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Claim Your Share From a $1,000 Prize Pool – Win Daily From the CoinPoker Hold’em Daily Leaderboard

CoinPoker Promotion

Promotional incentives of smaller amounts can be exciting, especially when they are made available daily for players, and this is what CoinPoker’s Hold’em Daily Leaderboard is all about.

The idea behind this leaderboard is to reward top players who participate and consistently lead the charts. You can win consecutively, so if you are a regular Texas Hold’em player, this may be a good opportunity for you to gain some exciting rewards.

What You Win, and How

There are hundreds of players competing against you to get to the top spot. But CoinPoker ensures that it is not just one or two players, but a good chunk of those who make it to the leaderboard who win something.

Essentially, the 15 players who manage to stay at the top of the leaderboard each day stand a chance to win prizes ranging from $10 to $250. The leaderboard is updated every 10 seconds, which means that the varying points of each player will be reflected as soon as they are done with their game. One can easily view their rank on the leaderboard for the same day, as well as for the previous four days.

Texas Hold'em Leaderboard

The leaderboard is set up based on a point system, and those who stack up points also enjoy another perk – The promotion lets the top 50 players who manage to earn the most points in a single week, i.e., Monday to Friday, enter the Swordfish Challenge Leaderboard Freeroll, which can be another opportunity to win bigger rewards.

The period calculated will be from Monday 00:00 GMT to Friday 12:00 GMT, and winners who can enter the Swordfish Challenge Leaderboard Freeroll will be listed in the archived weekly leaderboard found on the Weekly Cash Game Leaderboard.

CoinPoker Hold’em Daily Leaderboard Point Calculation and Rules

The leaderboard runs daily, starting at 00:00 GMT and ending at 23:59 GMT, and is applied only to NLH cash game tables. Heads Up tables below $1,000 are not included in the promotion. The calculation of points relies on coefficients that vary depending on the stakes. These points are awarded for each big blind completed by a player, with the following breakdown:

  • NL2: 1 point for each big blind collected in Community Contributions (CC)
  • NL5: 1.75 points for each big blind
  • NL10: 3.25 points for each big blind
  • NL25: 8 points for each big blind
  • NL50: 15 points for each big blind
  • NL100: 24 points for each big blind
  • NL200+: 36 points for each big blind

The prizes are awarded to players on the leaderboard within 72 hours of each day’s competition. In case of a tie between players, the player with higher winnings in tournaments or cash games will rank higher. If winnings are equal, rankings will be determined randomly.

With an attractive 33% rakeback and a matched deposit bonus of up to $2000, CoinPoker has already gained the affection of several poker players. These promotional events, allowing players to potentially win more, only make the platform more appealing. You can learn more about the bonuses, features, and other interesting elements within the platform in our CoinPoker review.

If you wish to learn more about the Hold’em Daily Leaderboard, you can do so by visiting the official website.

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