party Poker StarsPlanner

Another completely free solution, which also allows for flexibility in switching between different layouts while playing at the click of a button, involves AutoHotkey (AHK) scripts. As you may have guessed from the name, this script also works for PokerStars tables.

First, simply download and install the free open-source program AutoHotkey, then browse the 2+2 thread about the script StarsPlanner.ahk. It’s a long read and some links are broken, but here’s a link to the updated code you’ll need. Now follow these steps:

1.  Copy and paste the code in the first box into a simple text-editor such as Notepad.
2.  Go to File → Save As, and under the ‘Save as type’ option, choose ‘All Files’. Now save the text file as StarsPlanner.ahk, to your desktop. Close Notepad.
3.  Repeat steps (1) and (2) for the code in the second box, however this time name the file StarsPlanner.ini. This config file must stay in the same directory as the .ahk file, e.g. on the desktop.
4.  Run AutoHotkey, Party Poker, and Starsplanner.ahk (double click the desktop icon, and you should see a grey box open).
5.  Position your Party Poker tables in your preferred layout, in the order you’d like them to open, and click ‘capture’ in StarsPlanner. Set a name for your layout.
6.  Select ‘Enable Re-size and Arrange Tables’ in StarsPlanner.

That’s it! Now your tables should stay in your layout ‘slots’, snapping back to them if moved out of place. You can also drag and drop tables between slots to swap their positions. Every time you open Party Poker, also run StarsPlanner.ahk, and your tables should open in the right pattern.

StarsPlanner.ini contains the exact co-ordinate positions of your layout if you’d like to tweak those or the opening order, but make sure you save a back-up of the file first if you’re not experienced with AHK code.

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