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Freeroll Poker Tournaments - Turning Nothing Into Something

Playing freeroll poker tournaments online is a great way to build a bankroll from nothing. For those of us strapped for cash in these hard times coupled with the increased difficulty in depositing money online, numerous players have turned to freerolls to give their online bankroll a start. Probably the most famous player going the freeroll poker tournament route was Full Tilt Pro Chris "Jesus" Ferguson. He was able to turn $0 into $10,000 within just ten months.

Chris Ferguson, Bankroll Management Man

Building a bankroll starting with freeroll tournaments requires sticking to some serious bankroll management guidelines as you move up, or the risk of busting and starting over from scratch is quite high. Chris Ferguson's bankroll management rules are to: never buy into a cash game or a sit & go with more than 5% of his bankroll or into a multi-table tournament with more than 2% of his bankroll. Learning proper bankroll management techniques at the beginning stages of your poker career will lead to much better habits when you move up in levels.

If you are successful in building a small bankroll via the freeroll poker tournaments you can attempt what PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu is currently attempting. He has been trying to turn $10 into $100,000. He has a more aggressive plan when moving up in stakes risking 20% of his bankroll on a single table. If he busts I don't think we will be seeing him in the freeroll tournaments any time soon though.

Rakeback.com offers a number of freeroll poker tournaments and rake races to help you start building your own bankroll. Check out our various options here along with the Rakeback.com forums with the latest freeroll offerings. Let us know how you fare, we'd love to hear about your bankroll building endeavors!

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