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Glossary of Poker TermsPoker was jargon heavy even before the advent of the internet, software programs and rakeback.

Since the online poker boom however, the game has taken on a whole new language. The subculture of young online ‘grinders’ today talk strategy in abbreviations, mathematical expressions and slang.

Below we’ve compiled an alphabetical list of poker terms for beginners looking to brush up on their vocab, old and new. It’s always +EV to learn!

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ABC Player

A player with a predictable playing pattern.

Ace in the Hole

When one of a player’s cards is an Ace.

Ace to Five

A lowball poker variant where the best hand is A2345. Also the generic name for the lowest straight possible.

Ace High

Having only an Ace as a high card without any pair.


The best starting poker hand – two Aces.

Aces Full

A full house with three aces and two of any other two cards.

Aces Up

Top two pair and one of the pairs is aces.

Action The five moves a poker player can make: Check, Call, Bet, Raise, and Fold. Also known as poker game where a lot of pots are being played – ergo a lot of action.
Active Players Any players currently in the hand.
Add-on When buying more chips in re-buy tournament after the re-buy period has ended.
After-Hours Game A private poker game played after a card room is closed.
Aggressive A player who bets and raises a lot.
Aggro A player who bets and raises a lot.
Ahead Being ahead refers to having more equity in the hand when the cards are exposed. Example – “We went all in on the turn and I was ahead when I showed two pair, and he only had a pair of queens.
Air When the flop comes and you hit nothing.
Air-Bluff Bluffing with absolutely nothing.
All Black Having a flush with either Club or Spade suits.
All Blue Having a flush with only Diamonds. A reference to four-color decks.
All Green Having a flush with only Clubs. A reference to four-color decks.
All Red Having a flush with either Diamond or Heart suits.
All In Making a bet or raise with all of your chips.
All In Over the Top A re-raise all in after an opponent bets.  This is usually done to force subsequent players out of the pot.
American Airlines Yet another name for the best hand in poker: Aces.
Ammo / Ammunition Another word for chips.
Anna Kournikova A nickname for Ace King “it looks great but doesn’t win anything”.
Announced Bet When a player announces a bet as opposed to putting chips on the table.  Generally announcing your bet is a good idea as to avoid any mistakes throwing out incorrect chips.
Announced Raise When a player announces a raise as opposed to putting chips on the table.
Ante A small amount of money each player puts into the pot before the hand starts.
Ante Up The act of putting one’s ante in the pot.
Assault Rifle When playing Omaha, or any 4 card poker variation, you receive the cards A-K-4-7.


Backdoor Any draw where you need two cards to come on the turn and river to win the hand.
Backdoor Flush When you have three cards to a flush on the flop and you require the turn and river to be the suit you need. Can also occur in Stud on 6th and 7th street.
Backdoor Straight When you have three cards to a straight on the flop and you require the turn and river to the cards you need.
Bad Beat When you lose after getting your money in way ahead.
Bad Beat Jackpot A jackpot awarded in card rooms when a great hand is beaten by an even better one.
Bankroll All the money a player has to play poker with. Especially important for professional players
Bet Putting chips into the pot.
Bet in the Dark When the first person to act bets before seeing the flop, turn, or river.
Bet the Pot Betting the entire pot. Usually done in pot limit Omaha.
Big Blind Special When the big blind wins with a mediocre starting hand because no one raised pre-flop.
Big Blind The larger of two forced bets in Texas Holdem paid by the player sitting second left of the dealer.
Big Pair A pocket pair that’s 10s or higher.
Big Slick Another name for Ace King.
Blank A useless card. Usually on the turn or river a card that comes and doesn’t affect the play.
Blind Two initial forced bets before any cards are dealt by the two players sitting left of the dealer. The player directly left of the dealer is the small blind and the player to the left of the small blind is the big blind.
Bluff Betting or raising when you don’t have a good hand thus convincing your opponents you have a good hand and they fold.
Board The five cards dealt face up by the dealer that everyone uses to make their hand.
Boat Another word for Full House.
Bot An online player who is really a computer program, not a human opponent.
Bottom Pair Getting a pair on the lowest card on the flop.
Bottom Set Getting three of a kind of the lowest card on the flop.
Bounty A cash prize for eliminating players from a tournament.
Brick and Mortar A live poker room.
Broadway A straight, Ace-K-Q-J-10. The highest straight possible.
Bubble Boy/Girl The highest finishing player in a multi-table tournament who doesn’t get paid.
Bully A player who targets another player with frequent raises and/or taunting.
Burn Card When dealing the cards you turn one card down then three cards up. The card that remains turned down is the burn card and is not in play.
Busted When a player is eliminated from an MTT.
Button An object used to identify which player is the dealer. Has the advantage of being last to act.
Buy-in The cost of entry into a tournament.


Call Placing chips into the pot to equally match an opponent’s bet.
Cold Call This refers to making a call after one player bets and another player raises.
Calling Station A player who has a reputation for frequently calling. This is an individual you don’t want to bluff.
Card Protector Any small item you put on top of your cards to protect them from accidently being mucked.
Case Card The fourth and last card of its kind e.g. King that hasn’t been dealt out yet.
Cash Game One of the two major categories of poker games (the other being a tournament). A poker game where the chips correspond to real money. A player may stand up and leave with his chips at any time.
Change Gears Changing your playing style. For example changing from  loose and aggressive to tight aggressive, so your opponents won’t be able to predict your moves.
Chase Drawing to an un-made hand such as a straight of flush. Usually a pejorative directed at players who continue in a hand regardless of correct odds.
Check Continuing the action without putting money into the pot.
Check-Fold A pre-selected option in online poker to check your hand and if someone bets you automatically fold.
Check-Raise When a player checks and another player bets, then the person who originally checked raises the bet.
Chips A token which represents money or tournament dollars (T$).
Chip Leader The person with the most chips – usually in a tournament.
Chip Up Slang term for increasing one’s chip stack, esp. in a tournament.
Chop Another way of saying split the pot. When neither player has a stronger hand at showdown. Chop it up. Also refers to a deal in a tournament where players share the prize-pool according to an agreed deal.
Coin Flip A scenario where two players have roughly an equal chance of winning a pot.  The classic example is AKs vs QQ.
Colt 45 A nickname for the hole cards 45.
Come Over the Top The act of raising or re-raising your opponent’s bet or raise.
Community Cards The five cards in the middle of the table which everyone in play can use.
Connectors Cards that are close together and therefore likely to make straights, e.g 67.
Counterfeited Getting ‘counterfeited’ refers to when your made hand becomes worthless. Let’s say you have pocket 2s and the flop comes 4-7-7, and then another 4 comes on the turn. Your pocket 2s have no value (just 2 high) and you cannot beat any hands.
Cowboys A nickname for pocket Kings. The second best starting hand in Texas Hold’em Poker.
Crabs A nickname for pocket 3s.
Cracked Typically when pocket Aces loses to any other hand, but the term ‘cracked’ can be used for any strong hand being beaten by a weaker one.
Cut the deck To separate the deck in half; a form of shuffling.
Cut Card A card placed under the deck so players can’t see the bottom card.


Dark Bet Betting before the flop, turn, or river card is exposed by the dealer.
Dead Card Any card not in play. Dead cards: burn cards and mucked cards.
Dead Man’s Hand Old legend of “Wild Bill” Hickok apparently he had two pair, Aces and Eights, when he was shot.
Dealer Button An item that is used to signify who is in the hypothetical dealer position, and last to act on all postflop streets.
Dealer’s Choice When the dealer decides what variation of poker will be played in each hand.
Deuces A pair of 2s.
Discard In Draw poker, the act of replacing your cards for other ones.
Disconnect Protection A tool that protects the players if the internet connection goes out while playing online poker. Usually a time-bank of 30-180 seconds.
Donkey A player who plays foolishly and relies purely on luck.
Double Up Winning all in and heads up with another player who has equal or more chips than you, thus doubling your chips.
Double Belly Buster A two-way inside straight draw. For example, you have Q-6 and the flop comes 10-9-8 if the next card that comes is a J or 7 you have the straight.
Doyle Brunson A nickname for 10-2 since Doyle Brunson made the hand famous by using it to win the World Series of Poker twice in 1976 and 1977.
Draw Poker Another version of poker where instead of community cards each player is dealt five cards. Player may discard some of their cards for replacements to attempt to improve their hand.
Drawing Dead When you have no more outs that can help you win.
Ducks A nickname for pocket 2s. Also ‘Deuces’.


Early Position One of the first players to act usually the two individuals after the blinds.
Edge A statistical advantage.
Edge Shot  A bet made by someone with an advantage.
Eliminated When a player runs out of chips in a tournament they’re eliminated unless the tournament allows rebuys.
Equity Your share of the pot in statistical terms. For example, if the pot contains $200, and you have a 50% chance of winning, then you have $100 equity in the pot.
Even Money A wagering proposition with a payout of 1:1.
Expected Value (EV) A measurement of anticipated earnings. For example QQ has an equity of ~80% vs lower pairs, so when going all in preflop for $100 your EV would be ~$80 in profit.
+EV A +EV (“plus EV”) poker decision is one that you can calculate or deem to be profitable, i.e. show a positive expectation. For example committing your chips with the nut flush draw in a 4-way pot because you have well over 25% equity even when behind. The term is also loosely applied to any situation in general, e.g. ‘playing in this lineup is +EV’.
Exposed Cards Cards intentionally deal face-up in stud poker (also ‘up cards’ or ‘dead cards’). Alternatively, cards misdealt face up in other forms of poker.


Face Card A card with a depiction of a face: King, Queen, or Jack.
Fake Tank When action is on a player and they pretend to think about their hand for a long time to make it look like they’re making a big decision, when in fact they have already made their decision. Also known as ‘Hollywooding’.
Family Pot A pot where all the players at the table see the flop (in Holdem) or 4th street (in Stud).
Fast Playing aggressively and hurriedly.
Fast Fold Poker A variant of online poker where players are transported to a new table and given new cards immediately when they fold. Fast Fold has certain brand names depending on the online poker room.
Feeder In a casino there is a main table and other secondary tables. When someone leaves the main table there is an empty seat and a new player is ‘fed’ in from a secondary table to the main table.
Felt The cloth material that covers a poker table.
Fifth Street The 5th community card, also known as the River in Texas Holdem.
Fill Up To get the last card needed for a full house.
Fish An inexperienced or recreational player.
Fishhooks A nickname for pocket Jacks (JJ).
Fixed Limit In some variations of poker the bet amount is pre-determined and cannot be changed.
Flat Call A somewhat outdated term for calling a bet without raising.
Float Calling a bet with a hand with little or no strength with the intention of bluffing later.
Floorman A casino employee who makes rulings and decisions in the cardroom.  To call the floorman, simply shout, “Floor!”
Flop The first three community cards the dealer deals.
Flush Having five cards of the same suit.
Flush Draw Having four cards of the same suit and waiting for the 5th card of that same suit.
Fold To dispose of your hand and forfeit the money you’ve already put into the pot.
Fourth Street The 4th community card also known as the Turn in Texas Holdem.
Free Card When there is no betting in a round, and the next card (or round of cards) is seen for no additional money.
Freeroll Tournament A tournament with no entry fee.
Freezeout A tournament or Sit & Go where rebuys are not allowed. Once a player has lost his chips, he is eliminated.
Full House When your five card hand contains 3 of a kind and a pair.  For example, you have 5-5-5, and 3-3. That’s full house: 5s over 3s.



To play poker, especially for long periods of time with low risk and consistent profits, as a result of correct bankroll management.


One who grinds, i.e. has the discipline to grind out an income as opposed to gambling and taking shots short-term.

Gut Shot

An inside straight draw, e.g. holding 56 on an 89x board. Your straight draw is not open-ended, a 7 being your only out.


Heads Up When only two players are playing against each other. Aka ‘Head Up’.
High Roller A gambler who players high stakes. Also, a type of tournament with an exceptionally high buy in and (therefore) small field.
High Carding A method for determining who will be the dealer (button). The player who draws the highest card wins.
Hi/Lo Split A variant of poker where the highest hand splits the pot with the lowest qualifying low hand.
Holdem A variant of poker where each player is individually dealt ‘hole’ cards and use community cards. The main types of Holdem are Texas, Omaha, and Kansas. So named as you ‘hold’ your hole cards secretly, i.e. face down with no up cards. Hold them -> Hold’em -> Holdem.
Hole Cards Your private cards which remain hidden until the showdown, if called.
Hooks A nickname for pocket Jacks (JJ).
House The casino or website hosting the poker game and taking a rake.


Ignorant End The low end of a straight or flush.
Implied Odds If you assume your opponent will pay you off for a large bet on the river if you hit, you can call even though the current pot size doesn’t make it a call mathematically. Your implied odds may make it a call, even if your pot odds don’t.
In the Hole Referring to a card being in one of your hidden hole cards, especially your one down card in Stud. For example having an ‘Ace in the Hole’.
Indexing The act of marking a card for cheating purposes, to be able to identify its value when face down.
Insurance A side agreement to put up money that guarantees a payoff of a set amount in case the opponent wins the pot when someone is all-in.


Jack Up To raise the pot.
Jackson Five A nickname for the Holdem hand J5.
Jagging The act of a cheater marking a card.
Jam To move all in.
Joker Poker A poker variation where the Joker cards are wild.


Kicker The highest unpaired card in a player’s hand.
King High Holding just a King as your highest card, with no pair or made hand of any value to go with it. The second best highcard hand behind Ace high.
KOFEK Pre Black Friday, a meaningless word that when typed in the Full Tilt Poker chat box would result in a brief chat ban – presumably as it somehow triggered the profanity filter – to the amusement of opponents.
Kojack A nickname for KJ, named after the US television series.


Ladies A nickname for pocket Queens (QQ).
Late Position The last two positions before the button.
Laydown A fold, especially a big fold / the act of folding a strong hand
Lead To bet out (‘lead out’) in first position, into a pot, especially into an aggressor when you had previously taken passive action on earlier streets.
Limit Poker A variation of poker where the betting amount is fixed. Also, the amount of times someone can raise within a single betting round is usually fixed.
Limp In To just call the big blind preflop, without raising. An open limp i.e. being the first limper is typically seen as a weak play.
Live Hand A hand that isn’t dead, i.e. is still in play, hasn’t been folded yet, and hasn’t touched the muck (folded cards in front of the dealer).
Lowball A variation of draw poker where the lowest hand wins.


Made Hand A completed hand (contrast with Drawing Hand), e.g. a pair.
Marginal Hand A weak or questionable hand, e.g bottom two pair on a 4-flush board.
Matrix Tournament type featured on Full Tilt Poker where you play 4 different tournaments against the same pool of players.
Mechanic Player or dealer who uses card tricks to deal advantageous hands to himself or an accomplice to cheat other players.
Metagame Advanced strategies of thinking 2-3+ levels ahead in order to trick opponents. From the Nash Equilibrium standpoint, players develop a metagame to anticipate other players moves allowing themselves to gain an advantage. Taking a certain action ‘for metagame’ is one intended to e.g. tilt an opponent or set up an image for yourself.
Microstakes The smallest stakes available online, starting from $0.01/$0.02.
Midstakes Usually defined online as NL Holdem of $1/2 to $3/6 and Pot Limit Omaha from $.5/$1 to $3/6.
MTT Abbreviation for multi-table tournament.


Nash Equilibrium When all the players of a single game know the strategy of each player so no one as an advantage, they just break even against each other. If you are playing a Nash equilibrium strategy, your opponents cannot exploit you.
nh Online poker chat favorite comment, abbreviation of ‘nice hand’.  Used both seriously and sarcastically in equal parts.
No Limit The form of poker where you may bet anything up to and including your entire stack at any time.
November Nine Marketing name for the 9 players who reach Final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event.
Nuts Best possible hand on the current board.  Can change every street.


Odds Your outs divided by all the cards left in the deck; probability to win.
Offsuit When your two hole cards are of two different suits in Holdem.
Omaha A form of Holdem poker similar to Texas Holdem, except played with four hole cards, and at showdown, you must use exactly two of them to determine your hand.
Open Ended A straight draw which can make you a straight from both the low and high end.
Option While in the big blind, if no one has raised the pot, you have the option to check or raise.
Outs When you have a weaker hand than your opponent or a draw, your outs are the cards which could improve your hand.
Overbet In No Limit Texas Holdem, when the size of bet is bigger than the pot. Some players use it to bluff, or to represent a bluff and get paid off with a strong hand.
Overcard A card higher than your current pair, e.g. holding QQ on JT2, a King on the turn would be an overcard to your pair of Queens.


Paint A jack, queen or king is considered a paint card; synonym for face-card.
Pass Another word for fold.
Pat The option to stand pat is to keep your current holding without discarding any cards to replace them. Used in the draw poker games such as Badugi or 2-7 Triple Draw.
Paid Off Getting called at showdown when your hand is the winning hand.
Play Money Non-monetary games. Most online poker sites allow you to practice with play chips.
Pocket Pair A preflop pair in Texas Hold’em, e.g. holding two Kings as your hole cards and having that as a made hand before the flop even comes out.
Position Acting after your opponent gives you ‘position’, the power to act after seeing what they do.
Post To place forced bets (blinds and/or antes) on the table.
Pot The sum of chips in the middle during a poker hand, available to be won that hand.
Premium Hand Any one of the top 10 or so starting hands. E.g. TT+ and AQs+ in Texas Holdem.
Prize Pool The sum of all buy-ins, rebuys, add-ons, and overlays in a tournament which then determines the payouts.
Prop Bet A proposition bet, e.g. a verbal bet where one person proposes to the other he can live in a bathtub for a week, and another person offers odds. Popular with poker players looking to make money off the tables.
Prop Player A poker player paid to play poker in order to keep games running while shorthanded.
Push A tie situation, e.g. in a prop bet an outcome where neither party has to pay the other.


Quads The second best hand of Texas Holdem also known as Four of a Kind.
Quality Street Hitting your draw, giving you the best hand while giving an opponent second best.
Quarantine Avoiding another player. If you happen to be at a table with a rock, play him only with a vaccine such as a Top 10 Texas Holdem Starting Hand.
Queens One of the best Top 10 Texas Holdem Starting Hand, also known as the Ladies.
Quick fold In fast fold poker formats, your fold button is a ‘quick fold’ button, as you are able to fold before action gets to you, whatever your position, instantly receiving new cards at a new table.
Quickie When Aces meet Kings, or the fastest way to win or lose your entire stack.


Race The famous 50-50 situation in Texas Holdem such as AK vs QQ.  Also known as a ‘coin flip’.
Rainbow When the board has all four suits displayed, or three suits on the flop.
Raise The action of increasing the current bet amount. Generally a raise must be at least twice as big as the current bet.
Rake The fee to play poker taken by the house. In cash games, a percentage of every pot is taken out. Approximately 5% online and higher in live rooms.
Rakeback Cash refund of part of the rake you pay, and a way to boost your winrate. Sign up to poker rooms via an affiliate site to get rakeback. 
Range The possible hand combinations you think your opponent may hold in a given situation.


Lucky Block casino
Satellite A Smaller tourney which gets you an entry in a bigger tournament allowing you to save money on your buy-in.
Semi-bluff A bet made with a weak hand to induce a fold but which leaves you with outs if called.
Set In Texas Hold’em, when you have Three of a kind with a pocket pair matching one card on the board. Three of a Kind with one card in your hand matching a pair on the board, is known as a ‘trips’. Different names are used as a set is significantly stronger than trips – more hidden and more likely to be ahead.
Set Up A board where two or more players have very strong hands.
Shootout A type of tournament where each table plays down to one winner before moving to the next round.
Shorthanded A table with less than the full amount of players, e.g. 3 -5 players.
Showdown At the end of a hand all players reveal their cards in a ‘showdown’ to see who wins the pot.
Side Pot An extra pot that gets created when one or more player involved in a hand is all in while the other players are still betting.
Sit & Go A tournament that starts (‘goes’) as soon as enough players register (‘sit’), ranging from a single table to 180 players.
Sit Out Take a break by not participating in a hand.
Split Pot A pot shared by two or more players holding the same hand at showdown.


TAG Tight aggressive. In general, a player who waits for premium hands and plays them aggressively. One preferred style of winning players.
Tell A physical or timing pattern which gives away information regarding hand strength.  Having a tell will allow observant poker players to predict and exploit your behavior.
Tens Hole cards TT; also ‘pocket tens’.
Texture Used to describe the cards on the flop and the potential they may bring. If there are no possible draws, the flop is said to be dry.
Third Street The 3rd card dealt in 7 Card Stud. The first card dealt face up. It signifies the first round of betting.
Three-bet / 3bet The 3rd bet. Example: Mike raised to $6 and Ted 3-bet him to $20. Preflop the Big Blind constitutes the first bet (a forced bet). A preflop raise is a two-bet although this term is rarely used. Re-raising a preflop open is referred to as a 3bet, or ‘3b’ in short form. The term originates from fixed limit games where a 3bet is literally making it 3 bets to play.
Three Flush Holding three of the 5 necessary cards to complete a flush. A backdoor flush draw.
Tight A player who puts chips in a pot only with a very strong hand or plays few hands (low VPIP) in general. Also known as a ‘nit’.
Tile As in, ‘do you stack or tile your tables?’. In online play, tilting places tables squarely side by side so action can be seen on all tables. None cover each other (stacked style).
Tilt  Sub-optimal play due to anger or frustration.
Time Bank The extra time allowed to make a decision. If the time bank reaches zero, your hand it is folded automatically.
Tourist A bad player with a lot of disposable income to lose. Also known as a ‘fish’. Featured in the movie Rounders.
Tournament A form of poker where the players receive prizes based on finishing position. Unlike a cash game players can not leave and walk away with their chips. Usually play continues one person has all of the chips. Field sizes range from two to tens of thousands of players.
Trap A move or series of moves designed to fool your opponent(s).
Tricky A player who sets lots of traps in their play, or uses an unorthodox style.
Trips In Texas Hold’em, when you have Three of a Kind with one card in your hand matching a pair on the board. Three of a kind with a pocket pair matching one card on the board, is known as a ‘set’. Different names are used as a set is significantly stronger than trips – more hidden and more likely to be ahead.
Turbo A fast-structured poker tournament where the blinds increase more rapidly than in a regular tourney, e.g. every few minutes.
Turn The fourth of five community cards dealt in a hand of Texas Holdem; also known as ‘Fourth Street’.


Underdog A hand which is not favored to win in terms of percentage.  Also an inferior player.
Under The Gun The first person to act in a hand.  It’s the worst place to enter a pot because everyone else gets to act after you.
Up Card In Seven Card Stud, you get two cards faced down like in Texas Hold’em and one up card that everyone can see.


Value Bet Betting with the best hand in order to get paid off by worse.
Variance The normal mathematical variation (‘swings’) involved in playing poker, and its results.


Walking The Dog When several of your value bets get predictably called on each street, all the way to the showdown.
Wheel A straight A-2-3-4-5. Hand made famous by Stu Ungar when he drew that hand to win the World Series of Poker Main Event for the third time.
Winrate Amount won per unit time or play duration, for example big blinds per 100 hands, abbreviated to bb/100.
WSOP The World Series of Poker, the poker version of the Superbowl, a series of tournaments held annually in Las Vegas.
WSOP ME The World Series of Poker Main Event, the final tournament in the WSOP series the winner of which hold the title of ‘World Champion’ for a year.
WSOPE The Europe leg of the World Series of Poker, a tournament series held in various European cities annually.


X Factor When a player has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, an unquantifiable element to his character or play propelling him to success. For example Phil Ivey’s aura at the table.


YOLO Popular culture abbreviation for ‘you only live once’; saying used in conjunction with reckless or adventurous actions.
Yoyo Word to describe a player’s results or win/loss graph when wildly swinging up or down (‘yoyoing’) in the manner of a Yoyo toy.


(In The) Zone That feeling that your reads are spot on, and all your poker play at the table ‘perfect’.
Zoom PokerStars’ version of fast fold poker. Each time you fold, you are immediately reseated at a new table and dealt a new hand.



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