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Full Tilt Poker Tournament Rules

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Check out all of the tournament rules that govern play at Full Tilt Poker.

  1. A “Tournament” is a contest in which all players start with an equal amount of chips. Blinds/antes are raised consistently throughout the tournament and play will continue until one player accumulates all the chips. Prizes will be awarded based on order of finish.
  2. Sit’n’Gos are small tournaments that begin as soon as they are fully subscribed.
  3. Registration for multi-table tournaments is open until the tournament’s posted starting time. Once a tournament is fully subscribed, registration will still remain open until the stated start time for the tournament, but no new entrants will be allowed unless one or more entrants unregister from the tournament.
  4. Registration in a tournament signifies a player’s acceptance of the risks of internet disconnection, lags, or slowdowns. Full Tilt Poker does not accept any responsibility for a player disconnect except in the case of a server crash.
  5. All scheduled tournaments will begin seating promptly at the time stated in the Tournament Lobby. All Sit’n’Gos will begin as soon as they are fully subscribed.
  6. Refunds for tournaments are given to players only if they unregister prior to the tournament starting, and will be automatically credited to players’ accounts. Players may unregister for a tournament until it begins seating.
  7. Unless noted for a specific promotion, all players will begin with the same chip amount. Generally, players begin with 1500 in chips.
  8. Players who earn their registration into a tournament through a satellite are usually permitted to unregister. Unless specifically stated in the description of the tournament, players will have the option to cancel their participation and receive the T$ equivalent to the tournament buy-in.
  9. Seats are assigned at random. Seat changes are not permitted. The button will be positioned to the right of Seat 1 to start play.
  10. During the tournament, information such as: biggest stack, smallest stack, average stack, next level, and next break can be found by clicking Tournament Info in the tournament lobby, or Info at the table.
  11. There will be a single 5 minute break after one hour in Sit’n’Go tournaments. In Multi-Table Poker Tournaments, a 5-minute break is taken every hour.
  12. Prizes will be awarded as stated in the Tournament Info box which can be found in the Tournament Lobby. These awards are subject to change until registration closes and may vary as the number of entrants changes. General payout information is available in the Payout Structures section of the Web site.
  13. Full Tilt Poker reserves the right to change the guaranteed prize pool or payout structure for tournaments without notice.
  14. The prize pool payouts for all poker tournaments will be exactly as described in the Payout Schedule. Any and all deals made between the players will be the responsibility of those players only. No assistance will be given in making deals or completing any subsequent transactions.
  15. When a Player loses all of his/her chips, they are eliminated from play, and any prizes are immediately credited to the player’s account.
  16. Players are obligated to take their Blinds and/or pay their antes.
  17. In games with blinds, the big blind will always advance clockwise to the next player at the table. The small blind will be given to the seat of the player who paid the previous big blind. If the player in the big blind is eliminated and no player is brought in to replace him/her, there may be no small blind on the next hand. The button will normally progress to the seat that was the previous small blind. When a game goes from more than two handed into heads up play, the movement of the small blind and button may be altered by rule 17.
  18. When two players remain in the tournament, the player due to receive the big blind will do so and the player in the small blind position will inherit the button.
  19. As players are eliminated from the tournament, tables may be rebalanced to ensure all tables have an equal number of active players (or as close as possible). Players can be moved to any seat and must assume the responsibilities of that seat, which may mean taking the small blind, big blind, or button. On rare occasions a player may be required to miss a hand if they are re-seated between the button and the small blind.
  20. When there are more than 6 tables left in the tournament, a table may be held up at the end of a hand if it has 3 or fewer players than the most full table in the tournament. If there are 6 or fewer tables remaining in the tournament, a table may be held up at the end of a hand if it has 2 or more fewer players than the most full table. The table will be allowed to start a new hand once the imbalance in players is corrected (either by bringing more players to the held table, or if players are eliminated or removed from the most full table(s)).
  21. If there is a split pot, not equally divisible by the number of players in the hand, the ‘extra’ chips will be awarded to the player closest to the left of the button. However, in Hi/Lo game types, when the pot is split between the Hi and Lo hands, the Hi winner gets the difference. If the Hi (or Lo) half of the pot is further split between players with equal hands, any ‘extra’ chips will be awarded one at a time to the remaining players, as above.
  22. In limit tournaments bets are limited to 4 during each betting round, the initial bet plus 3 raises. This is true regardless of the number of players remaining in the tournament.
  23. In Pot Limit and/or No Limit tournaments, there are no limits on the number of raises. Please note that if an all-in player’s re-raise is not at least equal to the amount of the original raise, the betting does not reopen to players who have already acted in the round.
  24. If two or more players are eliminated on the same hand, the player with more chips at the beginning of the hand is placed higher. If players started the hands with an identical amount of chips, both players tie for that rank, and any prizes due to those players will be equally distributed between them. In the case where players tie for a rank in a tournament where the prize to be distributed is a Tournament Ticket, the ticket will be converted to its base currency and equally distributed between the tied players. In rare cases, two players may be eliminated at the same exact time at two different tables. In such a case, the players will be treated as if they were eliminated on the same hand.
  25. Hand-for-hand dealing may be enacted during any tournament. This renders the practice of playing slowly useless. Hand-for-hand play is generally implemented as players approach the money, and as players approach the final table. During hand for hand play, all tables will be considered to be on the same hand until they all complete their hand in progress. Therefore, players eliminated at different tables may be considered to have been eliminated on the same hand.
  26. Players who do not act on their hand in time, whether connected or disconnected, will be check-folded. If your computer disconnects in the middle of a hand, your hand will be check-folded unless you return to the hand before you time out. Players who lose connection during an event will be blinded off until such a time they can rejoin their tournament.
  27. If both players participating in a heads-up shootout tournament are disconnected or sitting out during a large number of hands, and the match is the last running match of the round, the match will end and the player with the most chips will be qualified for the next round. If players have the same number of chips, the winner will be chosen at random.
  28. Soft playing or chip dumping is not allowed. Any unethical play may result in the termination of the offender’s account and/or forfeiture of any prizes.
  29. Players and observers may not discuss a hand until the action is complete. Players are obligated to protect the other players in the tournament at all times. Discussing cards discarded or hand possibilities is not allowed.
  30. In the event of a server crash, the hands in progress at every table will be restored by rolling back these hands. Each player’s chip count will be reset to the amount at the beginning of the hand.
  31. Occasionally, due to technical difficulties, a tournament may be cancelled. Depending on the tournament’s status at the time of this cancellation, Full Tilt Poker will do the following: 31.1)  If a tournament is voided before it starts – Players will have their buy-ins and fees returned in  the same currency they used to enter the tournament (real money, Tournament Tickets, etc.), unless they entered the tournament through a satellite, in which case they will be refunded the standard buy-in for the tournament. 31.2) If the tournament had not yet reached the money – All players still in the tournament at the time of the cancellation will be refunded their tournament buy-in and tournament fee. Players will have their buy-ins refunded in the same currency they used to enter the tournament (real money, Tournament Tickets, etc.), unless they earned their entry through a satellite, in which case, they will be refunded the standard buy-in for the tournament. In addition, the buy-ins of players already eliminated as well as the remainder of any Cashout pool from the tournament will be divided up and distributed to the remaining players, based on their chip counts. Guarantees will be included in the player payouts. However, any money added to the prize pool that is not part of a guarantee will not be included in the player payouts. 31.3.) If the tournament had reached the money – All players still in the tournament at the time of the cancellation will have their tournament fee refunded and be awarded with the next guaranteed payout. In addition, the remaining prize pool (and Cashout pool where applicable) will be distributed amongst the surviving players based on their chip counts. 31.4) In a Rebuy tournament – the number of rebuys or add-ons a player has made does not affect the payout if a tournament is cancelled. If a tournament has not reached the money, all players will have their initial tournament buy-in and fee returned, as described in bullet 31.2. In addition, any other money in the prize and Cashout pools where applicable (excluding guarantees and money added by Full Tilt Poker), will be divided and distributed to the remaining players, based on their respective chip counts. If a tournament has reached the money, payouts will be handled as described in bullet 31.3. 31.5) If a tournament awards a non-monetary prize, such as a live tournament prize package, Full Tilt Poker will assign a monetary value to the prize, and distribute the cash value to the remaining players, based on their chip counts. If all remaining players have each won the first-place prize at the time of cancellation (e.g., the remaining players have each already secured a live tournament prize package), they will each keep their prizes. 31.6) In a heads up Sit & Go, both players will be refunded their tournament fee, and the prize pool will be distributed according to chip count. For example, if a $20+$1 Heads Up Sit & Go gets voided when Player A has 1,800 chips and Player B has 1,200 chips, both players will get their $1 tournament fee refunded, Player A will get an additional $24, and Player B will get an additional $16. 31.7) When a Matrix tournament is cancelled: a) All players remaining in any Match will be refunded their tournament fee. b) For each Match where a player is active they will be refunded their buy-ins if the Match has not yet reached the money; if the Match has already reached the money, they will be awarded the next guaranteed payout instead. c) The buy-ins of players already eliminated from every Match will be divided and distributed according to chip count amongst the players remaining in the Matrix tournament. d) The Matrix Score prize pool will be divided and distributed according to the ratio of projected Matrix Scores − only those players whose maximum possible score at the time of cancellation could reach a payout position will be eligible for a share of the prize pool. 31.8) When a Double or Triple Chance Tournament is cancelled: Any unused tokens will be converted to chips and added to each player’s chip count before any refund is calculated.
  32. No deals or equity sharing agreements of any kind are allowed in multi-table Heads-Up tournaments, except at the final table. Violation of this rule may result in penalties, including a warning, disqualification from the tournament (with partial or full forfeiture of winnings), and temporary or permanent banning from Full Tilt Poker.
  33. Tournament players must adhere to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use. The Tournament rules and policies contained herein represent the complete understanding between Player and Full Tilt Poker with respect to Player’s activities at any Full Tilt Poker tournament, except as otherwise specified in the any poker tournament rules pertaining to a particular tournament, as posted at the Full Tilt Poker Web site.
  34. Full Tilt Poker reserves the right to modify or revise the Tournament Rules at any time, without notice to Players. Such amendments will become effective immediately upon being listed on the FulltiltPoker.com Web site. It is the Players’ sole responsibility to review the Tournament Rules and Policies, and remain abreast of any changes.
  35. Tournament registration must meet minimum requirements for that event or the tournament will be cancelled. In case of cancellation due to insufficient entries, all buy-ins and fees will be returned to the players’ accounts
  36. Full Tilt Poker reserves the right to cancel or reschedule Tournaments at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.
  37. Full Tilt Poker management decisions are final in all matters.
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