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Winrate in bb/100, BB/100 and PTBB/100

Making Sense of Poker Winrate

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

Many players mix up bb/100 and BB/100 in forum posts, and in some cases this causes confusion as there is a subtle difference between the two.

NL & PL Winrates – bb/100

The ‘bb’ in bb/100 stands for big blinds. The term defines a player’s winrate in No Limit and Pot Limit games as the number of big blinds he or she wins per hundred hands.

For example a 4bb/100 winrate in a $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em game means that player wins on average $8 every 100 hands, i.e. four times the big blind of $2. A $2/$4 Pot Limit Omaha player losing $20 over a thousand hands play had a -0.5 bb/100 winrate over that session.

Fixed Limit Winrates – BB/100

The ‘BB’ in BB/100 stands for big bets. This is used for Fixed Limit games where the betting units are larger than the blinds.

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A $1/$2 Limit Hold’em game actually has a small blind of $0.50 and big blind of $1. It’s labelled $1/$2 because an initial bet on the turn and river – the ‘big bet streets’ – is $2. Raises then can be made in increments of that amount up to $4, $6 and finally $8 before the pot is capped. This sequence is where the terms three bet and four bet are derived from.

Winrate Statistics in Holdem Manager

Winrate Statistics in bb/100 & BB/100 in Holdem Manager

It makes more sense to define winrate in Limit games in terms of these big bet units, so BB/100 is used in Holdem Manager. You may need to double or halve the number you read if some is using the incorrect definition.

‘Big Bet Games’

Adding to the confusion, NLHE and PLO are often referred to as ‘big bet’ games, distinct from ‘mixed games’ like LHE, the rest of the HORSE rotation (Stud, Razz, Omaha8 etc) and Triple Draw. This is not to be confused with the ‘big bet’ on the turn and river of Limit Games. The label just refers to how when games are played Pot Limit or No Limit, the bets in general get bigger.

What is PTBB/100?

PokerTracker Poker Tracking Software ProgramPTBB/100 is the same as BB/100. PokerTracker (PT for short) is a tracking software program, for analyzing your play and running a heads up display (HUD) in-game.

PokerTracker was the first tracking software program on the market, before Holdem Manager (HEM, or HM), and at the time Limit Hold’em was more popular. Hence, they decided to use BB/100 as the default statistic (calling it PTBB/100) and some players still use this term.

Simply double this value to get bb/100. For example 1 PTBB/100 = 2bb/100. Later versions of tracking software programs have the option to display either figure.

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