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How to Get Paid Off With a Monster Hand

There it is, the flop you’ve been waiting for: The Stone Cold Nuts. Jackpot.

Stay cool. Keep your face blank and impassive, unless you’re playing online poker in which case you should feel free to let out a whoop and/or fistpump, and/or stop chatting with babes online.

Of course, you don’t really have much to celebrate yet. All you have is a pretty hand. It’s time to apply some poker strategy and turn those cards into cold hard cash.

1. Build The Pot Preflop

A good default strategy for beginners is to always raise or fold preflop as a way to start building up the pot with two advantages – the times you connect with the flop, you can bet big and get paid, and the times you don’t, you have a chance to take it down anyway as the aggressor with a continuation bet.

That means don’t just limp in (don’t get tricky and try to slowplay Aces by limping), and don’t limp in behind others. Raise the limpers to isolate them and hopefully be in position after the flop.

Possible exceptions would be when you have no way to be in position after the flop, e.g. you’re in the blinds. In that spot you can overcall if the pot is multiway as it’s already big and giving you good odds to try and flop big.

2. Don’t Slowplay Postflop

The biggest mistake that rookie poker players make with a flopped monster hand is to automatically slow-play to the river. The desire for deception is admirable, but it usually comes at the cost of profits. Instead of asking yourself, how can I look weak, you should be asking, how can I get as much money into the pot as possible? And the answer, of course, is to bet.

Quad Aces

As a smart player, you should be betting on the majority of flops anyway, no matter if you hit the board or not. These continuation bets are a consistent source of profit for tight-aggressive players. Not only are they profitable on their own, but they establish a pattern that helps get you paid when you flop huge.

Make your bet a good solid size – more than 1/2 the size of the pot is best – but most importantly, be consistent with the normal amount of your continuation bet (c-bet).

3. If in Doubt, Bet the Turn

The turn, as usual, is the most difficult street to play. But it also gives you the most chance to be creative. Use the reads you have on your opponent to determine the most profitable course of action. Does he like to attack at signs of weakness? Perhaps go for a check-raise if you’re out of position.

In position though, betting the turn is better. Especially against a passive player who doesn’t like to fold. Keep your mind on the ultimate goal: to get as much money into the pot as possible. If you suspect your opponent is committed to going to showdown, make him pay through the nose for the privilege.

Look ahead to the river, and size your turn bet so that you can go all-in by the river without making a big overbet. A pot-sized river shove or less, giving your opponent 2:1 pot odds on a call.

4. Drop the Hammer

By the time the hand reaches the river, you should already have built to pot to a tidy sum. This is very important because players make and analyze bets in proportion to the size of the pot. You probably won’t get a payoff if you bet $30 into a $10 pot, whereas a bet of that same size into a $50 pot is much more likely to find a caller. There’s no amount of cunning you can employ on the river to make up for not pumping the pot earlier in the hand.

If an obvious draw to a flush or straight has come in on the river and you’re in the catbird seat holding a full house or better, the best course of action is usually to bet small. This has two benefits:

  • If your opponent holds something like two pairs or a high one pair hand, he will be worried that you just improved to a straight or flush and thus may not call a larger bet.
  • If your opponent has just completed his draw, he’s now likely to think he has the best hand. Facing a large bet might make him cautious, prompting a smooth call, while a small bet won’t do much to hurt his confidence. He will often put in a small raise, allowing you to come back over the top with your whole stack.

If, on the other hand, the flop’s most prominent draw has failed to come in, you’re better off making a big bet – maybe even going all-in. Many players will assume that your large wager is one of desperation and try to pick off your ‘bluff’.

If life was easy, you’d be able to get your opponent all-in every time you landed a monster hand. But of course, it often doesn’t work out that way. There will be plenty of times when your opponents all fold to a single flop bet, handing you a small pot for your big hand.

This is understandably frustrating, but it’s important to remember that betting aggressively maximizes your returns in the long run. Just be patient. Once you’re stacking your opponents’ chips from the massive pot you just won, you’ll realize it was worth it.

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