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Bad Beat Jackpot by CoinPoker Promises to Make Everyone a Winner

CoinPoker Bad Beat Jackpot

Imagine yourself reaching the end of a game. You turn your cards, and there is a Straight Flush. But then suddenly, you lose to a player holding a Royal Flush sitting right in front of you.

This is what we call a bad beat, in which a good hand gets defeated by a better hand. But don’t worry. With CoinPoker’s Bad Beat Jackpot, you can still become a winner.

This jackpot is triggered when there are at least 3 cards dealt at the beginning of the game. And you’ll need to use both pocket cards to get the winning combination.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is filled with at least 2.5% of the rake generated. The good thing is that this promotion is available for all cash games. With this particular jackpot, all who are playing at the table will be rewarded.

A Look at All the Bad Beat Jackpots Paid Out in 2024

Here is a look at all the Bad Beat Jackpots paid out in 2024.

Date Stakes/Game Amount Paid (₮) Losing Hand Winning Hand
08/01/2024 ₮0.02/₮0.05 Holdem 2,441 Four of a Kind Sevens Royal Flush
09/01/2024 ₮0.10/₮0.25 Holdem 11,943 Four -of-a-Kind Queens Royal Flush
06/02/2024 ₮0.25/₮0.50 Holdem 24,351 Straight Flush Eight High Straight Flush Jack High
09/02/2024 ₮0.5/₮1 Holdem 33,554 Full House, Aces over Kings Four of Kind Aces
09/02/2024 ₮0.02/₮0.05 Holdem 1,027 Full House, Aces over Kings Four of Kind Aces
19/02/2024 ₮0.02/₮0.05 Holdem 1,120 Full House, Aces over Kings Four of a Kind Kings
02/03/2024 ₮0.5/₮1 Holdem 23,634 Full House, Aces over Kings Four of Kind Aces
05/03/2024 ₮0.5/₮1 Holdem 13,956 Full House, Aces over Kings Four of Kind Aces
07/03/2024 ₮0.02/₮0.05 Holdem 467 Four-of-a-Kind Threes Straight Flush Jack High
21/03/2024 ₮0.25/₮0.50 Holdem 6,725 Four of a Kind sixes Four of a Kind Nines
27/03/2024 ₮0.05/₮0.10 Holdem 1,169 Full House, Aces over Kings Four-of-a-Kind Aces
02/04/2024 ₮0.25/₮0.50 Holdem 6,601 Four of a Kind Sevens Four of a Kind Nines
06/04/2024 ₮1/₮2 5PLO 4,385 Straight Flush Jack High Straight Flush King High
16/04/2024 ₮0.5/₮1 Holdem 13,125 Four of a Kind sixes Four of a Kind Jacks
24/04/2024 ₮0.5/₮1 Holdem 15,750 Full House, Aces over Kings Four of Kind Aces
02/05/2024 ₮0.05/₮0.1 NLH 1,534 Full House, Aces over Kings Four of Kind Aces
10/05/2024 ₮0.10/₮0.25 5PLO 1,938 Straight Flush, Ten High Royal Flush
15/05/2024 ₮0.5/₮1 Holdem 19,714 Four-of-a-Kind Threes Four of a Kind Fours
18/05/2024 ₮0.02/₮0.05 Holdem 643 Four of a Kind Twos Four of a Kind Fives

 A Look at The Terms and Conditions for CoinPoker’s Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ)

The first thing to know is that at least three players must receive cards when the hand begins. all of them must go to a showdown. Furthermore, it is important for losing players to lose their hole cards for qualifying competition.

Different losing hands are set for different games. For No Limit Hold’em, a Full House featuring “AAAKK” must be the losing hand. For Pot Limit Omaha, a Straight Flush must be the losing hand. For 5 Pot Limit Omaha, any Straight Flush featuring 3 to 7 or better can be the losing hand.

CoinPoker calculates the percentage of the Bad Beat Jackpot based on the stakes and game type. Here is a full list.

  • Stakes: 0.02/0.05 – NLH: 2,5%; PLO: 1,25%; 5PLO: 1%
  • Stakes: 0.05/0.10 – NLH: 5%; PLO: 2,5%; 5PLO: 2%
  • Stakes: 0.10/0.25 – NLH: 12,5%; PLO: 6,25%; 5PLO: 5%
  • Stakes: 0.25/0.50 – NLH: 25%; PLO: 12,5%; 5PLO: 10%
  • Stakes: 0.50/1 and above – NLH: 45%; PLO: 25%; 5PLO: 20%

The payout for the BBJ will take the following structure.

  1. 20% will go to the winner of the hand.
  2. 50% will go to the player who suffered the bad beat.
  3. 20% will be for other players at the table.
  4. 10% will be retained as an admin fee.

What if two players have winning hands? In such cases, the player with the superior hand will receive the appropriate share. If the hands are equivalent, the jackpot will be split equally among them.

Bad Beat Jackpot is One of Many Promos That CoinPoker Features

As the world’s largest crypto-poker platform, CoinPoker offers exclusive features like a crypto-only payment structure, a 33% rakeback, and a welcome bonus of up to $2000. With a Poker Pro like TonyG as the founder, CoinPoker is the best online poker platform in the business. You can learn about it in our CoinPoker review.

To dive deeper into the intricacies of the Bad Beat Jackpot, visit coinpoker.com.

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