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Video Poker Strategy: How to Win?

Video poker is the most exciting one among online casino games. Like most of them, it’s a game that requires not only luck but also skills to make a profit. Experienced gamblers who decide to give it a try, have to deal only with technical aspects. In case you are a newbie, you will have to play some card combinations and learn a few things before getting started. First, let’s find the best video poker strategy to maximize your winnings.

Poker chips

The Importance and Winning Types of Strategies

Newbies often wonder if the same strategy can be used for each type of poker game. Our answer is – absolutely not! Each game requires a particular plan. It takes a lot of practice before the real game in the casino. For example, the poker strategies for Jacks or Better differ from the ones for progressive jackpot video poker.

Certain types of machines offer higher odds than others. Combined with optimal strategy and intelligent play, the most popular types of poker have stood out from others precisely because of the expected return (ER), which is sometimes as high as 99.54%. Remember that your actions rely on the payout size for a particular hand. Strategies combine the chances of reaching that same hand. So, by no means use the same ideas for every video poker game.

The strategy only makes sense when you choose the cards to keep and the ones you want to replace. After replacing the unfixed cards, the result will be final. This combination cannot be changed. Each device requires an individual approach. So, the choice depends on the type of game and the characteristics of a particular machine. For example, ABC is quite valid for micro-limits.

On the other hand, the Jacks or Better strategy is one of the first introduced to poker players who gamble for real money online. Accordingly, you can start your career with this one and profit in the long run using the video poker tips provided below:

Hand Action
Ready combination Stay, even if it’s weak.
Cards of the same color or order Change the rest, even if everything is at face value. Try to get a flush or straight.
Jacks and aces of different colors We leave only high cards if there are no matches mentioned above.
Nothing to match Change all cards.

Every tactic has such tables. It is not as challenging to frame them as it seems. The main thing is to act consistently and deal with every combination. The main task is to build a gap that consists only of solid hands. There are several main lines – the main roller coasters. Choosing an adequate plan allows the player to achieve the highest possible mathematical expectations of the results. Learning to differentiate between different tactics is vital to solving the problem because relying only on luck is unreasonable.

Finding the Game with the Best Payout

Video poker online is a casino game that allows you to give yourself the best chance by playing cards properly. So not only do you secure your best options by playing video poker games, but you also enjoy the low advantage of a home that brings you closer to big wins. How to achieve that significant gain?

In this case, we advise you to choose Deuces Wild or Double Bonus Poker as games with the highest payout ratio. Then, you will find all the important figures displayed on the paytable. For example, you’ll see how much you can earn by hitting a Straight Flush, Royal Flush, or Full House.

In addition to all the great features, you need to know that the most important thing is to gain the skill of playing. Then look for the optimal video poker strategy. Finally, choose a machine by finding and selecting the variant that gives the best payout.

The best option is to choose a reputable high payout casino from the list on the site, pick a strategy to use, enjoy the gameplay and bonuses, and wait for your big win.

Learn All About the Odds

The common misconception is that video poker is a money-eating machine because it reminds of slots. This attitude is wrong. You are already aware that some versions of the game offer a return that goes around 100%. However, although this gambling game offers the possibility of big payouts, some variants provide better odds than others. Of course, to increase your long-term profits, it would be best to play video poker with an optimal plan.

Poker cards

Check the ER or expected return when considering Jacks or Better version 9/6 and version 8/5. Of course, the bigger the ER, the better are the player’s chances. But, at the same time, the house edge is lower. So, as you have concluded, choose video poker with the Jacks or Better 9/6 version, which has an expected ER of 99.54%, instead of the 8/5 version, which expected ER is 97.34%.

Examine Paytables

To find the best video poker games, it is essential to know the paytables. This is the most critical factor that can lead you to victory. Look for them on the device. Select the “pay” button that will show you the payout table. However, this option will not tell you what the ER (expected return) is.

Do the following. If you decide to play Jacks or Better 9/6, the ER is 99.54% when compared to the payout table. And Jacks or Better 8/5 will give you 97.34%. Repeat this process for each other type of game. The bottom line is this – before you choose a device, check the payout table and always choose the one with the highest ER.


When it comes to video poker, we recommend you choose games where the refund is more than 99%. Before that, you will achieve your goal only if you get acquainted with the payment tables. Remember to raise the standards because video poker games with lower returns are not your goal. Also, keep in mind that the rates of the return are long-term theoretical results based on the assumption that every hand will be played with the perfect plan. However, provided you know how to play and already have an idea of the winning combinations, we believe you will choose a good poker table that will meet your expectations with our poker strategy guide.

Video poker skills also translate well to six-max and full-ring No Limit Hold’em at online poker sites – helping you to work out odds faster in a range of different game situations.

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