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PokerDom Information

Network PokerDom Network
Operating Since 2014
Servers in Curacao
Company Pomadorro

PokerDom Online Poker Room

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40% Max Rakeback
$2,500 Sign Up Bonus
  • Rakeback value: 5 - 40% based on your volume
  • Payment interval: At any time of your choosing
  • Payment type: Points to cash conversion
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How big is PokerDom?

PokerDom has up to 3,000 players at peak times, in cash games and tournaments. Stakes range up to $5/$10 NLHE, $50/$100 PLO, and $2 a point OFC Pineapple. PokerDom is the first and largest Russian focused poker site, although many other countries are also accepted.

Is it good value?

With fast software, high traffic, mixed game variants, an Android mobile client and up to 40% rakeback through the VIP program, PokerDom is fast becoming a high value site to play at. The most notable feature is the large deposit bonus that clears at 50% easy effective rakeback.

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PokerDom Rakeback

VIP information on this page is accurate as of Jan 1, 2017

PokerDom players can earn up to 40% rakeback from the in-house VIP program depending on their play volume, plus 50% from the initial deposit bonus. PokerDom also offers Pineapple OFC Poker.

PokerDom Deposit Bonus

An unusually high-value welcome bonus, PokerDom’s 200% up to $2,500 offer only requires twice the bonus amount in rake to clear.

For example, Player A signs up and deposits $1,250 to qualify for the largest possible bonus of $2,500. He only needs to rake $5,000 to clear the bonus, which is released in one installment.

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Get PokerDom Rakeback

Free download securely from official PokerDom server

There are no deductions from PokerDom rakeback while clearing the deposit bonus. Players have 60 days to release the entire bonus before it expires.

PokerDom VIP Program

Depending on their VIP level, players earn between 0.5 – 4 Points per 1 RUB (Russian Ruble) in rake paid, whether in cash games or tournaments. One US Dollar is approximately 60 RUB.

VIP Level Rakeback Points to Reach * Points to Maintain Points per 1 RUB Rake
Diamond 40% 1,000,000 500,000 4
Sapphire 35% 700,000 350,000 3.5
Ruby 30% 400,000 250,000 3
Emerald 25% 250,000 125,000 2.5
Alexandrite 20% 90,000 45,000 2
Topaz 15% 30,000 15,000 1.5
Pearl 10% 10,000 7,000 1
Crystal 5% 0.5

* Points targets must be hit for all 3 months of a calendar quarter, e.g. Jan / Feb / Mar

Lock in 40% Rakeback

For example, Player A achieves Diamond status by the end of 2016, for earning 1,000,000 points per month in the last quarter (Oct / Nov / Dec). During that time he also clears his $2,500 bonus.

Entering 2017, he’s a Diamond VIP and earns 4 VIP points per 1 RUB rake. To stay a Diamond VIP with 40% rakeback into the second quarter of 2017, he must rake $4,166 per month in Jan / Feb / Mar.

($4,166 in rake is 250,000 Rubles, which given the 4x Diamond multiplier = 1 million VIP points).

Rakeback Monthly USD Rake Requirement Year Round
40% $4,166
35% $3,333
30% $2,222
25% $1,666
20% $750
15% $333
10% $166

Alternatively he could rake half that and have 40% rakeback until Apr 1st, then dropping down to Ruby VIP and 30% rakeback. Ruby VIP requires $2,222 to lock in year round.

A low stakes player raking under $1,000 per month can earn 5 – 20% rakeback.

VIP Points to Cash Conversion

Players can save up points and wait until they reach a given VIP level before cashing them in at the highest rakeback percentage. Points to cash conversion is done in the client by the player at any time of their choosing.

Players can also use their VIP points for SNG and MTT buy ins. However this is not recommended as no points will be earnt for those tournaments (zero rakeback). It’s more efficient to first convert VIP points to cash first, then buy into tournaments with the cash.

PokerDom Rake Structure

PokerDom rake is 5% at Holdem and Omaha cash tables. At Bad Beat Jackpot tables an extra 1% rake is taken.

Up to $0.10/$0.20

No. of Players Max Rake
2 5% up to $1
3-4 5% up to $2
5-6 5% up to $3
7-10 5% up to $4


No. of Players Max Rake
2 5% up to $2
3-4 5% up to $3
5-6 5% up to $4
7-10 5% up to $5

At Chinese Poker tables 5% of the amount won is taken as rake at the end of each hand. Omaha Hi/Lo is raked 3% with 2-4 players at the table.

PokerDom uses the weighted contributed rake method.

Get PokerDom Rakeback

Free download securely from official PokerDom server



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