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CoinPoker Online Poker Room

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33% Max Rakeback
$1100 Sign Up Bonus
  • Rakeback value: 33%
  • Payment interval: Every Monday
  • Payment type: Cryptocurrency
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How big is CoinPoker?

When we logged on to play for our CoinPoker review 500+ players were at the tables, on 200+ tables and in 4 tournaments. That's more than the average daily traffic PokerScout reports CoinPoker having at peak times, and increased through the day - so the playerpool is large. Although if you want an online poker site with tens of thousands of players, see our Americas Cardroom review page. ACR is also a USA poker site that accepts Bitcoin deposits and other cryptocurrencies (and Visa cards).

Is it good value?

CoinPoker rakeback is 30% when you hold CHP, the native coin of the poker site. CHP has been in a bull run since 2019 - so it's also a good investment, which will rise in value as more players in the United States and globally learn about CoinPoker and join the site. Notably CHP also outperformed Bitcoin in the 2022 bear market. The rake is also low at 4% in cash games.

Americas Cardroom US poker

CoinPoker Review

We reviewed and played at CoinPoker and in our opinion this crypto poker site is a legitimate, good option especially in the USA – it accepts United States players like our top recommended US poker site Americas Cardroom. In fact there are no country restrictions at all.

The CoinPoker site offers cash games, tournaments, monthly promotions and leaderboards. There are heads up tables and six-max, but (but no full ring yet), and the cash game variants currently include NL Hold’em, PL Omaha, PL 5 Card Omaha, and Pineapple Open-face Chinese Poker.

CoinPoker Games

Taking down a 145 USDT pot with two pair at a 6-max table

Games range from 0.02/0.05 microstakes (5NL), to high stakes of 25/50 and 50/100, even up to nosebleed stakes with 10000/20000 blinds. There are also ante tables and deep stack tables.

Lucky Block casino

What is CoinPoker?

The idea of crypto and blockchain poker is to ‘bring the game back to players‘ – making it decentralized and free of geographical restrictions – CoinPoker accepts players in America, Canada, Australia, the EU – who might otherwise find their countries or states ringfenced in some way – either restricted from the international playerpool or banned outright from playing poker online.

CoinPoker Blockchain Poker

It’s also the name of a cryptocurrency – Coinpoker CHP is the native token of the site, if you’re familiar with crypto projects. CHP is on Coinmarketcap with a $10 million market capitalization and the token is listed on KuCoin exchange. You don’t need to own CHP to play at the CoinPoker site, but if you do you can earn 20% Coinpoker rakeback.

CoinPoker App

You can either visit the CoinPoker site and click ‘Download’ to use the Windows and Mac compatible software client – or you can use the CoinPoker app for Android and iOS.

CoinPoker Crypto Poker

CoinPoker Download

The CoinPoker download is an 88MB .exe installer file, and opening a CoinPoker accounts works much like any other online poker site like Americas Cardroom. Using a downloadable poker client allows for a much more advanced poker playing experience then in-browse poker rooms.

CoinPoker Deposit

Once you’ve downloaded the software or app and set up a CoinPoker account, you can deposit via Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or the stablecoin Tether (USDT) which is a digital cryptocurrency version of the US dollar – a stablecoin, pegged 1:1 to the value of USD.

Recently they also added support for Polygon (MATIC) which means almost zero fees – the MATIC network is virtually free.

CoinPoker Withdrawals

All you’ll need to do to get started is set up an account on a crypto exchange – if you don’t already have one – buy crypto on there, and transfer it to yourself at your personal crypto wallet. From there, send however much you want to play with to your CoinPoker wallet address.

If you’re a beginner to crypto, you can use a simple site like Changelly to do in-browser money to crypto swaps with a debit or credit card, without needing to open an account on an exchange. Changelly will send the crypto to your wallet.

Then you’re ready to play poker with Bitcoin, ETH or USDT. Make sure you send from your own crypto wallet not directly from the exchange – as CoinPoker withdrawals are channelled back to where they were deposited from, for safety.

When you make your first CoinPoker deposit, you’ll be able to assign your personal wallet address.

  • Minimum deposit – none
  • Minimum withdrawal – 5 USDT

CoinPoker Tournaments

CoinPoker Tournaments

If you like fast paced tourneys on other poker sites like PokerStars Spin & Gos or Jackpot Poker SNGs on Americas Cardroom, you’ll find Cosmic Spins fun. These CoinPoker tournaments play in a No Limit Hold’em tourney format and random multiplier is applied to the prizepool

The winner takes all if the multiplier is 2-20x (it’s always at least 2x) and if it’s 50-1000x (it can go as high as that) then 80% goes to first place, and 10% goes to the next two runners up.

CoinPoker tournaments

CoinPoker tournament lobby

CoinPoker Rake

The rake on CoinPoker is 4% in cash games and in multi-table tournaments (MTTs) or Spins there’s an entry fee of 7% and 5%.

CoinPoker Rakeback

Players who sign up via an affiliate such as Rakeback.com and hold CoinPoker CHP – the crypto token – earn rakeback, paid every Monday.

CoinPoker antes

A mid stakes $2/$5 table (in USDT) with a $3 ante preflop

CoinPoker USA

Thanks to crypto poker being decentralized – there’s no requirement to make a CoinPoker deposit using your bank account, debit card, etc. – so it’s free of red tape and bureaucracy, and no one has ever been prosecuted in the United States for simply playing online poker for fun, or even as a professional.

CoinPoker Bonus

New signups at Coinpoker can earn up to $1,100 (in USDT) as a bonus across three deposits – 100% up to 100 USDT, 100% up to 300 USDT, and 100% up to 700 USDT.

CoinPoker RNG

The CoinPoker RNG (random number generator) is legit, transparent and safe – using blockchain technology to make sure of that. The CoinPoker website explains how this works in detail in a video, but in summary a cryptographic hash function is used on the Ethereum network to make it impossible for the games to be rigged, and allow players to verify the randomness of the deck. They term it decentralized card shuffling.

CoinPoker PLO

A Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) deep blinds table

Why Play at CoinPoker?

Some benefits of playing poker at CoinPoker are:

  • Bad beat jackpot – lose a hand in NLHE with a full house Aces full of Kings, a straight flush in PLO
  • Refer a friend program – earn free crypto
  • VIP loyalty program – community contributions

Other CoinPoker Reviews

Reviews of CoinPoker are positive across online messageboards:

CoinPoker Reddit

The CoinPoker Reddit as has over 750 readers and the CoinPoker support admins are active in threads as of today answering questions.

CoinPoker Scam?

On the main Reddit poker forum r/poker a player posted CoinPoker is a scam, however they were tricked by impersonators on social media like Discord or Telegram – often crypto scammers pretend to be support staff of an exchange or website, in this case one of the CoinPoker Telegram admins.

Other players commented that CoinPoker is legit – posting that they’d played on the site for months or over a year and never had issues, they praised CoinPoker’s instant withdrawals and deposits. One user that multi-accounted accidentally and got his funds back.

CoinPoker Reddit

The real Reddit CoinPoker support admin also replied in the thread – three weeks ago, close to the time of our CoinPoker review.

CoinPoker TwoPlusTwo

There is also a 200+ post semi-official CoinPoker TwoPlusTwo thread, active as of the same week as writing this CoinPoker review. That level of activity on Reddit and 2+2 show that this is a site that genuinely cares about the game of poker and its players.

There’s also a CoinPoker Twitter and as mentioned a CoinPoker Telegram – they’re active on all social media channels.

CoinPoker Coinmarketcap

Even the native currency of the site CoinPoker (CHP) has been in a bull market since 2019 – so while holding it to earn 33% rakeback, the value of your investment might also continue increasing – so in effect you earn much more than 33% rakeback, depending how much CHP you own.


CoinPoker CHP price chart

CoinPoker Price

The current CoinPoker price is $0.059 per token – and the CHP price will increase as more players are on-boarded to the site and learn about this way to play crypto poker in the US and worldwide.

To download CoinPoker and get started playing blockchain poker use the link below or any of the links on this site.

Also consider playing at Americas Cardroom which also accepts cryptocurrency deposits and has a larger deposit bonus, plus rakeback, and more players – it’s been around for two decades so has more of a player base. CoinPoker was founded in 2017.

Play at CoinPoker

Free download securely from official CoinPoker server



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