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Where are the Softest Poker Games Online?

ACR Poker

“I shouldn’t say this on a poker forum but sng 2.0 acr is about as free money as I’ve seen in poker in a long time. Not sure how long it’s going to last but right now as it’s new people r punting hard.” – 2+2

“These are absolute punt-fests. If the payout isn’t big, people just start shoving first hand. I love it.” Reddit

“Hit a $1,575 jackpot in a $5.50 buy in this morning. And I won it for $409!” – 2+2

“There are regs not loading the SNG 2.0s due to the lack of HUDs, they just load normal sngs.” – 2+2

Lucky Block casino

“I’m also finding the games to be very soft. After playing like 190 games I’m up over 40 buy-ins.” – 2+2

“Getting pre-Black Friday vibes with this game.”2+2

“Lot of rec players and hardly any regs or regs that don’t know how to play SNG. Wouldn’t call it 2006 Full Tilt / Partypoker SNG days, but it really is a breath of fresh air.” – 2+2

The Sit & Go 2.0 Format

SNG 2.0s are our pick for the softest poker games online right now in early 2017.

A mix of Jackpot Poker and 9 man SNGs, recreational players are flocking to them and early software problems have been ironed out since the launch of the fishy new game format in December.

A pre-game draw determines the no. of players that’ll finish in the money and the size of the random prizepool – with a shot at a mega jackpot, currently in excess of $70,000.

SNG 2.0s are available on all Winning Poker Network skins, play at Americas Cardroom and Black Chip.

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SNG 2.0 Tutorial


Buy ins include $5.50, $11, $27, $55 and $109

Softest Poker Games Online?

SNG 2.0 ticks all the boxes for easy poker games:

  • Progressive jackpot (brings in fish)
  • Tournament format (softer than cash games)
  • Fast structure, 5 min blinds 1,500 starting stack
  • No HUDs (less sharks) only color coding / notes and PokerTracker supports downloading HHs for review
  • Flat payout structure (beginner friendly)

Both rest of world and US poker players from 43 states are accepted – those not include New York, Louisiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada & Washington State.

Whereas in years past PartyPoker was considered to have the softest poker games online, the departure of USA players from all but a few poker sites has changed that.

Fishy Action

Forum posters are reporting fishy tables thanks to the lottery element.

“The games I’ve played on Black Chip have some players that would fail on FaceBook. A 4 card straight AND flush on the board and I shove with king high flush and get called by A/2 off suit, nowhere near the straight or flush. Four games so far and the play has been well beyond that of a fish.” – 2+2

“Not hard when donks are shoving all in with Bottom pair or middle pair and I have Top/Top or the absolute coconuts. Not to mention, the bubble play is ridiculously easy. Wish my live games where this easy.”2+2

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Dead Money

Similar to Spin & Gos (available on WPN as ‘Jackpot SNGs’), players in SNG 2.0s tend to give up when the random prizepool is low, or there are only two payouts.

“People play beyond awful when its a 2 person payout from my small sample size observation. Actually they play pretty awful no matter what the payout from what ive seen.” – 2+2

“It’s as if they give up thinking they cant make the last two and just shove and play with garbage. Noticed a lot of players shutting down trying to grind 3bbs hoping they can limp in into the money and praying for pocket AAs. Lot of dead money waiting to scoop up.” – 2+2

4 tabling SNG 2.0 on Americas Cardroom

Rakeback Deal

SNG 2.0 counts towards rakeback as normal. Rakeback grinders can open 10 SNG 2.0 tables at a time.

“Large edge post rakeback. These are insanely profitable right now, they feel like pre black friday games.”2+2

Get a 27% rakeback deal by opening an account at Americas Cardroom or Black Chip Poker via this page.

In fact while clearing the $1,000 welcome bonus players earn 41.6% net rakeback. Open an account at several skins to earn several bonuses. Ya Poker is another WPN skin.

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Watch SNG 2.0

These Twitchers that have been broadcasting grinding SNG 2.0s recently. Tune in to see the loose poker action:

“Twitch has given online poker a shot in the arm. New players watching and following. Signing up to play ACR because they see other guys stream their games. Nice to see the fish swim back.” – 2+2

SNG 2.0 Jackpot

In this Twitch broadcast from Thrash370 a $9,000 jackpot prizepool is hit in a $27.50 buy in. All 9 players received prizes, with $450 for last place.

“Props to ACR, it seems to me they might of found a way to bring SNGs back from the dead.”2+2

Our Online Super Series Freeroll

Right now it’s OSS time at WPN with millions of dollars in guarantees. Some of the multi-table tournament players will fire up SNG 2.0s on the side and play less than optimal.

The series culminates with the BOSS $750,000 main event on May 7.

Join our OSS freeroll satellite on April 27 and stay tuned for our BOSS freeroll.

Other Soft Poker Sites

Rakeback.com also recommends Grand Poker for 50% rakeback and access to US poker players on a small but growing network.

The Chico network also has soft poker games but low rakeback ($2,500 deposit bonus clears at 33.3% in MTTs and SNGs). US players can join via BetOnline and RoW players via TigerGaming.

Get Your UB Money Back

If you missed the news Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker are returning lost funds which will bring many casual players back to the tables. It’s never been a better time to jump into some of the softest poker games online.

The deadline to file a claim is June 9. Read more here.

“I like these [SNG 2.0] games they are fun.”Mookman5, investigator in the UB scandal

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